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  • BB– my club coach has given me a ‘5 run a week’ plan, however as I generally run everyday, he said I could fit in around this plan as many easy runs as I liked. I normally double up when I run with the club in the evening, so most weeks I will run 8 times.

    Luvs– best of luck with your 24 miler on Sunday. I like you, do my very long runs at 8-9mm, however I might only do one or two runs over 22 miles. 24 miles LSR every week is impressive. Have you done this before for previous marathons?

    MG– very good 22 at this stage. You certainly are in good shape, and you must be positive on your target.

    I am hopefully looking for around 18 miles on Sunday. Hopefully will be cooler over the weekend.

    Best of luck to anyone racing this weekend

  • Had the decision taken away from me, got all dressed and out the door but my knee was a bit sore so I took the sensible decision to head back and take a rest day. Probably the effects off the long run going slightly too fast. Thanks for all the advice tho!

    Fraser I am away for two weeks start of sept so my fitness is going to take a bit of a dive then back to 5 weeks of training then race day.
  • Meep - yes it was the Crowthorne trail race - I think it was my 7th - I really like the distance and the repeated hill. I'm guessing you know the race?

    Just back from a very slow 10 in the same forest but the Ascot side of it. Hot and humid, but not as bad as the last few days.

    FW - lol - I suppose I do put a reasonable amount of thought into my making it up as I go along! I just don't set out a day by day itinerary. My approach is sort of, If I feel like doing a long easy run on a Monday instead of taking a rest day, then I'll do it


  • Meep-Maybe I should give up racing & just concentrate on trainingimage

    Chillies-It's quite surprising what you can do by gradual increases in mileage over time.  When I first started running four & half years ago, I never imagined or had plans on running a marathon, it's all just sort of evolved!

    FW-I do 24 mile long runs to toughen me up mentally for the torture that potentially lies ahead in every marathon!  Once you've done a few I find you do get used to them & repetition seems to condition the mind & body.  Mind you, it doesn't matter how relaxed I do them, come 20-21 miles, the last few miles can't end fast enough!

    In 2 of the 3 maras I've done so far, I've found myself struggling from 16 miles onwards, so I do think I have endurance issuesimage

    MG-Wise decision backing off when part of your body doesn't feel right.  If I had made the same decision last year when my calf was giving problems, I probably wouldn't have had to spend a whole month unable to run as a result.

    AC-Yes, it's pretty much standard for me.  I may reduce the distance of other runs every third week as a cut-back week.  But won't try doing 3x20 mile runs in a week  again.  Buggered my calf & out for a monthimage

    Well, with all this talk about long runs, I haven't been able to get out to run today because of work pressures.  That makes 2 consecutive non-running days.  Looks like a 16 on Saturday & 24 Sunday to maintain 60 for the week. Hmm. I might struggle a bit.

    Hope everyone's training doesn't get too distracted by the Olympicsimage

  • Whata brilliant bit of TV last night. 

    Inspired me to a 5K PB this morning of 20:26. A 26 second PB.  Long run planned tomorrow. 

    Loving the talk and insight about long runs....... 

  • No running today cos I've been down to Box Hill (well, Mickleham, on the flat bit). It was fantastic to watch the boys controlling the peloton. Shame the peloton were a minute behind the leaders!

     That 2nd breakaway started at the top end of the fifth loop - when I saw it it was only about 12 seconds ahead, and the peloton were less than 3 minutes behind the original break. Shame no other country thought to help out at the front. MAssive disappointment, but we can't have everything.

  • AGF-Well done on the 5k PB!  Just make sure you don't over do it tomorrow on the long runimage

    Chillies-Looks like Olympics Fever is here!

    16 miles done this evening.  Can I do 24 tomorrow without smashing myself up??image

  • Enjoying the Olympics so far it's a bit too far to go from up here and would mean an overnight stay which I'm guessing would be expensive. Shame about the cycling but looks like it was gb v rest of the world.

