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  • AC - as far as triathlons is concerned, I would love to be an Ironman, but I ain't going to pay £400 to enter a race with no bike support - also, I swim at about 50 minutes per mile in a pool, so that would just be embarrassing. I love cycling and I do a few duathlons but tri is not for me.

    All the best for the 10 on Sunday. I'm doing a 5-ish trail in Crowthorne on Wednesday next week as a bit of fun.

    Fraser - I'm like you in the mornings - I just feel confused and rushed (I pretty much have to be ready for work by 7.30 and as you can probably tell from the times of my posts I'm not great at going to bed early!)

    Anyway, sod running, did anybody else see Cavendish win that stage today? Jesus, he took 50 metres out of everyone from 300 metres out, it was incredible. I'll be somewhere around Headley Down Road on Saturday cheering them on. I'll probably drive/ride down for the women's race on Sunday as well. Then come home and attempt a 15 at MP+45s - Busy weekend image

  • Chillies -  Cav was  impressive. Did you see the Victoria Pendleton programme, it was on BBC on wed night.  I watched in yesterday and what an amazing, complex and honest sportswoman, well worth a watch even if you're not into cycling.

    17 miles planned for tomorrow, will have to be out early looks like summers finally arrived.

  • Hello Guys, Not posted for a while as have been busy. Have caught up on the middle age love in though image  I am nearly 40 so maybe my midlife crisis is coming soon if not already  ( have at least 1 pink shirt ).  Great to see quite a few fater runners on here, although I will be trailing behind hopefully breaking 3:30. 

    What with the TDF, Open and Olympics upon us it really will be  case of getting the running in when I can.  I fancy watching the golf laterso have managed to get my 20 Miler in early this weekend. First one of the campaign and another 50+ mile week for me. 

    Sounds like trainings going well for everyone?

  • Not sure who the fater runners are AGF image. Nice work getting that first 20 under your belt, your right about all the great sport on tele, sky+ gets a hammering!

    Also did a 20 this morning, taking in the best bits of Henley HM, Marlow HM and some of Frieth 10k, anyone who knows these races knows the cracking hills in them!

    Good luck tomorrow Luvsa and AC in your races, also with your long runs Barry and CFB, and anyone else doing there long runs.

    Fraser, 90 outof 700 odd runners going sub 3, thats some statistic, is it really that good a course?

  • Mee Meep - just had a quick look at last year's results - 86 out of 777 finishers under 3 hours (87 if you include the poor chap who's chip time was exactly 3:00:00) , so Fraser was spot on. Can't wait ! Your early morning rep session looks like a beast !

    MG15 - I have the same problem - sticking strictly to a schedule more often than not means it doesn't fit in with with club sessions. i sometimes move my sessions around the weekand modifythem a little just to remain sociable.

    Mee Meep/AGF - good to get such an early 20 in

    Thanks all for enquiring about the throw away comment on the floods. Two weeks on now and we've almost sorted/rescued most posessions. Currently temporarily in a three week holiday let. We'll be homeless from the 3rd August if we don't find somewhere else to live! House is uninhabitable for approx 4 months. We were tenants , so have the option tomove on to somewhere else. LuvsaPB is right - the running provides a sense of continuity in a period of great stress, even if it means training at odd times - managed to do my rep session for the week eventually on Friday lunchtime instead of Tuesday evening - 5 x 1.1 miles (that 10% uplift in distance again! ) at an overall average mile pace of 5:50 - but shattered at the end! Did quite a hard 7.7 mile tempo run this morning so after two relatively stiff sessions am going to delay my long run (17.6 miles) until Monday, with just an easy recovery run tomorrow



  • AGF -  Wish I was a fater runner.image Nice early 20 from you, how many have you got planned?

    Meep -   Good 20 from you, any general thoughts from the thread about using hills in training for a flat marathon, or is it only a problem the other way around ie only training on the flat for a hilly one. Yeah the course is a good one the steepest climb is the underpass about 2 miles from the end.  The are a couple of inclines but nothing that qualifies as a hill.

