Claire House Excalibur Marathon



  • Ok, I'm in, should be a nice treat after the flatness of Blackpoolimage @Clwydian, don't suppose you could DM me the GPX route too could you?!
  • Hey there Clwydian,
    Yes I'm going for the 9:30 start. More time for breakfast,and I'd rather finish when there are more people about.

    Please could I have the route too.Thank you

  • JP_lost wrote (see)
     Please could I have the route too.Thank you
    Of course but you'l have to enable private messages or send me one with an e-mail address.

    ben wittenberg wrote (see)
    Ok, I'm in, should be a nice treat after the flatness of Blackpoolimage @Clwydian, don't suppose you could DM me the GPX route too could you?!
    Same for you Ben.
  • Hi all, glad i found this thread! Myself and my friend panad are running this as a team. We've ran the whole course in two sections it is an amazing route very challenging!! I ran it in my Brooks GTX they were great on all the downward bits. Just got to do it now in one go!!! Hoping to get another run in around course before the 31stimage
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭


    yep as TR40 said we've done a recce in two sections, not so sure my legs are looking forward to doing it all in one go, but I am imageimage

  • Fancy seeing you hereimage
  • Hi all,

    I've just plotted this route into mem map and it's giving me a total elevation gain of 6000 feet. Just wondering what the GPX route shows. I'm really looking forward to this one.

  • In feet - 5130

    One error in the plot adds I about  30 I think.

    It's definitely hilly and a bit deceptive to think of the whole number as the real climbs don't come until the second half of the route after the Kinmel Arms (CP7). From that point on you are either climbing or descending quite steeply.

    4 weeks to go!

    I off to do a big chunk of it now.

  • Thanks Clwydian,

    Yes you are right, it is three weeks away from London marathon. I will stick to road running for this time. I hope they will organise it again for next year.

    Good luck to you all. I would be very interested to read any feedback from the race.

  • Im starting to get worried about this now lol.   Not able to run any of the course before the date so looks like I will be doing a lot of walking on this.
  • Don't worry Spen71, I'm in exactly the same boat, but lets be honest nobody's gonna be getting a PB on this course and the more time we spend walking the more we'll be able to enjoy the beautiful welsh countryside! image
  • I've picked up a knee injury which keeps returning every time I run. Really gutted because i'm a major doubt for this now image
  • Peers wrote (see)
    I've picked up a knee injury which keeps returning every time I run. Really gutted because i'm a major doubt for this now image

    Don't write yourself off yet. I pulled up 2km into my long run two weeks ago with a painful ankle. I rested it and gave it lots of ice and returned to my training a week later - taped up at first. I took it a bit easy the first week back but at the end of the second week now I'm back to my old self.

    Give it some proper rest and hopefully you'll be OK.

    Good luck with it.

  • JP_lost wrote (see)
     lets be honest nobody's gonna be getting a PB on this course

    I am - assuming I finish.

    I've never done a marathon before.

  • Woah Clywdian, what a way to start, respect!

    and Peers ditto to everything Clywdian said, You've got 4 weeks, get yourself to a sports physio and you've a fighting chance of getting back in the game. Good Luck
  • @Peers - @Clwydian and @JP_lost are both correct. Get ice on it. It's possible it could be a tracking problem which means all the running you are doing is causing a muscle strength imbalance. I had this once and a week using a foam roller on the outside of the thigh (ITB) sorted ot out. Don't let it get to you.

    @spen71 - You can only train so much. I'd say 50% if not more is down to will power on the day. Just stay focused and positive, enjoy the the day and you'll get round. I intend on doing it the walk/run way, what ratio I'll decide on the day when I catch a glimpse of them hills for the first time image

    I know this is going to be difficult but I can't wait!
  • JP_lost wrote (see)
    Woah Clywdian, what a way to start, respect!

    It's not as dramatic as it sounds. I've run further in a day before (60 k) but it was done in 10 k laps with a rest between each one while my partner did her lap. Much less climb on that although it wan't flat by any means.

    I've definitely done more climb in a day doing mountain marathons. I've just never done a "proper" marathon distance event.

    I just got my rota for some work I do and I'm going to be working on April 1st so let's hope I really am ready.

    27 days to go.

  • Cheers for the advice guys. I gave it 10 days complete rest and it returned after 10 minutes. Doesn't hurt at all now but it does click/pop quite often when I walk.

    I will rest until a week before the event and try again. If it is ok I will run even though I won't have had the best preparation. As long as I complete time is not important.
  • I forgot to mention that I have done the miles just on the road and not as many hills as this will.

    (After Blackpool next week this will be my fourth marathon this year)

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    spen71 - I'm sure you'll be fine, you've obviously got experience over the marathon distance ok, so yes it will be off-road and v hilly, but having been out to recce the course I cannot believe that any/many people would be able to run the whole lot, so for most it's going to be a run/walk strategy - I think TR40 and I are looking towards the run/walk/crawl&curse strategy image esp the nice little loop at the end image
  • Yep that sounds like a plan for us panad!!image
  • I've produced a narrative description of the route - prompted by BlisterUK.

    If anyone else wants a copy, let me know and message me with an e-mail address.

  • @Clwydian has very kindly taken the time to put together a great narrative of the majority of the course. I

    would greatly recommend giving it a read if you get chance. I found it most helpful especially as I dont

    intend any recce's beforhand.

     Thanks Clwydian!!

  • Panad and TR40 do you want company?
  • This might be of interest to people who don't really know the Clwydian range. It's spoilt a bit for me by going on about the Clwydian and Llantysilio Mountain Range but a lot of the flyover is the area we will be running.

     Clwydian Range Flyover

  • Spen its ok with me more the merierimage
  • Ok mate.   What pace you thinking of starting off?
  • Slow and easy spen Panad and i both did snowdonia in about 3:50 with in a few minutes of each other this baby is goinig to be so much tougher! We not racing this one image
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    Yep, come and join the party spen71 image

    hoping to get out for a 20 mile run tomorrow, unfortunately it won't be near/on the course, but hopefully it'll get rid of some cobwebs image

  • The slower the better.   This is prep for my first ultra in May.
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