Ealing Half Marathon 2012

For those interested in a Half Marathon in West London in September 2012 there's a new Ealing Half Marathon being organised this year.



  • Looks really good and great to have a half marathon in London as it keeps travel costs down for us Londoners. Not too often that there is a half marathon in London with full road closures. e.g most others are in parks or along the canal. Really looking forward to this one.
  • is £29 a bit expensive ?
  • I may give it a go as its local and as didn't manage to get a place in the Royal Parks Half.
  • Looks good - would be nice to know the exact route though and is a shame there's only bottle water rather than isotonics
  • Thanks to all for posting, we're really excited to be organising this great event.

    We are hoping that the route map will be ready to publish in the next few days.

    As for isotonics & energy drinks, we'd love to offer this and it's dependent on getting a nice sponsor/partner who can provide/subsidise these.

    Regarding the price - Urban/City races will always be more expensive due to traffic management & safety costs and that's especially true of London races. The entry fee is certainly far cheaper than most half marathons within the M25.

    As we've got guaranteed entry, a traffic free cours with amazing public transport links we're hoping that this will be a race that Londoners will embrace for years to come.

    Make sure to follow us on twitter @ealinghalf and on facebook www.facebook.com/ealinghalf for all the latest information
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    £29!! Far cheaper than most half marathons within the M25! who are you kidding? I'll bet you're excited. What happened at the bullet point presentation, did you demonstrate how you could package up the projected entry fees and sell them on to a 3rd party for an extra profit?
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    £15. Its the difference between having 80 mugs turn up or 600 plus.
    London Marathon: Isn't that a tad cheaper?
  • I think £29 is reasonable for city marathon considering the hugh costs of Road closures, great to have an event like this on in London in Olympic year especially as every other London races seems to be by ballot.

  • This is almost on my doorstep so I'll be running.  I don't think the price is unreasonable. VLM is actually very cheap for what you get so comparisons with that are not really representative.  I was hoping the route would be a bit flatter though - there are not many hills in Ealing but what there is appear to have been found! imageimage

  • The course map has now been published on the website


    The course, is a single lap with a common start/finish stretch and road closures will ensure the safety and enjoyment of runners and spectators alike.

    There are a few inclines (nothing too tough) during the middle part of the route, but a fast last 3 miles should compensate for this. We'll try to get a profile published shortly.

    Post back if you've got any more questions, or follow us on twitter @ealinghalf
  • Excited for this... pity it's so far away!! Will be great to see this grow into a great race... just a couple of miles away for me as well image
  • Nearly 700 people entered already, looks like its going to be a big half marathon, it says on the websie that there is no limit/ballot. There is surely some limit ?
  • My friend lives in Ealing. I'll be doing it, the run goes right outside her flat. Looks like it has potential to be a good race!
  • Will there be a deadline for entries?
  • About time. Cheaper than the Royal Parks and local. I'm in! It might seem expensive but to have all the roads closed in Ealing I think it's a good price. You can't put a price on community spirit image
  • I've signed up for this too! There aren't many half marathons in London so if you do live here then once the travel costs are taken into account it's a decent comparison. I paid £26 to get into the Brighton Half and then trainfare on top of that.

    I hope it's going to grow into a regular event for years to come!
  • It's going to be nice to have a race I can jog to the start as my warmup then a gentle run back home at the end. All for supporting local races so time to signup image
  • It's going to be an awesome run. Its such a pretty part of london with lots of greenery and the price is really competitive...

    The Royal Parks half is £45 i think so thats a lot more expensive than the Ealing half...

    I would encourage anyone who is looking to do a half marathon in london to sign up. The area has great transport links too...

    It's also great to have such a big event happening so local to where i live...

  • Nice to see a lot of positive posts on this run image
  • I'm all signed up as have been waiting for a local event for a long time. Will hopefully successfully bully some friends in to entering too! I honestly don't mind paying the £29 as it is cheap for a day's worth of enjoyment.
  • We're continuing to receive a fantastic amount of support from runners, residents and businesses in the borough.

    We'll soon be offering T-Shirts and hoodies for sale, so you can show your support while training over the next 6 months.  Watch this space for more details.

  • Looks like this event is gathering momentum nearly 1600 entries already, Suppose that fact that it probably the only half marathon in London that hasnt a ballot or low capacity helps. Really looking forward to it now.

  • Only 5 months to go.......wish it was sooner image
  • well took the plunge and signed up for this. Looks great and can't wait. Nice to run in an inaugural event.
  • Miss KneesMiss Knees ✭✭✭

    Over 2000 people signed up now!!! This and the Olympic torch relay are making Ealing very cool this year image

  • Woo its going to be a big event and great to see that there is a Running Club behind it (Ealing Eagles Running Club) so it will be properly organised. Can't Wait.


  • Boing!

    Who's still doing this?  I'm in on virtually nil training for a year so I'll be plodding painfully round to sneak in within 3 hours. image 

  • Race pack arrived a couple of weeks back and I am looking forward to supporting a local race. A gentle 10 mile run this Sunday followed by some short gentle runs during the week then let the race begin.

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