thigh splints - 7 months injured

Hi all, i have been injured for 7 months now with what the specialist said were 'stress changes at the adductor insertions' , diagnosed following MRI scan. An internet search on my part seems to indicate such a condition is also called 'thigh splints'.

Extremely frustrating, have a low level pain/discomfort around my groin area, which quickly worsens when i try to run - which i havent tried for 5 months.

I can use an exercise bike to keep fitness up, though have to go back to see physio in 2 days time - i spoke on phone with him hw told me to stop all exercise in meantime

ANYBODY HAD THIS??Did you recover, what did you do to recover, did anyone have surgery? Would appreciate any feedback. Starting to really get me down not being able to run out the door.

Many thanks, Parklife 


  • Has seriously nobody ever had 'thigh splints' or adductor avulsion syndrome as its also known??

    I must be one of the unluckiest runners around to get an injury where its hard to find a fellow sufferer.

    If no-ones had this injury, has anyone ever had surgery for a groin/adductor problem?? What was your experience of that - how long were waiting lists , recovery time , did u make a complete recovery and get back to running etc???

    Many thanks 

  • hi, just came across your post from 2012, as I was looking for info on thigh splins. I got injured after 26 weeks of (chi running) training for my first marathon, 2 weeks before race. this is now 2 months ago, and while walking etc is now possible again without much discomfort, the sensation that sth is really not right within the thigh or hip comes back as soon as I walk fast or swim or try to run. could i ask you how long it took until your injury went away and how you treated it? were you able to get back into running? i miss it so much..... I would love to hear about your experience and am hoping for some tips..... thank you, angela

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