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Hi everyone.

Newbie here and sorry if this gets asked a lot!

I'm training for three marathons this year and am thinking of getting a watch to improve my times.

I understand that most of the watches store lap times but I'm not sure how it knows how long a lap is. Do I need GPS for the watch to know I want a lap to be a mile?

Ideally I want the watch to tell me how many miles I've run, how long the last mile took and what my average speed per mile is.

I'd also like multiple alarms so I can programme around five alarms per day as I'm diabetic and the alarms will remind me to check by blood sugar levels.

Any advice much appreciated!




  • Just checking - deffo a watch you're looking for? If you've got an iPhone, I use an app called Runmeter that would sort you out per mile (or whatever basis of distance/time you want), and you could easy set alarms on it.

    If it is a watch, then I'm not going to be any help, but thought it was worth chucking in my two penneth... image

  • No, don't have an iphone so definitely a watch I'm looking for


  • Yes, you would need a GPS watch for that.

    Pretty much all of the Garmin Forerunners should do what you want - even the very oldest 101s.

    The only thing which you might struggle with is the multiple alarms, and you might be better off looking for a separate watch for that.

    A Timex Ironman will record laps when you press the button. For many years I just had set points on my standard training runs where I pushed the button and knew if I was on the right pace or not. I have had some of those in the past which have had multiple alarms (up to 5 I think).
  • ive a garmin forerunner 305 and i love it for mile split analysis...the garmin dashboard that i upload it to is very good shows pace, elevation, speed etc sadly it doesnt have the timers that you require but to be honest i'm not sure if you would find that in a watch.

  • The way you could get round the alarms issue is to set a countdown timer to countdown say 3 or 4 hours and then repeat, so you wouldn't actually need to set individual alarms.

    I'm not sure a Forerunner is the best to wear as a normal watch. I've not seen the very latest models in the flesh but certainly up to the 205 and 305 they are pretty chunky. You'd also have to charge them up pretty regularly.
  • Thanks for all the advice folks. One Garmin Forerunner 305 on the way!
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