Claire House Excalibur Marathon



  • From the entry form.........,


    . Owing to possible wintry conditions, the following must be carried: full waterproof body cover, whistle, compass and map – OS 265 Clwydian Range 1:25,000. Mug – if you require a drink en route. Additional equipment recommended to be worn/carried by each participant - spare warm winter clothes, bivi bag, gloves, hat, first-aid kit, food and emergency rations, torch.

     I assume that if the weather stays as forecast, the organiser may allow us to leave the waterproofs behind, although this may only be in favour of other full body cover.

    I'll take a selection of stuff to the start just in case but if it stays as per the entry and looks like it could be a bit cold on top I'll be prepared to carry...,

    Waterproof jacket with taped seams and hood, waterproof trousers with taped seams, buff, gloves, map, compass, whistle, gels, 0.5 litre bottle.

  • Thanks...I knew Id read something somewhere just could find it again !! 
  • Nearly time now....

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    it's suddenly dawned on me this afternoon what we're letting ourselves in for!

  • Im just jogging the flats and downs.  And walk the ups.

    What time are you all planning on starting?

  • Ive got a feeling im going to get very lost here lol

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    lol spen! We probably all will...

    After the last email I'm not sure how much choice we'll have over when we start image Personally I'd rather start before the last 9:30 group, but that may just be because I'm not 'an experienced fell runner', I don't have good knowledge of the area, and I'm not confident about finishing in under 5 hrs.

    TR40 and I are planning on arriving around 8..

    I think Mr Panad is going to be quite glad that I'm at work tomorrow and then he's got meetings tomorrow evening so he'll miss a lot of my last minute panic!

  • I will arrive at 8 then,   I will be travelling from Chester so not too far.  Will PM you my number.
  • Deep respect to all of you, there are some seriously steep hills in the Clwydian range!  Have a great day, sounds like the weather will be ideal, dry and not too hot.  Good luck to all, when it gets tough just remember all the money you are raisng for good causes.


  • Just realised I do not know where it is starting and where we are parkin

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    LOL spen! Llanferres car park...assuming you come through Mold and Gwernymynydd on the A494 follow the signs for Moel Famau after going past Loggerheads Country Park. (think it's first right)
  • Yes, turn right after the 'we three loggerheads' pub, its signposted moel famau country park, follow this for about a mile until you reach the first car park in the forest area.....thats the start. 

    Good luck everyone, i'll be there supporting my other half who's hoping to run under 5 hours.  We often train on the Offa's Dyke, its a fabulous training ground for anyone doing an not underestimate the hills of the Clwydian Range.....they are knackering!image

  • Hi all,
    Boot is loaded and I'm just about to start my first navigational challenge getting from Bournemouth to Mold. Been great chatting to you all here and hopefully see some of you tomorrow image
  • Good luck to everyone running tomorrow, I'll be there about 8.40 to register as only travelling 8 miles or so. Hoping for around 5 hours if my knee holds up! Weather looking good as a lot cooler than of late but still mainly dry. I hope to see some of you and will be enjoying some Real Ale sampling after the event at Weatherspoons Real Ale festival in Mold  which is on until Sunday if anyone is interested. At £2.05 per pint it cannot be missed!!!...image
  • Hi guys anyone got a exact address on we're parking is etc.... Lost all me emails.
  • GR 173612. There are some diresctions about four posts back.
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Looking like it should be a great day tomorrow..good luck (and enjoy it) everyone! image
  • Kit sorted, map marked out, carbed up to the max. See you all tomorrow this is going to be a good oneimage
  • Kit sorted, carbed up, back strapped up, a little nervous 2nd marathon first ever cross country event
  • Mine and panads first cross country event.
  • Well that was interesting. There were a lot more people there than I was expecting, which really added to the occasion as I'd been a bit concerned about running along on my own.

    If I could have managed my taper a bit better I think I could have gone a little quicker but I really enjoyed it overall and finished with a first -time marathon result of 5-14.

    The only thing that played on my mind as I went round was that they moved the checkpoints around a bit and I was conscious that I'd given people route descriptions.

     I hope everyone else got around OK and you are happy with your results.

  • This was an amazing event Panad and i did it in 5:30. It would of been perfect if some scum bag hadn't of broke into my car stealing my bag which i had stupidly left my ballot in with my wedding rings in. I am devasted.
  • So sorry to hear that I hope they rot in hell
  • Oh no! Bad luck TR40. Where were you parked.
  • On the road.

    NG my sentiments exactly.

  • disgraceful,i bet thieves were targeting runners cars.
  • Taking running kit is one thing but to take your wallet with your rings in it is despicable what sort of world are we living in they must have known what they were so the least they can do is take them to a police station and hand them in or something mind you you still might never find out. I am so sad for you TR39.
  • Thanks NG its the rings that is smashing my head they become such a big part of who you are as a couple my wife is devasted as you can imagine.
  • Clwydian - Read through your route description and got around fine so don't worry. TR40 - It dearly hurts me to hear about your rings being taken. I can relate to this as I lost mine last year and know i can be extremely upsetting for both you and your wife. I suppose its a sign of the times and should be a lesson for all of us in the future.
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