    Managed to do an easy four and an easy six yesterday, I think my knee troubles may be down to my itb which isn't a worry as it's easily solved. Done plenty of stretches and came through ok.

    Five mile race planned for three o clock today but had a surprise 60th party for the mother in law so had a few pints of cider but hopefully that should be well out of the system come race time.

    Next week is a bit if a drop back week and the focus moves more towards some speed work, gals to get out of the base mileage phase as I seem to have struggled of late.
  • AGF -  Congrats on the PB.

    Chillies  -  Bad result for the cycling and even worse coverage. I know hindsight is great but surely Team GB knew what was going to happen, so why did n't they send Chris Froome or Millar to sit on the back of any breakaway which would have forced the rest of the peloton to chase and if they had n't caught the breakaway we would have a chance of a medal.

    MG - I have my ITB freed off every visit to the physio and I'm used to it now but first time I had it done -ouch.

    Luvsa -  Massive respect 40 miles in 2 days.image

    18 miles for me this morning, done in 2 hours 20.


  • Well done on the big pb AGF, nice confidence booster.

    Nice quick 18 Barry, quicker than my 20 yesterday at 8min miles, rounded off highest ever week of 73m.

    Wouldnt fancy 16 in the evening then 24 the next day Luvsa image

    Good luck with the race Martin!

  • MG - good call on the knee, it is not worth risking anything at this stage. Good luck  with the race this afternoon.

    Luvsa - hope the 24 miles today went well. Certainly am impressive weekend, if not mind boggling.

    AGF - well done on the PB. You are certainly living up to your name.

    BB - well done on the speedy 18 miler. 

    Meep - great mileage for the week at this, if I am lucky I may peek at this level in September.

    Just under 19 miles (7.54av) for me today. Got a bit warm my the end, and picked up a blister on a toe, which hopefully will be OK for tomorrow.

    Now fingers crossed, GB picks some medals up today.


  • FrazerelliFrazerelli ✭✭✭

    I clearly don't understand the tactics in cycling. Why doesn't the best sprinter in the team just tag on to any break away groups and make darned sure he's in the mix for the final sprint. It's fun to watch in a way but weird how it's a 5 hour build up to a 2 or 3 minute sprint at the end. Obviously very tactical and complex and way above my pea brain !

    Nice 19 from you AC and big weekend miles from Luvsa. Likewise a very solid 18 from Barryand 20 from mee meep. It's all about the miles just now

    Had you managed a few pints by 9.50 this morning MG - impressive stuff !

    First 20 of the campagn for me. Went much better than last Sunday's 19. Pace 7.48 for first 10 and 7.33 for second and all felt fairly controlled. Carried water today which I think my system really needed

  • Hello FW and other fellow Abingdon runners. After missing out initially, and settling on Leicester marathon, I've managed to bag a place at Abingdon. Looking forward to this one - not too far from home, and from what I understand it's a flat course.

    I'm currently churning out the long runs. Had a long 24miles on Saturday which felt good.

    Shame about Paula Radcliffe - it almost seemed inevitable it would end this way
  • Well, guys, we all seem to be putting in the hard work with the weekend long runs, so well done!  All bodes wellimage

    Also-ran -Welcome! Yes, Abo is flat from what I can remember!  Re Paula:- what some of us lesser mortals don't always appreciate, is that years of 100+ mile weeks in training can really wreak havoc on the human body.  Still, a right shame.

    24 miler for me this evening in 3:28, making it 60 for the week.  Absolutely lovely at 7pm.  Wasn't sure I'd make it when at 4pm the heavens opened over my way.  Two days off now.  Got my last planned 10k at Yateley on Weds.  Will see how much I've recovered by then! 

  • Evening all - great miles from Luvsa there - I didn't go long today cos I'm also doing Yateley on Wednesday, and I want a proper test of race pace, as I'm convinced I've lost about 40s/mile over the last 2 months!

