Abingdon Marathon



  • Luvsa -  Good news on your injury

    Fraser -   Impressive running especially in the heat.

    Meep -  Nice pacey early one.

    AC -   Good steady running, have had a couple of difficult runs due to dodgy stomach but never in a race, thankfully.

    My run yesterday was OK but knee a little bit tight this morning, had a 1/2 hour session with Physio  booked for this afternoon which was meant to be training session but spoke to him this morning and agreed he would give leg some treatment instead.  Only problem was I though appt was 4 O'clock and he thought it was half 2, so rearranged for Friday afternoon, hopefully we will both get time right. Seeing I was at the gym had a half hour sweaty blast on x trainer.

    Yeah I'm a crap swimmer to, but I think if we committed the same time to swimming as we do to running we would all  get pretty good.

  • AC-Nice 11 miler.  Puking on a run is now known as doing a 'Brownlee'image  No, I'm not going to repeat a 40 mile weekend again until after Abo!

    Chillies-Don't worry about not being able to run that fast in training, you're obviously saving it for the real thing!

    BB-Keep up with the x-training, I'm sure it'll help with fitness until you're able to run normally again. .

    Track session tonight.  Started with a group exercise of 1x400m{90 secs target}, 100m sprint{under 15secs}, 300m jog recovery. Did two of these & then my own session of 6x800m{90 secs recovery} 2:50-3:02.  Must admit I did feel tired while on the second 800m rep, so quite glad to get them over with!  Body feels ok too!


  • Rested today, after noticing that I've gone 22 days without a rest day image - er, when I say rested, I might have run a mile before grinding to a halt. Then walked half a mile back. Then run the last half mile on what feel like wooden legs. After running around the park most of the afternoon with an energetic bunch of primary school kids and a football.


  • Luvsa - I grew up in South Africa in the 1980s. Comrades was just about the biggest sporting event we had due to isolation from the rest of the world. As a kid who enjoyed running, watching Bruce Fordyce dominate the race was all the inspiration I ever needed to run the Comrades. South Africans are ultra mad, or to be more specific, Comrades mad. 20,000 people enter every year. In fact, some people put the decline of our top marathon running times down to it. In SA everyone is more interested in what your best Comrades time is rather than what your best marathon time is.

  • Warren have you heard of the podcast marathon talk, available for free on iTunes there's a couple of episodes with an interview from Bruce fordyce. It's a really good listen. Lots of other comrades type stuff if you look hard enough.

    Had to get out of bed early (6:30) for a steady 9 yesterday as work at 9 and went to a football match straight after work. Today is back to the track for the first time since pre London. Looking forward to a blast 9 mile run with some 600's thrown in at 5k pace.
  • BB – sounds encouraging with the knee, hopefully once the Physio can give it some treatment, you will be up and running again.

    Luvsa – sounds like a good track session. 90 secs recovery on 800m reps is always hard.

    CFB – after running around with my 12 year nephew with a football last weekend, I realise I am not perhaps as fit as I think I am, and gosh! wish I had his energy.

    Warren - I never realised that Comrades was more important that marathons in SA. They must think we are all softies only running just over 26 miles.

    MG - enjoy your track blast tonight. Was hoping to have a club track session tonight myself, but with the in-laws around tonight, it is bit difficult to disappear for a couple of hours image. Settled for a 55mins fartlek session this morning instead.

  • Actually did it at lunch so I could fit in circuits tonight. I like to try and get one circuits session a week in. Summer has finally arrived in Llandudno. 22 degrees here and roasting. I did a five mile warm up along the beach at Colwyn bay then hit the track for 6 x 600m with 200m recoveries. Just about managed to get all six in under two minutes. Quite consistent all between 1:58 and 1:59. Hard work, might have been the heat more probably my lack of track action for months lol. How people do 800m in under two minutes is beyond meimage

    Got a double planned for tomorrow 11 steady at lunch then 4 recovery evening. Will be erring on the slow side of steady considering this s supposed to be a drop down week!!

