Help Needed - Bike Box / Bag

Hi Guys

 I was just wondering if anybody in either Edinburgh or London has a bike box/bag that they could lend me for a few days during February. I need to get my bike down from Edinburgh before I finish working there on weekdays at the end of February sometime.

Payment of a reasonable level of beer and wine will obviously be made to anybody who can help image


  • You can borrow mine if you promise to look after it. PM/FB me?
  • Or mine image i've got an evoc bag, cuurently taking up space in my bedroom!
  • Lee - that would be amazing if I could please... probably a bit easier than getting to / from Dustboy as he lives in the middle of nowhere (thankyou for the offer though mate image)

    It's not just yet but towards the end of February, possibly the last weekend or the one before? Does the bag fold up when empty? Also do you think it would be able to carry a turbo trainer as well as a bike?


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