Abingdon Marathon

Afternoon all...! So entries open, not sure what to do? to enter or not to enter??? Would like to have a crack at another PB and its our club (Port Talbot Harriers) race also.


  • Enter, you can always transfer your entry to someone else and there's normally a waiting list...
  • Anyone know when the online entry is likely to be up and running ?
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    Took 2 - 3 days before online entry opened last yr. About 1 month to sell out. Then you could pick up an entry on this thread over much of the summer from those who ended up injured.

    I'm afraid I won't be joining the fun this year. Partly due to running so quick at Abo last year that I feel pretty happy with my marathon pb at the moment, partly due to another bun due to pop out of the oven in the next few weeks and partly due to a new focus - duathlons.

    Have fun y'all image
  • Keir, 5 pence says you'll be toeing the start line in October!  image
  • I'm entering.  Looking forward to it now....
  • im in -entry doneimage
  • I'm going for it again. Hoping the training goes a bit more smoothly and Paul doesn't leave me in a cloud of dust at 22 miles this yearimage

    See you there Keir. You joining the fun SJ ??

  • Yes Sir
    Also in for Preston the week after...!
    Plan ("it was Keir's idea") is to check form in Sept and if looking good i.e. sub 3 is even a slim possibility - go hard in Abingdon then very easy trot round Preston
    If form is poor, and nowhere near sub 3 then ditch Abo and enjoy Preston (won't be another one for 20years so would be rude not to)

    What's your plan FW? 2:45????
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    I'll take that 5p from you SJ. Got my clubs duathlon championships on the same days as Abo. After VLM I'm in the MM club for marathon running!
  • And we all know how that's going to work out! image
  • SJ - wish 2.45 were even vaguely an option mate! Will see how edin goes in may then take it from there
  • Entries open, this is good news. I am definitely going to be there, injury problems have now all cleared, and I am well into my training for a May marathon.  After my demise at 24 miles at Abo last year, it will be time to get some payback.

    See the banter has already startedimage

    Paul, you know you want to.

  • Am trying to enter on line but can't get on.........decided yesterday to not bother but hey ho, changed my mind overnight but hope am no too late !!  image
  • Me too...i really fancy doing this one and dont want to miss out!!
  • Have e.mailed organisers to check if full up already. I know it is v popular but cannot imagine it is full just yet !   image
  • It took a month last year to fill up. Bearing in mind it's only postal entry just now I guess they'll have no idea how well subscribed they are. Is the onlne open up and running yet anyone know ??
  • Abo will be a training run for me but looking forward to itimage

  • Wish on line entries would hurry up, or that I could find a cheque book. Either would work!
  • Ahhh I assumed online had been up as some of you said you'd entered - you obvs meant entered by post. O.K...panic over....will post my entry tonight.  image
  • I have sent the postal entry. Hopefully that will be enough to get me in !!!

    This was my first marathon last year so I hope to improve this year, very enjoyable !!!

  • AGF wrote (see)

    I have sent the postal entry. Hopefully that will be enough to get me in !!!

    This was my first marathon last year so I hope to improve this year, very enjoyable !!!

    how did you do AGF? i live very near to Abingdon but have just started maras..hopefully will have done more events by Oct with lots of miles. what was the weather like?
  • Hello Loulabell.  I id not set to many target, excep to train hard enough so that I would be able to enjoy the event. I did 4:09, but ran the whole way. The day was a crisp day with blue skies, a lovely autumn day.  the marshalls were great, plenty of water stops etc and everyone very friendly. This forum as also great for motivation leading up to it too.

    This year I hope to train with a faster time in mind image

    Good luck with the training ...you will enjoy your "home" event !!

  • thanks AGF, i did my first mara at Gloucester 2 weeks ago and really loved it. def wasnt flat though! so hoping i can be quicker on the flat courseimage

  • It's usually a bit nippy at the start but then warms up.
    I did it as my first mara a while back now before the course changed and have marshalled for the last few years - wanted to see what the course is like "from the inside" as it were (and have a better last 10 miles than when I first did Abo image )
  • So would people like a course description/rundown? If it's at the start of the thread it'll be easy for folk to refer to later on.
  • Yes please
  • Had a response to my e.mail and RW are experiencing problems with on-line entries which is out of the hands of organisers of marathon. Am glad I posted my entry !  image
  • Thanks for the tip off - just about to post mine!
  • OK I'll do it section by section, people are welcome to chime in and add their own observations and/or corrections and/or different slants.

    Mile 1

    The marathon starts on the track at Tilsley Park. You run round the track and out of the (track) gate, out of (TP) gate itself and turn left onto Dunmore Road. Trees and fields to the left, the back of eighties-era suburbs to the right. Well, immediately to your right you have the other lane of Dunmore Road which is open, so don't stray over the white line image

    This stretch rises very gently until just before the roundabout at about the 1 mi point.
  • Mile 2

    Straight across the roundabout (there are usually a few supporters here, bless those early birds). You're now in Twelve Acre Drive and the road falls slightly. Again, country to the left (including the turkeys and geese on Peachcroft Farm), 'burbs to the right.
    When you see a field also on your right you're at about the 2m (ish...) mark, coming up to the second roundabout.
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