    I've managed to find a half marathon but would like some advice please. It's a trail race there's a 10k a half and a marathon (on my doorstop funnily enough). Normally I wouldn't think twice about hitting the half but I've run the 10k before and it's pretty brutal although I ran it as a weekend series and it was my third race in three days. There's a lot of running on soft sand and it is really tiring. Should I edge in the side of caution and just do the 10k? It's sept 30th so four weeks out from abo? I wouldn't want to rui. All the good work I've done by knackering myself out doing the half and not being able to train properly for the final four weeks.

    All advice welcome please image
  • i reckon you answered your own question in the last paragraph Martin, i wouldn't take the risk with the half, even though you would probably be fine to do so. Training looks to be going very well for you, crack on, do the 10k, smash Abingdon, easy image  Nice 600s as well!

    Hope the physio helps tomorrow BB, im sure your fitness wont drop as your hitting the x training as well.

    Nice track session Luvsa, legs still good the day after?

    AC, the in laws are around, surely that should mean the track session then becomes the escape route image

  • Martin - I've only just recently discovered Marathon talk and I've searched for a lot of the Comrades ones. A particular favourite is episode 73 (I think) from when Martin and Tom were out doing Comrades in 2011. The start of the podcast is a recording of the last few minutes before the start. It is one of the most awe inspiring experiences you can have in running and I would highly recommend it! As for your question on racing a tough half 4 weeks before Abo. I'd say no! Take the 10k option rather.

  • I'm on holiday! This time tomorrow I'll be on a plane to Slovenia. Lots of Alpine walking & running there and in the Italian Dolomites next week. Keep up the good work everyone.

    Martin - everyone is right, of course, re. the tough Half vs 10K  - but I know I would be doing the half. And wrecking myself.

  • MG - nice track session. Tough question, HM vs 10K. I would tend to agree with Meep, if it is going to be a brutal HM, then it is probably not worth the risk. The slight fitness benefit that you would achieve, is probably outweighted by the risk of injury and/or the lost training because of recovery time. There is no sand at Abo (thank god!) and therefore you could argue, running a HM on sand, is not going to give you much training benefit in any case. Given your training times, you are going to go well at Abo, no probs.

    CFB - enjoy the holiday. Sounds like you have plenty of hill work in front of you.

    Anyone racing this weekend?


  • Chillies -   Enjoy your break.

    All this talk of Comrades 26.2 is plenty far enough for me.image   Managed 8 miles on tready yesterday(too hot outside) at 13.5 kmh plan called for 7:10 min mile and I thought that was close enough, went OK if a bit sweaty and calf/ knee only a bit sore this morning.  Trip to physio this afternoon revealed very tight right calf, he thinks no major problem and for me to carry on running, but to wait until sunday due to abuse on calf freeing it off.

  • Thanks for the replies guys, it's what I was thinking tbh sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else.

    Good to hear no serious damage on the calf Barry, a lot of the time a trip to the physio is more of a mental thing.

    Chillies have a good break. I go three weeks tomorrow, can't wait but the training will take a back seat for me or divorce could be on the cards lol.

    Managed to squeeze a 4/6 double after work and between the beach. Tomorrow is going to be a real struggle I've had my plans made for me for all day so it looks like an enforced rest day. It's a drop down week so not the end of the world. I suppose it's good that I don't feel the need for a rest day but next week is the heaviest mileage wise so it's better hitting it fresh.
  • Martin - when we go on this type of holiday (mountain walking is usually part of it) Mrs C likes a couple of hours rest before dinner - (we are in our 50s) I always take some of that time to fit in a run. Last year was the best for me as I got to run in San Francisco, Yosemite, Death Valley (one mile at 50ºC!), Grand Canyon, Vegas, blah blah. In fact I was a bit disappointed that two 7 mile runs at high altitude didn't instantly knock 5 minutes off my 10K times!

    Barry - it sounds like you're going OK - it's so hard to judge what is an annoying niggle, what is a proper potential injury, and what is just plain psychological worry.

    And as for the Comrades chat, 26.2 is plenty far enough for me, (I've only done four), - but these ultra boys and girls just put that nagging  thought in your head that you're just not trying hard enough, don't they? 

