So I've been running now for a few years and have stuck to compression shorts/running tights (under a pair of shorts - no budgie smuggling allowed!!) and then just a running tshirt (long/short sleeved technical top)..........

 I've always looked at running in trackies or with a jacket/windbreaker as an extra weight/inconvenience but more and more people I see now in the winter are wearing them....

Whats the pros/cons for running with added layers of this kind? 


  • it's warmer when you walk out of the house, it's more commfortable when you start off, then once you've run a mile it becomes less comfortable and you'll wish you'd worn your shorts, also you look like a Chav not a runner, so your next purchases could include a large gold chain a fierce Rottweiler or similar hound, a Vauxhall corsa, diamond ear rings, and multiple tattoes  
  • I did think the same thing - wasnt sure if there was either:

    a - Some benifit to getting hotter, therefore sweating more and burning more calories (weight-loss)

    b - A sense of commardery if you do happen to become mixed up in a JD looting spree

     Thanks for putting my mind at ease that I'm better off keeping to what I know.....

  • Hey good point, I missed the Lootability of a good pair of trackie bottoms
  • Some of the benefits (chav ones excluding) have been already mentioned plus when you revert to shorts you will run a little faster (if that matters).

    Next you will be saying those that run in mainstream branded shoes are chavs too,
    talk about stereotyping (I know it was meant in jest but still not remotely funny)

  • Will swapping to shorts actually make that much of a difference? I've been running in New Balance trackies (nice and thin plus zip-up pockets - not chavvy at all TYVM!!!) but will probably swap to shorts eventually (with or without compression tights depending on how cold it is).

  • Nothing wrong with trackies. I hardly think weight is an issue. They are pretty light weight pieces of clothing.

    Its all down to personal preference I suppose, but on a below freezing evening like today I was glad of my trackies.
  • Couldn't wear them personally, too much flapping around, and too hot..
  • How typical you'd mention stereotyping
  • By trackies do you mean tracksuit bottoms or Ron Hill tracksters?

    Shorts for faster runs regardless of the weather, tracksters for steady and slow runs on cold days. Hardly know I'm wearing them. Not chavvy but great for that 1970s PE teacher chic, grow your sideburns to match.

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