    Dart - Training looks like it's going well even if your domestic situation isn't.



  • Meep - Not sure what the theories say, but the approach that I took before Taunton was that I wanted to practice in conditions as similar to the race as I could manufacture, which is difficult around here as I've mentioned. It's also difficult to run at scheduled paces on a hilly run without the session becoming harder than intended. Maybe I'm just a bit too OCD about distances/paces etc, but I wanted to train myself know what it felt like at the right pace on the right terrain and therefore condition myself to get into a recognisable 'groove' relatively easily. Hills will probably give you better strenght/conditioning though and can't think that it would be a disadvantage at all.

  • FrazerelliFrazerelli ✭✭✭
    Mee meep. Have a look at last year's results. I think it reflects the course and is skewed by a lot of reasonable runners entering. Not many hippos or big birds pooling round for charidee

    DM - that sounds like a horrible scenario. I suppose a small consolation that we were tenants not owners

    I agree best to try to replicate race conditions and terrain for long runs as close as you can
  • Meep I echo dart mores theory on both counts I try to mimic the courses as much as is possible but finding 20+ flat miles here is impossible unless your on a treadmill and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy lol.

    Sorry to hear of your predicament dart more puts things in perspective,mi hope you find somewhere suitable soon!!

    I did two recovery runs yesterday 6 and 4 both around 8 min/miles.

    Today was a steady 8 which for some strange reason I felt fine which is strange I've felt tired all week, plus it was after a ten hour shift so making hay I managed an average of 6:40's. Got a 15 to do tomorrow which I'm setting the alarm for, I'm in work at 9:30 and having a barbie in the afternoon so going for a run then will cause ructionsimage

    AGF I always find the first 20 a real struggle so well done for getting yours in the bag!!

    Anyway back to the tour image
  • Fraser -  Did n't see any big birds last year but saw plenty of turkeys.image

  • Ive never really thought about replicating a races course in training, i think this far out hilly long runs cant do any harm as long as its not impacting on your other runs. Surely they can only make you stronger? Definitely wont be running hilly long runs when the MP comes into them in the not to distant future!



  • Meep - IMO running hill reps should make flat running easier and quicker - having done a fair bit of hill training and then the hilly marathon I've certainly lost the fear factor!

    BB, FW, you're right, not many "fun runners" at Abo, and it hosts a hatful of national Vet, Army, & county champoinships - similarly, the Maidenhead Easter 10 and the Wokingham Half attract a high percentage of decent runners. I've been in the top 100/1000 at Bracknell Half, and the top 250/5000 at Windsor, but barely in the top half at Wokingham with faster times

  • 4 years ago today I ran round Virginia Water Lake without stopping (4.25 miles) for the first time and started an excel spreadsheet as a running log. 5900 miles later I'm still pretty hopeless, but I've cut that 43 minutes down to 29:24 along the way

  • Oops, I meant faster runners image

    Some cracking running folks. Chillier that some journey of improvement in 4 years....

    Barry, I am not sure how many 20's. I am kinda making my plan up as I go along. Hopefully 5-6. Plan another next weekend image
  • Luvsa – Hope the 10K went well, and shin was OK.

    AGF/Meep – well done on the 20 milers. Good confidence boosters. I have not gone that far myself yet.

    DM – impressive mile reps. Glad you rescued most of your possession, and the family are safe. Puts running in perspective.

    MG15 – Good running there. If steady is 6:40s, then what would be atempo run?

    Meep – I agree with CFB, if you build some hills into your training (especially into long runs), then when it comes to nice flat race like Abo, you should be stronger and find it easier.

    CFB – just looked back on my training running logimage, and after 10 years of running I must be well over 15,000 miles, and still learning and making mistakes!

