Huddersfield Marathon

Hi, We are in early discussions about staging a “Huddersfield marathon” in 2012. I have spoken to a few people who remember the old Huddersfield marathon in the 1980’s but were interested to speak to people that did this event and remember the route. At the moment we are trying to gauge interest and look at routes. I live near Huddersfield and did 12 marathons in 2011 and apart from the Yorkshireman which is a bit more off road navigation event there is nothing around here. We would also plan to do this on a weekend in say September or October when there is nothing else on as I also found one weekend there would be 4-5 decent events then the weekend after nothing. If you’re interested in either doing, helping, giving advice or you’re in a local running club around the area we would like to hear from you. We have sponsors in place and backing from the local authorities so don’t anticipate too many obstructions. All feedback welcome please e-mail me at  David.


  • Wasn`t Bradford going to have one and it fell through - ? Seems quite latre notice but I guess 8 months is ample time. Personally I`m looking at that time to do a marathon but it`s likely to be Preston or Chester tbh. Mind you, I reckon Hudd would be a tester! Good luck!
  • Hi, I think Manchester is having one this year. For us we were thinking of a low key event late which we can learn from  then in 2013 something bigger. I did some events in 2011 such as Northumberland with 70 runners and Mablethorpe with 400 and both were good. We think around 250 would be a good start.

     I have spoken to a guy that did the Huddersfield and Sheffield events in the 1980's and he said the Huddersfield one was a real hard event.

     Re Chester or Preston, I did Chester last year and it was a great event and well organised, striaght out of Chester in to Welsh countryside then great finish at the race course.

     Cheers D.

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    Chester is a good choice for a marathon I am in it

    but reading the top on this I might be tempted to do it as I live in saddleworth
  • Definitely up for it!  I live in Huddersfield and would love to do a marathon here.  And I'm sure there's plenty of other local runners entering Manchester, Liverpool and Chester marathons who'd love the challenge of a Huddersfield one.
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    I was born at home in Talyor hill so we have got to help the chap thinking about putting it on to do just that ie a letter in the letters page of the Examminer if thats what it takes hope it does come of
  • I live in Fixby,I guess whichever route you put on will be tough. The area around here might be difficult to use in terms of logistics etc. wherever it was would involve significant traffic disruption. I spoke to someone on the council last year about using Greenhead Park and in his opinion he saw no reason not to use it.
  • Martin Farran who lives 10 doors away, won the Blackpool Marathon in 2000something, he now does shorter events but I would think he could still do well if he had a mind to enter.
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    I have done blackpool 2004/5/6 marathons Chester 2010/11 ones and just done Meltham 10k today in 44mins 2 secs
  • Would be interested in the Huddersfield Marathon seen as though I'm only down the road in lovely Bradford.

    If it's like places Meltham then it will be very challenging!

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    also Huddersfield 10k is a tough one
  • Perhaps a route out to Nont Saras near Scammonden would give some milegae, not too busy for traffic.
  • Scammonden is the route we are taking to get to Oldham/Rochdale and then Bury!

    We drove our route on Sunday, beautiful views all around. Plus the snow was very deep as well!

    Was a bit of a shock.

  • or the route it use to take
  • Not sure of the route. The half x 2 would be pretty challenging.
  • my father did it once and from what I remember it started somewhere near the Former Yorkshire Traction bus depot (now Centrebus) at waterloo then headed for Huddersfield, Lockwood, main road to New Mill then up to Denby dale and pass Kirkburton back to the finish
  • any more news updates on this
  • I'm guessing not Compo

  • well at least I am doing Huddersfield 10k tommorrow
  • Doing Huddersfield 10k as well.  Second time for me.  It's nice to not have to travel too far.

  • I know 3rd time for me then in 2 weeks got spen 20 one of my yearly races last year knocked 11 mins of getting 2h30 hoping for 42 mins tommorrow
  • Huddersfield Marathon 2014, is a GO...

    Route still to be finalised, it will be multi terain (just to avoid one or road dull road sections, and do we need to point out, it will be hilly, this is huddersfield!

    To register anbinterest and for upto date info visit


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    yes yes   can not get on to see route  it says copy password but nothing there  

    races i have got coming up

    Leeds, Eyam and Buxton half marathons   plus Marsden challange 10 miler  and chester marathon

  • As soon as route is finalised, I will unlock all the pages! Inbox me and ill send you password! 



    Hi Wane Law 3 could you please send me a passowrd.



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    well   2 marathons for me next year   as will be doing Chester again   and this year as well

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    I am in for the marathon   ye ha  image

  • I signed up for Wakefield last night.

  • The rugby team?  image

  • Yep, I'm a Wildcat image

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