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  • image Chillies, that wheelchair pushing definitely sounds like good cross training! Nice bike ride as well.

    Nice 13 Martin, very nice pace to it.

    Luvsa, be careful with that quad, like you say plenty of time to get the miles in.

    Ended  a cutdown week today with 15 off road with some cracking rain showers, done nice and early so back in time to watch Jenkins, just hope they cut this gap to the lead group quickly, unlike last Saturday! 

  • Luvsa, do you ever go for a sports massage? I know I'm a worrier but every time I get a niggle I book straight in. More often than not its just a tight muscle pulling on other muscles and easily remedied. I find it always puts my mind at rest and stops a niggle becoming a lay off. 15,15 and 24 was always a big ask. You've done the right thing by stopping. Maybe stick the 24 midweek next week and fit it in that way, drop the second 15 and have a couple of days rest. A 10 k does take it out of you as you are running on the limit for a fair while!!
  • Well beach volleyball the other night was good. But 7 pints meant I missed a days training... Oops.

    Did my 20 miler today though image
  • AGF - pretty similar to my evening's intake last night image Just contemplating my 16 now - might leave it until tomorrow!

  • Luvsa -  Take it easy with that leg, better under than overtrained and even better uninjured than injured.

    MG -   Your 13 miler was quicker by 3 seconds than my HM PB, but that was set a couple of years ago when I could run a bit quicker.

    Enjoying the olympics which is taking my mind off my leg, still a bit sore so 60 mins x training yesterday and 75 mins today. Started taping my calf as I've been living with a niggle on the inner side(shin splints?image) and it has felt better, but have n't tried running on it yet

  • What an evening! It must be good because Mrs C was glued to the entire 10K race and she usually places watching sport some way behind, say, watching repeats of Come Dine With Me.

    Luvsa - exactly what MG15 says about the rescheduling miles - it makes sense.

    BB - here's hoping you're on the road to recovery. Do you use an elliptic thingummy for x-training?

    6 miles at a very easy pace this afternoon, which went some way towards shaking off the alcohol-guilt but wasn't much use as a training run. Never mind, a few more miles on the clock


  • Wow what a night for athletics if that doesn't get you motivated I don't know what will. Mrs Green even ran 13 miles for the first time ever this morning lol!!!

    I had a 4 mile warm up followed by 12 @ MP splits were first 4 - 28:28 then 6:30, 6:28, 6:31, 6:33, 6:38, 6:30, 6:35, 6:22, 6:26, 6:29, 6:29 and 6:50 (uphill).

    Happy with the session and the mile pacing but the worrying thing is I was smashed finishing no way could I stick 10 on the end. It has come at the end of a high week 87 so I'm hoping that's the reason. Next week is a recovery week and I'm looking forward to it. Hope everyone's long runs go well this weekend and team GB get plenty more golds image
  • Btw I was thinking about drinks on the run today. What's on offer en route is it water bottles or cups? I don't usuually bother with energy drinks just go with gels and water so bottles will be perfect image
  • MG - it's been cups the three times I've done it - I also go with gels - 3 or maybe 4 - and water. Some people get a bit miffed about water not being in bottles, but I'm too slow for it to make much of a difference

  • Cracking training MG.Doing 12 @ mp at this stage is great going. Taper and carb load will sort the last 10 mile out!

    Hope the thigh behaves Luvsa. Wish I could claim visionary skills but no such luck

    Think it'll be crappy cups again MG. The good news is the course lends itself to stationing support "crew" eg wife at one point where you can pick up a bottle 2 or even 3 times. Hopefully won't be too hot either

    Lat night reallybwasn't too shabby at all eh. Amusing when they refer to a "slow" 64 or 65 sec lap during the 10,000. Amazing....

    Good luck with your niggle Barry

    Well done getting the 20 in AGF

    Cutback week for me due to other stuff going on. Back to it tomorrow in earnest
  • Luvsa - hope the quad is better today. 

    AGF - well done on the 20 miler

    BB - hope you get running soon.

    MG - fantastic MP run, you really must be confident with your target now. Don't worry about the extra 10 at this stage. Agree with you, bottles are so much better, its a shame Abo uses cups. 

    Finally got my blister behind me. Just under 8 miles on Saturday (av 7.28) incl 6 miles at MP, and 15 this morning (av 8.00). Great running this weekend guys, our Olympic guys and gals must be inspiring us.

  • Cups of water and squash last year every 3 miles or so, then at 13ish and 22ish(same stn) bottles of lucozade.

    MG -  Very impressive running.

    AC -  Good mileage over the weekend, good news on the blister.

    Chillies -   Yeah the eliptical trainer don't use my arms though. Probably on it again tomorrow with maybe a bit of tready.

