What to eat after running?

Hi all,

   Just some advice please. I want to steer clear of the route of suppliments and just eat better. But I am looking for the best way to recover after a long run of more than an hour? What food should I be looking at? At the moment im having beans toast and scrambled egg? Dont laugh. However are their any suppliments that are anygood for this and actually work?

Thanks in advance


  • How about this Vicar?


    ...more tea?

    ps... omg, that must be the most expensive bread in the world, £4.90 for 100g makes an 800g loaf £39.20!!!!!

  • Protein and carbohydrates. So beans + toast +/1 scrambled egg sounds sensible to me.
  • lardarse,

        LOL. They are finely crafted by monks (That really is the honest truth) Unfortunately they don't fill you up. After giving communion you have to 'clear the table' that means you neck the wine and eat the wafers. I've eaten probably 30 of the things in one sitting plus a load of wine. I have then gone running and I have to say they are of no nutritional value image However they do fill you with the holy spirit which has no nutritional value either, but on some occasions feels quite good. Plus I dont do tea either nor do I eat cucumber sandwiches.

    Very very funny though image

    On a less comical note Carbs and Protein is what I need. So instead of the Holy ghost I should be eating Holy toast (Couldnt help myself) beans and eggs. Thank you Debra appreciated. As I said before I would like to steer clear on filling up with suppliments.

  • I like eating yoghurt with a musli mix. Not the bought stuff as it has too much sugar but just the bits put together. Oats, nuts, soya, sunflower seeds... dry bird food on its own but with yoghurt very tasty and filling. That with lots of water...

    Or wholemeal crackers with some turkey or cheese on it and avocado? Hmmmm, I'm getting hungry. image

  • That sounds good>  You could buy all that stuff pretty cheap and bang it all together quite easily.  Yeah the water is a definite. What yougurt would be best- you mean like greek yogurt?
  • One of Britain's top athletes, Alf Tupper, used to swear by a bag of fish and chips. It was good enough for the Tough of the Track, it's good enough for me.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi Vicar,

    I normally steer clear of dairy yoghurts after I run as they don't agree with me so I choose Alpro Soya or the sort....

  • Good stuff alpro soya, see being new to all this I wouldnt have given it much thought. Ill get some next time im out thanks for that.

    Bag of fish and chips good stuff, if only. Well George Best had a fag and a pint before playing never done him any harm........Oh wait  MINUTEimage

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I think it all depends what works for you. Everyone is different image I can't have any dairy after a race but I need a cuppa tea (with milk) to get me moving before starting off.

    Try everything and then you'll know what works for you image

  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    Sunday Roast after my long run on a Sunday always works for me image If I want something quick and easy, I just eat banana, pears or some other sweet tasting fruit + toast (seeded brown bread) with peanut butter or home made tuna mayo sweetcorn spread. I also drink a lot of liquid - water and squash.
  • I quite like the chocolate ovaltine after a long run, with a banana image
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