Legends of Sherwood 10k


Has anyone here done this one before or entered this year?

I'm also after head torch recommendations as I've heard it's pitch black andI really don't fancy getting stabbed in the eye by a tree or going flying over foliage! image



  • Hi Cheetah-to-be,

    There's a group of us on the 'Mundane' thread that have entered it this year. Some of us did it last year and it was a lot of fun. Prepare to get rather muddy image.

    Um, regarding the headtorch, I can't remember what mine is and I can't find it just at the moment image......I'll pop back on and let you know when/if I find it! 

  • Thanks - I'm looking forward to it, I was a bit nervous about the lack of showers though. The plan of action is a HUGE pack of baby wipes! image
  • Which'll be much needed! The water for washing off the mud is stored in big tanks on a truck and freezing, if I remember rightly, Cheetah image
    The beer in the refreshment tent, however, was spot on image
  • Several huge packs of baby wipes! And lots of warm clothes too - the water tanks were great for getting off the worst of the mud, but it was rather cold!

    Re. the head torch. Make sure it fits securely whilst running. Mine slipped off my head last year, bounced back up and smacked me in the face. I had a rather nice bruise underneath the mud image

    Maybe see you there? image

  • I'll be dressed as a woodland fairy - a very muddy one! image

    I'm planning on lots of fleecy layers afterwards, and beer to insulate me from the inside image

  • WOW - how good was that???!!! image

    I wanted to go again when I finished!!!!! Shame about the rain in the morning, made packing the tent up a bit grim - but the rest was the best fun I've had in ages!! 

    Hope everyone else managed to get round relatively unscathed image

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