  • Thanks for all the good advice guys!image

    Have taken the weekend off any kind of running & joined the Olympic Team GB love-in. A great distraction!  Quad is settling down, although still a bit tender when I squeeze it, so am waiting til completely pain-free before resuming training again.  Will also go & have my very first sports massage, as MG recommends.  I hope it doesn't hurt too much!

    Some great training going on.  I don't want to put the fear of God into anyone, but 11 weeks today we'll all be swapping good stories about our race, I hope!image

    Is anyone doing a half mara in Sept/Oct?  I should be thinking of doing one myself!

  • Luvsa - good decisions there

    I'm doing Maidenhead Half on 16th Sept (followed six days later by the London to Brighton 75 mile off-road bike ride!) and Windsor Half on 7th Oct. I think in the past I've run Henley Half the week before Abo twice - it seems to suit me, but it means I've never run that particular race at full speed (it was also my first ever race in 2008) but I'm not going to race both weekends before Abo.

    My planning has been thrown out big time this year, as I have always used the Spitfire 20 at Dunsfold in early Sept as my big quickish long run, but they ran it in March this year

    Only ran 8 today, so 40 for the week but a 2 hour off-road bike session with a few decent hills as well. It will have to do - the 10K race has taken a bit out of my legs

  • I'm doing a half 15 th Sept in Crathes. Prob a bit far for all you fellas to travel ! Also 10k in Paisley Aug 26th, That's it for build up races

    Back to it now with a proper week of training having had a quiet one

  • Thanks for the info re drinks. I think I'll supplt family with bottles at the five mile mark so I can pick up three times, not ideal drinking from cups and a slight worry but I suppose it's not going to be too hot and I don't drink an awful lot on my usual long training runs only three/four bottles so it'll be fine!

    I normally do Cardiff half as build up to autumn marathon but it's the weekend before Abo so I'm going to have to give it a miss. I might have to have a scout round to see f I can find one as my only planned race before oct 21st is a 10k a couple of weeks away.

    Didn't run this morning as I had one too many last night but as its a recovery week I'm not too bothered about that especially feeling so tired after Sunday's run. Think I'll do 8 easy when the boss gets home
  • Luvsa - 100% the right decision not to run. I am sure the quad will settled down very shortly. 2 HMs planned for Sept - 9th Sept 'Grunty Fenn' and 23rd Sept 'Pleshey'. Grunty Fenn, which I have raced for the last 2 years before Abo, will be a 100% effort, This should be give me idea where I am, compared to previous years, and what pace to adopt for Abo.

    7 easy miles for me this morning

  • Luvsa -   Enjoy your massage.image

    Hopefully Pewsey Vale HM 26 Aug and Cricklade HM 2 weeks before Abo.  30 mins x training followed by 15mins tready to check the calf out and then 10 minutes out on the road and calf feeling OK.  Will try a longer run tomorrow.

  • Well done Barry fingers crossed for you. Always a worry with the calves mine always tighten up. Bit gutted I can't find a half to fit in but hey ho done plenty of races in the build up. Did a steady 8 today 7:20 ave was a bit tired at the start but after half an hour I settled into it and finished quite well. Got an easy double planned in for tomorrow but it's our clubs annual relay race which is a couple of miles long so I'll just do a few miles warm up slow and race the relay. Sausage and chips after!!
  • Good news Barry, bet you felt much happier after that!

    Luvsa, sports massage is great, maybe not at the time but after you do feel much better, hope it helps.

    More races should finish with sausage n chips, much better than a mug or such!

    Got a long weekend in North Wales pencilled in, just happening to coincide with a HM on Sept 9th. Am running a grass trail 10k thing next Wednesday, blow some cobwebs away from the slow steady stuff of recent.

  • Which half is that mee meep? Lake vyrnwy? If so its a good race, first mile uphill then 11 pure flat then last mile down the hill you came up first. Good pb potential but the scenery does get a bit repetitive. It's a bugger to get to tho but a beautiful part of the world!
  • Yeah thats the one Martin, remembered hearing it was supposedly pretty quick at some point, also nice to get away from usual races. You didn't fancy it this year?

  • Luvsa - I have done a 40 miler (or more) in the build up to each of the 4 Comrades I have done, barring this year when I got injured. I never really found it a problem. Just take it nice and easy and the miles just tick away. I did it on my own once which was quite tough mentally but the fact that you know it is all part of the training to get you to the start line of the greatest race on earth (in my opinion that is) helps. You generally run a few marathons in preparation in Jan/Feb anyway and run a circa 50km to build up to the 40 miler so by the time you get to that stage of the training, it is not so scary. Thinking that you have to do another 16 miles more on race day is the tough bit!