    Re: the cycling - yep, it might have been sensible to send Millar after the breakaways (Frome might have shagged himself out for the TT maybe?) as an alternative, but at the end of the day pretty much all of the top sprinters finished with Cavendish - I guess 9 climbs up Box Hill was too much to expect from small teams based around a sprinter - on a grand tour stage you might get three category 4 climbs on  a "flat" stage - perhaps the whole plan was flawed from the start

    Luvsa, I haven't had a number/chip through from Yateley - is it pick up on the night this year?

  • Chillies- Yes, pick up your race no & chip in the school hall beforehandimage  

  • Luvsa - yes, I remember now - thanks

  • Thank you Guys. I decided to rest on Sunday. I had too many late nihgts last week and overslept. So a cut back week to 40 miles in the end. Not a bad thing hopefully and I think I am still on track. The 5K PB is a real boost for the sub 3:30 campaign in Abingdon.

    Super 18 Miles Barry. How are you finding the 3 runs a week plan. Does it work for you?

    Meep meep, another 20 Miler. very good indeed.  I hear slow is better on a long run anyway image

    AC, nice 19 too. hope the blister does not hurt too much when treated. I normally cut them open ad air the toe all day. Probably not the best thing but works for me ( that said not had one for 6 months )

    FW, I too do not get it ( cycling tactics). I was amazed in teh mens race when they were not too worried that the group was 6 mins ahead. Nice 20 Miler too for you.

    Welcome Also ran. A 24 miler. wow, great effort. !!!

    Luvsa - 2 excellent runs. Good luck in your race. Hopefully you will get a boost from it !!

    Chillies - Good luck for weds too... I am sure you will find you have not lost 40 Secs/Mile. When my mileage goes up my pace seems to go down...however I think come taper time we benefit... ( I hope so )

  • I haven't posted for a while on here so haven't read back much (yes I am that lazy). I hope everyone's training is going well.

    Since I declared my target of 2:39 I've spent a lot of time injured so right now I'd say a 2:49 is as high as I can aim for but with 12 weeks to go I suppose there is still time to get back into reasonable shape.  The last 3 weeks have seen me progress slightly with weeks of 42, 60 and 68 miles but the long runs are very slow at the moment while I work my basic fitness back to somewhere reasonable. Anyway, having complained of lack of fitness I must say it is nice to just be able to run again after having been injured for the best part of 3 months.

  • FW – good 20 miler. Although a pain, I always carry a drink for a run over 90mins, it certainly does make a different on the back end of the run.

    A-R –welcome and good run on Saturday.  What are you hoping for at Abo?

    Luvsa –give yourself a pat on the back, 40 miles on a weekend!  I hope your legs recover for Wednesday.

    Warren –sorry to hear of your injury woes. 2:49 is still a very respectful target, and as you say you still have over 12 weeks. Mileage for last 3 weeks also not bad.

    AGF –thanks for the blister advice, unfortunately had things to do yesterday, which meant I had to get on with it. Still a little painful on this morning’s easy run, but is definitely feeling better now.

  • Wow some brilliant long runs done over the weekend with a special mention to the 24 milers (Luvsa 40 in two days!!) I've never gone that far in training but have one planned in so we'll see how that goes

    AGF you've done the right thing backing off, I think you know when you need to back off ni did a few weeks back and after. Couple of days I came back stronger. It's frustrating at the time but very worthwhile!!

    Race on Sunday went well. Flat 5 was a bit blowy for a mile so having chased down the second placed man I was pretty whacked so eased off then put a surge in and managed to breakaway and get a second place overall first v35. Time was 28 something, I forgot to stop my watch. 78 for the week happy with that even tho it was supposed to be a bit more on the plan. Easy six this morning and I'm substituting an easy four for circuits as its the only chance to fit it in this week with my shifts

    Keep up the good work all image
  • MG-Nice 5 mile result on the back of a 78 mile week!  Looks like you've got speed & endurance to burnimage

    Warren-Welcome back!  Trying to get back to where you were before a long period out is a real pain in the ars*.