    At the Harlow 10 mile race, I did more or less what I originally planned. I did 4.5 miles before the race (av 8.01), and then the race at MP (1:13.41) (av 7.20), with 1 mile cool down. I was aiming for 7.15 pace, but the undulations on the course and heat put pay to that. Overall just about satisfied, as it felt harder then it should, and really if I had raced it, without the miles beforehand, I may have just nipped inside 1:10. Jury still out I think

  • FrazerelliFrazerelli ✭✭✭

    Sounds like you had a good controlled session there AC - no need to be super fit at this stage.Plenty of time to build up to the boil - that's what I'm telling myself anyway !

    19 for me today. Was out for our wedding anniversary last night and enjoyed a great meal with black pudding starter and steak and dauphinoise main course. Top nosh but felt bloated and nauseated today form the first step so 19 in 7.59 average felt like quite hard work. Not really eaten since I got back and guts not playing nicely so something not quite right with my system.

    Prob get up to 20 next weekend then get a 20+ in most weekends up til taper time - certainly hope thay feel easier than today's effort !

  • AC  -  Good running, bit warm out there today?

    Fraser -   Sounds like a tough day, well done for getting round.

    17 miles for me this morning, avg 7:42, all done by just gone 9. Few chores this morning and chilled out watching the tour this afternoon, great day for Cav, Wiggins and the Sky team. For the Abo newbies my turkeys reference was about one of the highlights of  the course  - a huge turkey farm in the first couple of miles.

  • A lovely sunny morning. Think it will get hotter as the day goes on so was up before 7am for a run. Ended up doing 13 miles. loved it - lovely time to run in weather like this !!

    Lovely 17 for you yesterday Barry ...nice and early too

  • FW - that's what I keep telling myself too! Good for you to get out there for 19, even though you were not 100%

    BB - yes, was a little warm by late morning. I certainly envy you getting finished by 9, especially in a nice speedy av of 7.42.

    AGF - certainly the best time to get out. I was a little late this morning, and did not start my run until after 8, although normally out before 7.30. 

    How was other's weekends?

  • Some great running over the weekend well done all image

    Especially Fraser, those are the runs you have to remember come race day that you managed to get yourself round then you'll get yourself round on the big day.

    I did a 15 on Sunday ave pace 7:03 min/ mile felt ok.

    Today was supposed to be a 12 at MP but after over indulgence at a barbie I decided to switch to a steady 15 which was done at 7:06 felt really tired but last week was the highest ever weekly mileage at 85 so with another 15 today that was 100 in eight days, I think I may have an easy day tomorrow although I may stick in the scheduled 12 as I have a race Sunday and want to get my long run in Thursday so not sure where I can fit everything all in!!

    Aching calves I would say a tempo run for me would probably be nearer the 6:30's which is planned MP for Abingdon.
  • Sounds like a really good workout AC, was a really warm day so to get 10 @ MP is great going.

    The 19 sounds like fun Fraser image lucky theblack pudding didnt make an unwelcome return!

    Nice pace for the 17 Barry, you were saying that your schedule has you running the long runs faster, does it have any time on feet runs towards the end as well?

    Very tasty 85 miles for the week Martin. Back to back 15 miles as well, often wondered what would happen if i did similar to this, is it something you have done before?  Whats the race planned for Sunday? 

    AGF, joined you out nice and early this morning, definitely the way forward with the heat. 3m easy to steady, then 5 mins MP, 5 mins HMP continuous for 45 mins, came out at 6.85m @ 6:34/m. mile cd. The 3m later in the day was roasting so glad it was done early.

  • Mee meep its just a little 5 miler, that's in our club championships. Really flat so should be quite quick. I felt quite tired on today's run tbh even tho the time was ok I didn't feel at all comfortable towards the end it was more to the fact I didn't want to do a speedier workout due to one too many mojitosimage
  • Meep -  Schedule had 4 x 20 milers, first one the weekend after next is the slowest at MP plus 45 - 60 so that would be  2 hrs 40 - 45 the last 2 are MP plus 30.  If things are going well early sep I may be tempted to do a 23 miler in place of one of the 20's. Nice pacy running from you.

    MG - Impressive mileage, I can't deal with hangovers when training so I abstain.

