Huddersfield 10k

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3rd time for me doing this tough race mind you all west Yorkshire races are hilly and tough

I love this race


  • I'm running for the first time.

    I've done Barnsley before, how does it compare ?

    Trying to go sub 45m this year, that's the aim....

  • this one is quite hilly Barnsley is flatter
  • Better start more hill training then. Looking forward to a good test.
  • Hilly at the start, then a hill and a down and then another hill! Fast and flat finish though.
  • Wow what a brutal course that was. I run plenty of hills on training, can't avoid them where I live, but that was something else! 265m total ascent according to MiCoach.

    Loved the super-fast finish though - my pace was a conservative 4:40 min/km overall but did the last km in 3:39. Was a really good base race to start the season as all the other races I will be doing are considerably flatter. All the hill work was also a good test of my dodgy knee. It passed, thank goodness!

    Looking forward to Keighley (18/3) and Bradford (25/3) now. Reckoning I will shave 3-mins off my Huddersfield time at Bradford!
  • An excellent event on Sunday morning. I finished on a real high and could be addicted. “Undulating Yorkshire style” was the description. Hmm!


    This was my first 10k in 30 years so was pleased with 55 mins. Hoping to do much better next time and have enterer another event in May that looks pretty flat. In view of the different terrain I think I should be able to knock off another 5 mins off?

  • got 43 mins at the race same time as last year next one is for me is spen 20 at Cleckheaton on 11 March this is a killer of a course but my PB is 2h30 which i got last year knocking 11 mins of the 2010 race
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