    Barry - good to hear you are coming back slowly.

    I'm entered for the Maidenhead half on 16th Sep too. Won't be in racing shape by then but hopefully will be in about 79 min shape. Fitness seems to be improving quite well at the moment. Knee is bugging me less and less. 22 miles at 7:25 pace yesterday and it felt nice and easy. 75 miles for the week so happy with progession.

  • Warren - that's some incredible mileage - and btw I'll be more than happy with 1:36:xx at Maidenhead 

    BB - fingers crossed for your next road session

    12 dead slow tonight (9:00's) but the legs felt great at that pace, and the heart rate was superb, so a really good cardio/aerobic workout. It was going to be 16 but I didn't get out early enough and cut short to get home in time to watch Dai Greene image 

    This is turning out to be strange prep for Abo for me - I've been thrown by running that hilly marathon in June - this will be the first time I've run two in a year. I feel that I've got no concern about the distance at all, but I'm finding it hard to push on to train to get close to last year's time (3:23:40). Maidenhead will give me a clue I suppose.

    GO BROWNLEES - I may even get time to watch the run

  • Mee meep I'm away on my hols while it's on, I always go the first two weeks of sept and miss a bucketload of races! Bad planning but the holidays are so much cheaper and the first two weeks out of school aren't too bad for the little one!

    It's definitely a pb course as you only have to get to 12 miles, the last mile is a gimmee. Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to charge your sat nav!!
  • That triathlon was fun to watch. Nice to see the village I was brought up in featuring on the news. If I wasn't shit at swimming and relatively shit on the bike I'd give it a go

    Good progressive run today - 4 @ 7.19, 4 @ 6.55, 4 @ 6.40. Bit wind affected again and unbelievably temps in mid 20s up here today so sweating like a piglet t the end
  • Just watched the triathlon, quality! I hear what your saying about the swimming Fraser, i would be a good hour behind coming out of the water image  Very nice progression run there.

    Going to remember the last mile is a gimme Martin, bet i'll be cursing you at about 12.2!

    Out at 5:30 this morning, 3.7m warm up including strides then 5x1m @ tempo with 1 min jog rec, all between 6:10-6:14, mile cd. 3mile easy tonight.

    Whats the Maidenhead hm like Chillies/Warren? Did you do it last year?

  • Back on the horse for the first time since Fri with an 'exploratory'image 4miles in just under 8mm.  Quad ok, just felt a bit creaky on the opposite side for the first couple of miles especially, but survived unscathed, so will head down the track tomorrow for a bit of speed work.

    Meep-Another v. early morning runner. Respect!image

    Warren-I've been doing a bit of skim reading on the Comrades thread.  Quite some epic physical & mental journeys made by all you forumites.  Was Comrades an ultra you knew you always wanted to do, or was it a case of 'I've done a few 50ks & 40 milers, 56 miles is the next challenge'?  4 times!image

    FW-I'm with you. Shit swimmer.  Might be better on a bike if I had one!image

    P.S. I may do Maidenhead half if I've not left it too late to enter, plus a couple more 10ks, one of them being the Julian Farrell over Camberley way.

  • Meep - I didn't do Maidenhead last year (it was the weekend between Dunsfold 20 and Windsor Half) but I believe it's pancake flat and not too busy as it's only the second time it's been run

    Re swimming & triathlons - I am so slow at swimming it's ridiculous - 1500 in a pool takes me over 40 minutes - I just worked out that I would have been starting the last lap of the bike ride as AB walked over the finish line!

    6 tonight, yet again trotting round slowly at about 8:45 pace with a really easy heart rate. Just can't seem to find the legs for a fast run unless I'm racing at the moment

  • BB - things sound encouraging. Hope the run went well yesterday.

    Warren - sounds like things are going well. Very impressive, that you think you are not in racing shape, but still looking at 79mins for a Sept HMimage 

    CFB - don't worry that you are not yet in last year's form. I am sure over the next 10 and bit weeks the speed will come. I was blown away by Alistair's 10k at the end of the triathlon, sub 30mins, and as you say, he walked over the finish line!

    FW -  good run in the heat there. Been very humid down here the last few days, which has made some runs a sweaty affair. I now sure I could do triathlons seriously. I like running, and but have always found bike riding, which I have done regularly when injured, very tedious. 

    Meep - very good run in the morning. Best part of day.

    Luvsa - glad the quad is better, and hope the track session goes well. I assume you are not going for 40 miles again this weekend.

    11.5 miles miles for me morning (av 7.55). Was not help by a unsettled stomach, must I have eaten something last night that disagreed with me. Did settle after a couple of miles, but glad it was not Oct 21st. 

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