Just been looking at entering a Spartan Race. The price was advertised as £45 which for that type of race is par for the course.

Looking at the race information it says that car-parking is £3 on the day. Irritating but I know that some races charge in thsi way for parking, why they can't add onto the entry cost is beyond me.

What really annoyed me was that when I got to the payment page they added VAT a further £9 and a f***ing booking fee of £3.70.

Now if the cost of the race is going to be £57.70 why don't they say that. As it is they role as race organisers to take bookings, otherwise known as race entries, why charge separately for them.

Had they have advertised the race as £55 or even £60 they'd have got my race entry all confirmed - as it is I'll have to think about it.


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