Question for the men

How do you prefer your women's lady garden?  Manicured or natural, and what particular style?


  • Not a huge fan of natural personally.  Trimmed or cleared for me.  Prevents clogged up teeth and annoying tickles at the back of the throat image 

  • Trimmed around the edges and very short!

    Hate the rain forest look!!

  • landscaped but definately NO water feature image
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Neatly trimmed please. Not natural - that's like dining on sushi on the barber's floor.
  • <dabs keyboard>

  • Minimal please - it's nice to see what's going on.
  • Available...
  • ... but if you're going to shave, can you please make sure it's regular ladies; having the 'old chap' in a close encounter with Desperate Dan's chin can leave friction burns where we don't really want them image
  • So waxing is better than shaving then?  Shaving can be done regularly so kept under control, but gives stubble (which believe me, isn't comfortable for us either) but waxing can only be done every few weeks when the regrowth is long enough.
  • Any one comes near that area on me with wax strips and you'd better have the name of a good intestinal surgeon on speed-dial image
  • BookyBooky ✭✭✭

    For several reasons I'm quite intrigued by the phrase 'your women's'

  • And men, please feel free to discuss how you keep your own gentleman's garden with the same dispassion.
  • I was thinking of the person you were in a relationship with - wife, girlfriend, partner.  Rather than someone you might pay to get more exotic experiences from, or fantasise about (although in some cases that could be the same person)
  • I think what StB was getting at was the use of the plural. As in women's not woman's. like any of the chaps here have what it takes to keep multiple women happy image

    Intrigued by what prompted that as a question - can't quite imagine the conversation!

  • Asking multiple men, so therefore the assumption that they would not be sharing the same woman (also my grammar is pants)

    The question was sparked by a conversation I overheard in the gym, between two men and their female PT.

  • Kwilts - being the proud owner of ginger pubes (the only ginger hair on my body) my groin is no stranger to the pruning shears
  • I'm married so the question is irrelevant
  • Regularly waxed.   The 'natural' look is just disgusting...

  • DV, on you or your wife?
  • Who mentioned the wife...?   image

  • oh pants...    what a TOTP      image

  • Yes, pants do tend to mask the issue
  • Are 'waxing' or 'shaving' the only options? I mean can Immac be used or does that just get messy?!! I'd imagine there's that epilady thing too, but I guess that would be a slow death like waxing!!
    Back, crack and sac Sir? Oh, sorry, Madam! image
  • Most creams shouldn't be put near sensitive parts of the body, but I have never thought to see whether there are some that can.
  • SuperCaz, I think veet do a cream/gel for more intimate areas.
  • I'm married too, so it's been a long time since I've needed to worry about it.
  • Intrigued by DV's use of the word "disgusting". Why?

  • hi, does it matter if your married ? should you still not keep yourself in tip top shape ?

    I like a lady to be trimmed if they want to leave a thin line or put a design in then its there perogitive as long as its not like a bunch of coiled spring when you get down there and you lose yourself in the wilderness lol

    So i make sure mine is trimmed and neat too and well pruned lol

    But then this comes to the debate Chest hair ladies or not ?

  • JB74, once you are married there is no point as there is nobody to notice and it is a lot of effort just for yourself.

    Some chest hair is good, but not a gorilla.

  • JB74 wrote (see)

    But then this comes to the debate Chest hair ladies or not ?

    Not, I definately prefer ladies WITHOUT chest hair !
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