    Anyway, I've got a taxi booked in 5 hours time, I must finish this cider and go to bed - don't have a smartphone, so I'll catch up in a couple of weeks - byeee!

  • Enjoy your Holiday/Holiday run Chillies. 

    Comrades is something that I would like to day at some stage. We will see ( theres lots I would like to do at some stage). 

    I must say there is some fantastic running going on here. I do not post much as I feel a little intimidated by some of the times/speed folk are doing. But hey I will run my own race on the day !!

    I copped out of the 20KM race I was meant to run today. Seemed to much hard work in the midday sun. So went for a long run starting in cooler part of the day. Total mileage was 21 miles.  A decent LSR. Thats my 3rd 20 Miler so far so things eem to be going "ok". 56 miles for the week. Same as last week.  !!  Happy. Rest tomorrow !!

  • BB - good news on the calf. Take it easy tomorrow.

    MG - enjoy your rest day

    AGF - don't worry about feeling intimidated by the quickies here, I know the feeling, I will be running my own race on the day too. Good 21 miler there. I am aiming for around 18 miles tomorrow morning, so still not up to your distances yet. I am just hoping it is cooler than this morning.

    Hopefully Mo can bag the 5k tonight.

  • AGF -  Don't worry about the speedsters we're all aiming to get around Abo in a certain time whether it be v quick, quick or us mortals. Impressive long one and good mileage for the week.

    Plan calls for "only" 13 tomorrow but at MP plus 15 secs so should be interesting.

  • Thanks guys, enjoy your runs tomorrow image
  • Hope the calf is okay tomorrow BB, especially on a tough sounding 13!

    AGF, i think there is a good mix of runners on here, but as has been said,  everyone will ultimately run there own race come the big day, certainly wish i was as quick as a few others on here. Its good too see how everyone else goes about their training and hopefully achieving their goals. Nice 21 miler there also!

    Bit of a different 20 this morning as in 10easy @7:58, then 10steady @ 7:06, was nice to change it up a bit.

    What does everyone eat before a long run? Havent eaten before any yet, but today felt like maybe i could have done with something.

    Have a good 18 tomorrow AC, and you can stop hoping for Mo, double Olympic gold medalist sounds very good image

  • All I eat before a long one is my usual breakfast of some oats and more cereal and two slices of whole meal toast. Usually keeps me going fine even before a marathon. I used to go down the porridge route but ivebfound my usual combo works for long runs and is fine with races too

    I'm currently watching outlaw triathlon trying to motivate myself to get out for a 16 in the pouring rain. The men's marathon starts in less than two hours I'm tempted to go after that but if the mrs can get out in it I'd be a bit of a wimp lolimage.

    Mee meep I try to do all my long runs that way and find that on the big day if you keep it steady till 20 your body sort of gets used to going a bit faster for the remainder. Worked for me at London and hoping for the same again at abo.

    AGF like others said there's a multitude of speeds on here and there is always someone out there who you think are way ahead of you but just run your own race and not get bogged down with other peoples.
  • Sorry I should have added for my long runs I take a high 5 energy gel every 30 mins so that should be taken into account. I did used to get really hungry before this in all fairness.

    Zipped up my man suit and did my 16 in 1:48:03 ave 6:45. Felt really fresh having taken a forced rest day yesterday. Looking forward to my taper already lol
  • Thanks MM and Martin.   Well done on your 16 martin, and a Very good 20 there Meep Meep. 

    I have run all 3 of my20 Miler+ runs this year with next to nothing beforehand. I tended to run them slow MP+90 and just get the time on my feet. If I stop at a shop for water I might buy a freddo frog but that it at the most. I am hopingthat this helps the body run without fuel and kick in the fat burning etc.  Nearer the race I will run a coupel with some MP miles in them and will have banana and Porridge before the run to ensure I am ready to rock and roll. 

  • MM/Martin -   Good long ones from you.

