The Friends of MicknPhil Half Marathon

Can anyone confirm the start time for this event?


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    shame I do not live near the area would have do it I have seen MicknPhil at Clowne half marathon the other year they work well together and I hope the race gets a good turn out
  • Can't help with the start time, but hope it is a well supported event,

  • Does anyone know anything about the course?

     RW says flat/undulating but I am looking to do a TT so the faster the better.

  • start time anyone - start time?

  • Well the link says 10.00 amimage
  • Hiya, Sorry, didn't see this here before. Start time is 10am.

    The course is mostly flat with a couple of small hills. I think it is a good place to go for a PB, but as RD I have never competed on the circuit. I've trained round it waaaay too many times.

    After expenses every penny raised goes to MicknPhil and they should be there.

    Come and have fun with us image

  • oh wow would love to have done this but its the same day as the Silverstone half marathon, if you do it another year pretty pleeeeeease can u swap the date so it doesnt clash as it would have been fab to have come along

    i met Mick n Phil at the Gloucester marathon awesome!!
  • If we do it another year you could come to us instead of Silverstone, you know... image
  • Only just saw this, wouldn't have mattered much now, as no where near a half mara but could have come along for support. Next year image but hope its a good day for all!
  • Cheaper than Silverstone too image

    It was my PB course for a while despite gales that were making waves break on the shores of the reservoir!

  • Really looking forward to this for a host of reasonsimage

     It's an interesting place, and will make a change of scenery for most I'd think. Very much a centre for sailing/cycling/walking and the odd tri, the reservoir has a is a smooth , mainly flat and tarmac-ed perimeter track wide enough for a car. The course runs through some pleasant wooded sections which will provide some welcome shade if spring has properly sprung by then. There are a couple of sharp inlcines but I'd have thought a PB would be on the cards for many. The caveat here is that, being a reservoir, the wind can really whip along the straight.

    I'll be taking it steady - VLM coming up.image

    A few pointers in the link below - remember to have change for parking which applies at all times.


  • Useful link Atko.

    We have negotiated a parking deal for the day. Bring a pound coin to donate to Water aid and the rest is covered by the race.

  • Good luck to Mick & Phil I hope it all goes well for them. If anyone deserves a good turn out then they do. Just sorry I can't be with them but wish them the very best.
  • Just entered - Plan to do this at slightly faster than planned MP for Brighton !!!
  • first time at this race for me, looking forward to seeing micknphil again...

    is the parking good here ?

  • There's heaps of parking. I went today - see link below. and they're actually expanding it. A quick word with one of the blokes revealed that all be finished. There's no problem even as things stand.

     I'm not sure of the exact route which the race is going to take; however, you can bet it'll be largely based on what I ran today.

    I toddled through four laps today and which came in at just under 19 miles. The link should give you elevation details; my memory served me well, and the inclines are short, sharp and not bad at all.

    What was revealing is that even though I'd have called today pretty still, there was a fair old breeze givin' it some down both the main straights atop the reservoir walls.Nothing fierce but it could *^%$ you off if you were flagging - like I was, with a piriformis like chopped liver. Nice.

     Hope this helpful; look forward to seeing everyone

  • Hi, is this full?

    numbers on the day?

  • Can't wait for this race, it's my "home" race as I live in Rugby! I train round Draycote a lot, so can confirm that it's well surfaced with tarmac and has a few short inclines but nothing too steep or long. The only possible downside is if it's windy, then the long straight stretches can be tough depending on the wind direction. One lap is 4.75 miles so we'll be doing about 2 and three quarters but I don't know which way round or where the start/finish will be (somewhere near the car park I guess!!!!). Looking forward to it.
  • I decided to do this race last Monday & applied through runners world online but not recieved a race pack so wondered if anybody knows if I'd need to pick up a race number etc on the day & if so where to go to do this? Not done this race before & not from the area. If anybody has the details on this i'd really appreciate it as am starting to panic a little!........

    This sounds like a really nice race so am looking forward to it!.....image LR

  • I a still thinking of doing this run. Does anyone know if they take people on the day and if there will still be places available?

  • Oxon White,

    you could try giving the organisers a mail at

    I feel dirty helping a Leeds fan image

  • Birmingham you are dirty a dirty owl!


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