    First of a two day lay off for me, & I'm loving it! 

  • FrazerelliFrazerelli ✭✭✭

    Still got plenty of time yet Warren - did you manage to do some aerobic stuff during your time on the bench ? Maybe too early to be certain about targets ??

    Nice racing MG especially as part of a pretty big week of miles. What do you think your mileage will peak at ?

    Lovely sunny day up here in the far North - afternoon off today and have a HMP based session planned. Should be fun

  • Martin - Congrats on the podium positions -  pacy running.

    Welcome AR - I think you and Luvsa  are trying to make the 24 the new 20.

    Good weekend long ones from FW, Meep and AC.

    AGF  - 3 runs a week was going well until now , but have had a sore right knee since sunday's run. Sore on the inside between the knee and the calf when I touch it or bend the joint, was meant to be doing 5 at tempo pace today but going to rest it and see how it feels tomorrow.

  • Thanks guys according to the plan I'm following it peaks in three weeks at 91 miles. My previous plan peaked at 75 miles for London so I'm in unknown territory. I've felt pretty bashed up until last week when suddenly the runs felt easier I'm in a sort of a drop down week this week but there's still 85 miles in it but lots of easy double days. Initially I found even these tough but again I seem to be adapting. Only long runs of 16 for the next two weeks then the dreaded 24 I've been stressing about lol.

    Luvsa I bet you'll feel like your floating after two days rest, hope you smash your race!

    Any ideas what could be causing that Barry? The knee pain I usually get is on the outside and is a tight itb. Could be worth a trip to the physio, it may just be a tight muscle pulling on the knee somewhere and a quick stretch out and it'll be right!! Good luck in the diagnosis. image
  • MG - sounds like the race went well, and congratulations on your 2nd place. Impressive mileage. I am sure it will all pay off later.

    BB - Good call. Take it easy, and don't worry about missing an odd session. I am sure a couple of days rest will make a big difference.

    FW - best of luck with your HMP session.

    Light drizzel here this morning, lovely for running. 40mins tempo (av7.01), with 1.5miles warm up and cool down. My blister was bothering me again near the end, so will perhaps take my shoe and sock off this evening and give it bit of air. Hopefully will be OK for tomorrow.

  • Rest sounds good Barry. Sorry for putting mockers on it !!

    Super racing Martin !!

    I too love a bit of drizzle AC. Nice tempo running image

    A simple 9 miler today. Felt good image
  • Nice 5 miler Martin, any other races before the big day?

    Hope the rest will help out with the knee Barry, few days rest is better than a few weeks injured.

    What was the half marathon based session Fraser, how did it go?

    Good luck with the 10k tomorrow Luvsa and chillies!

  • FrazerelliFrazerelli ✭✭✭

    Session was 3 mile warm up then 3 intervals of 12 mins each with 3 min jog recoveries. Target was to hit HMP +10 sec, HMP and HMP -10 sec.

    Quite tough trying to pull it off on a windy day - paces for the intervals (which effectively all end up just about 2 miles) were 6.16, 6.10 and 6.05. Would have quite liked the last set a tad quicker but hey ho. Good session to get some prolonged tempo/HMP running in knowing it's going to get harder as it goes on

    Sensible to rest Barry

    Big mileage proposed there MG - you certainly deserve major success putting in that sort of commitment. Don't think I'll go above 70 per week since that seems to be my tipping point for injury

    Good luck to the 10k fellas

  • Evening all. 4 miles last night and same again tonight, keeping loose for the 10K tomorrow - I still think I'm going to struggle for pace against the 43:03 I did in May at Frimley (my equal PB with Yateley 2010)

    BB - hope that knee settles down quickly

    Everyone else seems to be hitting fantastic targets

    Race report tomorrow night, hopefully


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