    13 miles for me this morning, plan said MP plus 15 and end result was 7:35 pace,  pace was a  little uneven, so hit the target but it was hard work and by the end  I would not have been able to go much further at that pace. I know Abo is still a couple of months away but 7:20 pace is not looking doable. I think the problem I've got is I'm looking back a couple of years when my running was going well and basing my targets on that and maybe I need to be a bit more realsitic. Good news is calf/knee ok so far.

  • Some good sessions doing on espec MM and MG

    I think we can all relate to feeling a bit intimidate by others training paces. At the end of the day it's all about being the best you can and competing against yourself. The main thing is we're all out there and prepared to stand on the start line which is what really matters. No matter how quck anyone is there'll always be someone quicker

    Pre long run I generally get two bits of toast and jam, coffee and pint of water 2 hours or so pre run. I tend to do the long run at 11 ish after the dog walk is done and dusted. Trying to do most of them gel-less this time and jsut one gel at 10 miles today

    I often find hitting close to MP from the off is tough Barry. Weirdly often easier if you get 3 or 4 easy miles in first to get the system loosened up I find

    Managed a better long run today - 10 @ 7.35, 10 @ 7.09 and felt alot more controlled than the last two so hopefully things are starting to come together


  • BB, plenty of time for it to all come together, i certainly wouldnt fancy going out and straight into MP+15 for 13m, as Fraser says, a few miles easy to steady would probably get your body ready and it would feel much better? Glad your niggles held up well!

    Nice 20 Fraser, think i ll dig some gels out of the back of the cupboard and give them a go next Saturday long run. Just hope there not more than a year out of date image

    Nice pace for your 16 Martin, you said this is your highest mileage week this week, whats the week look like?

  • Meep – good 20 miler. Mo certainly brought home the bacon last nightimage

    I normally don’t eat anything before my long run, as I do not get up in time. I have tried eating things, and find I need at least 2 hours after eating, before I can run comfortably. Although like you, often feel I should have had something, as with today’s run. For runs of 2 hours of more, however I would always take a least one gel with me.

    MG – wow, quick 16 there. Obviously in a hurry to get back and see the men’s marathon.

    BB – good news on the calf. Still a very good run. As you say, Abo is still a couple of months away, still time to reel things back in.

    FW – good 20 miler there.

    Unlike others, my run was not too good this morning. It was 17½ miles (8.10av) however the last ½ hour really struggled, having to stop twice.image My legs felt OK, but felt I had no energy, whether it was the heat or just not having much food, who knows.

  • Very well put Fraser. There's always someone faster who's pace puts the heeby jeeby's up you lol.

    Mee meep my week looks like this

    Mon am 6 easy pm 4 easy

    Tues am 6 easy pm 4 easy

    Weds 15 steady

    Thurs am 6 easy pm 4 easy

    Fri 12 with 6 @ 6 min/miles (will be a warm up and 10k race)

    Sat 8 easy

    Sun 24 steady

    Have been worrying about the 24 since the start of the plan as I have never gone so far in training before. The rest is do-able but if I'm not feeling right I'll miss out a session!

    Did the easy 4 this morning and will do the 6 this aft had to swap due to work I didn't get in till 1:45 and had to run before mrs g went to work at nine.
  • MG - looks a tough week, especially from Friday onwards. I have only ever gone as far as 24 miles once in training before, certainly builds confidence if you can nail it.

    Felt better for my 6 steady this morning. A bit cooler here today, so hopefully can put yesterdays run behind me.

  • HUUUGE week of miles MG - make sure you take the easy ones really easy. Maybe just run for a set time rather than distance and don't refer to pace for the jogs ?? I've done 24s a few times but I have to say never as part of quite such a big week. Try to keep your other life stresses minimised and take your time for the 24 - maybe worth doing on a nice familiar fairly flat route so it goes by quicker.

    AC- sounds like just one of those tough days. In the final reckoning it's the hard ones that toughen you up for race day when you need to draw on mental reserves.

  • Always do my long runs at MP + 90 secs minimum so feels really easy, agreed it looks scary and if I don't do the lot then so be it but we'll see. Work shifts and child minding aren't helping but I've got a massage booked for Friday so that should aid recovery.
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