Correct Running Technique

As a beginner, now is an excellent time to learn to run. It seems so natural to run, but like anything new, such as learning to walk, swim, ride a bike you need some coaching.

Learning how to run is critical to being able to run efficiently and effectively and also helps to reduce injuries.

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  • God only knows how i managed before! And for the record, how many peeps out there were "taught" to walk? I can't remember my own first steps obviously but my kids just kind of got up and walked!
  • Thanks for your comments. I mentioned learning to walk as an example only. Many parents give their children encouragement to walk and I was not suggesting that they were coached in the true sense of the word so sorry to cause confusion.

    There are correct ways to run and incorrect ways to run (today's modern shoes are the cause of many poor running techniques) and there is no harm in being given some tips on running technique to help. If you are not in any need of how to run correctly that is great. Enjoy your running.

    However, from my observation of many runners, their running technique needs to change to help them run more efficiently and just maybe reduce running injuries.

  • This is merely a question not necessarily a criticism, but...

    what makes you an expert?

    You are a new poster to the forum and we know nothing about you. If you have a PhD in biomechanics and have written numerous scientific papers on the causes and treatments of running injuries, then your opinions are likely to be taken much more seriously than if you're 'a bloke on the internet who's read 'Born to Run' and is promoting his blog.'

    One handy tip for future reference: people who post the same topic across different parts of RW forums are considered to be spammers until proven otherwise. And yes, I'll post this on your other thread too image

    Genuinely hope this helps.

    CH (distantly qualified in some sciency stuff)

  • What complete and utter nonsense... how can you say today's modern shoes are the cause of many poor running techniques. There is NO evidence what so ever which supports that statement.
  • Jono

    Are you a qualified coach?

  • Thanks for all your feedback and have taken your comments on-board.

    I have been an active runner for the last 20 years, participating in triathlons, half marathons, trail runs and have completed the New York Marathon. I have also worked in a running shop called Running Room in Vancouver.

    I base my findings from my life experiences, from athletes, both novice to expert that have given me advice and direction on running, loads of reading on the subject and attending running seminars. I feel I have something of value to provide other runners on running techniques.

  • Well i'm 39 and I started running ~37 years ago... never needed anyone to teach me how to do it... the way, I walked at 7 months 

  • 7 months?

    That's good going image


    Surely everybody know's their comfortable running style?

    Ask Michael Johnson.

  • I can assure you I had no knowlegde of it at the time! lol
  • No cam-corders back then.........image

    Only kidding

    I'm 40 in March.
  • Yes I agree with Ginger Flame that we all have our own comfortable running styles and it might help if we start off technically correct as a base to develop into your own style.

  • It would be a lot more pleasant to read constructive points on the forum. Thank you, Jono for sharing your knowledge. I appreciate your time and effort as a beginner who doesn't want to get injured and who has reached a more mature age!
  • Help is nice, but I think the point is that people don't appreciate newbies just wandering along and basically spamming the forum with the blog...

    Which is basically what the initial post is.  If you said as an experienced runner I find that doing x, y and z helps then fine, But you don't you just try and send everyone to your own blog... that is SPAM!!

    Simples, tell us your great wisdom on the forum and we will probably find it interesting, send us off to your site, which might or might not earn you any money from any advertisements that might be on your website is a no-no. 

    Hope the friendly advice helps image


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