Marsden 10 Mile Challenge

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after doing this race last year I loved the route could see for miles over the Colne valley I am coming back for another go


  • Compo I remember this race last year. I think you described it as bing more of a fell race. Would you say it was all runnable or are there sections of it where only an 8 stone shepherd from the Wasdale Valley could run?

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    it is a mix of road fell and trail there is a very steep bit up towards the A635 from Meltham then all down back to Marsden via Wessenden

    fab race
  • Is the very steep bit up towards the A635 from Meltham runnable though?
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    if you are fit yes no trouble
  • See you there Compo - I'm in image
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    you can enter on the day I know the area well as my bother lives in Marsden
  • Anyone have a map of the route? 

    I'm keen to try it before the big day!

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    do not have a map   but it is on and of road   goes up to Wesseden then all the way back down

  • certainly a challenge but wonderful scenery. anyone else taken aback by the huge bull on the footpath?

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    i saw those bulls   second time doing this and got 1h16    very tough up the hillimage

  • Tough but good fun, especially the long run down hill run to the finish line. Will be doing it again next year. Does anyone know were you can get the results from ?

  • Great race! Anyone know where / when results will be posted please?
  • fantastic race,was'nt bothered about the cattle ,but the pigs worried me a bit.

  • The results are shown in the Holmfirfth Harriers website.



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    ok thanksimage

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