24hr tread mill run

lol,I DID IT i ran (walked a few times) for 24hrs on a treadmill at the weekend for charity. For those who do this regularly, my hat goes off  to you !!! all the months of training and pain finally paid off. I covered 89 miles and I'm so pleased with myself. If anyone is thinking of doing this.... go for it, its just an amazing feeling image


  • Well done mate,thinking about running on a treadmill myself for a  few years now.imageimage  
  • Jeez. 24 hours on a dreadmill. Absolutely well done!
  •  Thank you sooooo much !!!! im well pleased with myself, it was such hard work, and "mind over matter" at times, but i would recommend it to any one image. only 1 blister and a tight hamstring as "war wounds" !!!
  • Great job, mad 1, do you have a blog or 'race' report somewhere? It would be interesting to read about how it went, especially the mental side of things. Well done again.
  • ye, I'm in the process of typing it up, complete with a few pics, so if you, or anyone, wants to know how i feel, my highs and lows, what food and drink helped, what training i did etc, i will be most welcome to pass it on. just leave a note of your request to have a copy, on here, and i'll arrange for it to be sent. the way i look at it, if you can run a marathon, still be alive after it and with the will to run again, you can run extreme distances. I've got two weeks of rest (trainers orders) but  i cant wait to get back out running. image
  • just thought, check out my web site in the mean time www.two4run.com
  • You have seriously got to do it. !!!! i'm great believer that "you'll never know what your body's capable of, until you've pushed it to its max". image and i have Type 1 Diabetes. With great support around you, you can accomplish anything, go for it !!!!
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