  • Neither do I as a rule very rarely drink if I'm trying the next day. I can't perform at all. Think the sun go the better of me lol
  • I can testify that that the mojitos and speedier running dont really mix.

    A twenty a MP plus 30 will definitely give you confidence Barry!

  • 13 at MP+ 1:00 thiis evening - had to cut it short for reasons nobody wants to hear about, but I wasn't going to head back out to do the last three miles. That was very warm, especially as I included 12 hill reps in the first 8 miles.

    I probably drink a lot more than most here - I tend to see the government's safe limit guidelines as more of an ambitious target to aim for, especially on a Friday night. Agree entirely that you can't perform with a hangover. In fact, I reckon my Saturday morning run this weekend was @ about 20bpm faster than the equivalent non-hungover run. Mind you, Friday night ended in a bit of a blur of wonderful artisanal ciders, which are never exactly low alcohol! 

  • Ha love the apples myself chillies lol image
  • Hey all!

    Good to see you all putting those miles in!image

     I did the Elmbridge 10k on Sunday. Race was supposed to start at 9 but was delayed til 9.30 because of traffic issues. Anyhow, a good turnout of over 600 runners & quite a few talented people who can knock out a 10k in the low 30s.

    It was warmer than it initially felt, which came into play after the first couple of miles.  I've not run what I consider a decent time this year, so didn't have great expectations.  A sub 39 would be proof to me that I'm capable of running like I did last year.

    Felt good after the warm up which I didn't at Yateley at the beginning of the month. Got going & hit the first k in just under 3:39, 2nd k about on cue, but began to feel the energy drain after 3k, and then decided to just keep going without blowing up.

    May of been guilty of not taking on enough water before the start. Came in at 40:08.  Stopped looking at the watch before half-way, because I find this just adds more pressure, rather than being helpful!  Invested in a new heart rate monitor today as the old one broke ages ago, and the plan is to monitor runs against heart rate to try & ascertain that when I'm feeling fatigued am I really fatigued compared to my heart rate. Do I need a sports psychologist?!image

    Does anyone else use a HRM to gauge their fitness levels & training intensity

  • Luvsa - I never run without a HRM, and I have set limits in long races which I don't like to break, except on hills when I go with how I am feeling.

    So, for example, with my maximum HR being around 176, on the flat in a marathon I keep my HR to 153, and in a Half to 161. Some of the better runners (read the sub 3:15 or sub 3:00 thread) say they  don't race with a monitor, and they are swifter than me, so ...

    In training runs I find it essential to know where my HR is for different types of run, but it can often make you feel pretty miserable image - people talk about having a scale of "perceived effort", but for me that usually equates to "bloody hard work" whatever pace I'm running image

    Sodding quick 10K by the way!

  • FrazerelliFrazerelli ✭✭✭

    Luvsa - I've had that experience in races. Often a mystery why a bad performance comes in to play. I think confidence is a big factor - never easy to conjure it up out of nowhere epescially if training has been patchy. Also warm humid weather is a major thing - I have stopped using a watch or anything during non mara races, just have the Garmin on for data anaylsis post race. I'm convinced not looking at (or havin the option to sneak a peak) makes me perform better. Once you've seen a "bad" km go by during a race it can be game over and the little internal demons stuff your confidence

    This happened to me during last marathon when it was hot and I got myself in a self imposed cycle of negativity thinking the pace I was going at felt far too hard.

    I'm too low tech to comment on HR training. I'd prob have the opposite approach from Chillies and suggest just training to feel and perceived effort. For this campaign I'm only using pace feedback for the medium-hard-run-with-certain-paces session midweek. Track is just with stopwatch and LSR by time on feet. All other runs are just by perceived effort. I was guilty of becoming a pace slave in previous campaigns

    Try to put the race behind you and move on without letting it mess with your mojo

    Have more or less put my drinking days behind me - rather feebly my intake is close to zero now. Funny how you totally lose the taste for it. What a sad fecker...

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