Abingdon Marathon



  • The competitive juices will kick in tomorrow i bet AR image good luck if you do race it!

    Interested to hear how you get on with the camelbak BB, often thought about trying one.

    nice 22m early this morning, was getting hot when i was finishing so glad its dealt with, now to eat my body weight in chicken at nandos before first football of the season at Reading image

  • Love getting my early runs in before football etc where about are you from mee meep? I used to go out with a girl from Bracknell many moons ago, her dad was a reading fan.
  • BB - also be interested to hear how the camelbak goes. Don't worry about the inconsistent tempo. With my track session I had someone to run with, makes a lot of difference when you are trying not to loose contact with them.

    FW - sounds like very hard session you were attempting there. Like you, I do not seem to run well in the heat. I sure your weekend running will be better.

    Luvsa - good luck with your monster weekend, Take it easy out there.

    Also-ran - good luck with the race tomorrow.  

    MG - Impressive mileage as usual. Good luck with the 10k tomorrow, I sure you are going to blitz it.

    Meep - good 22 miler. Enjoy the footie. 

    I got out 6.15 this morning. Took it easier than on previous long runs. Exactly 20 miles in 2:51 (av 8.33). Very hot when I got back, since been drinking for England.

  • Fraser -  Forget about the bad one, i'm no good in the heat.(see below)

    AC -  Good 20 miler,I like your pace (see below)

    Meep -  Nice long one (don't see below).

    Well plan this morning was 18 at 7:50 pace, went out early with new camelbak, still pretty warm and was hitting 20 degrees by the time I got back.  First 3 were over 8 min/miles so knew 7:50 was n't going to happen so decided to go long and do 20 at at slower pace.  Very impressed with camelbak, £30 well spent, a couple of slurps every mile, sits high on the back and did n't really feel it was there.  Started to struggle and got a bit grim from mile 15 onwards, miscalculated route and ended up doing 21 in 2:59, 8:31 avg but last 3 were a bit of a shuffle. Positives camelbak good and longest run this year, negatives I am nowhere near sub 3:15 pace.  Going to have a think as I have Florence mara 5 weeks after Abo so might have to alter plan so Florence is main target and use Abo as a "training" run, or make more realistic targets.

  • Good news on the camelbak BB, sounds like a good 30£ spent. Maybe have a few days down time without any cardio at all, see how you feel after that? Abingdon will be much cooler conditions (we all hope!) surely will make a huge difference to running in this heat. At the very worst today you got a pretty nice 21m run in, at not a shabby pace. Maybe adjust your pace for your long runs a bit as isnt 18@7.50, only 20 seconds slower than MP if you are aiming at 3:15? No way i would fancy straight out the door and 18 at 7:10/m which would be. MP+20secs.

    Nice 20 AC, was nice that time of morning yesterday wasnt it.

    Not a million miles from Bracknell Martin, over in Henley.

  • Barry - well done for getting in the miles. I tried a camelbak but didn't like the feel of it. I have a couple of Nathan belts - one with 2 and one with 4 250ml bottles. Can't say I really like using it and always feel slightly tragic Star Trek Extra Utility belt dork when wearing it but needs must

    The heat is good prep for makinf the the cooler conditions feel "easy" but does play havoc with the confidence when a given pace feels like much harder work than it should eh, Agree with mee meep your proposed LSR pace does sound a tad fast for a 3.15 target

    Nic elong one from you too AC

    Not a bad 20 for me today. Did a tough hilly of road route in the heat and humidity. Tried not to get too hung up on pace. Aimed for roughly 8.00 and came out at 7.59 so that'll do !

  • Barry. I have a Camelbak and find it good too. They are godo for the type of runs you did today....slower. I do find I run slower with it though by default. This factor and the heat is possible the reason for you slower run? ( maybe ). Hence do not count it out. Also a 21 miler today at 8:31 pace  in the heat sounds like a terrific run for a 3:15 Pace. Eg MP + 1Min ( roughly ). 

    Henley is a nice place to Run Meep meep. I have attended many a weekend atthe college for the MBA and loved the runs along the thames with the rowers..

    Nice 20 too Fraser image

    55 Miles for the week....but nothing over 10 Miles. A sort of cut down week after a 20 Miles for the last two weekends.

    I have a half marathon ( kenilworth ) in two weeks so that will tell me where I am at image 

  • Some good long runs done in very challenging conditions this weekend!image

    Did my 24 miler as late as poss today to avoid the heat, & treated myself to a slower than usual in 3:39.  First 70 mile week since Apr & muscle memory seems to be working, although I had my doubts about trying to cram in 48 miles in 3 days, but seemed to have got away with itimage 

    Let's just hope this too hot weather just buggers off til after Abo!

  • Luvsa - that is awesome mileage in this weather - I think I would have wilted by day 2!

    FW - aiming for 8.00min/m and coming out at 7.59 - sounds like you have a well tuned self governor

    I rested on Saturday, and still didn't know what do do at Burnham Beeches HM given my recent training. After a sleepless night I went out early on Sunday to do a couple of easy miles, and I felt pretty good.  I decided to run as consistent a pace as possible in an attempt to break 1:25 for the first time, and to just ignore everything going on around me. I had a great race, and watched the tide of runners go past me early on, and then I spent the rest of the race overtaking one after the other. Came in at 1:24:55 which was a little tighter than I had planned on.

    Back to 3 weekends of Long Runs now before another HM, and hopefully some more consistent training midweek too.

  • Well done Luvsa on your 24 always best to take the conditions in account. Still no sign of any sunshine oop north image

    Well done also nothing beats reigning in runners in the second half of a race gives you a great confidence boost.

    Had a 10k race this Sunday did a mile warm up/down and finished in 36:01. 40th place, also beaten by two ladies but the winner was Susan Partridge the international athlete. Would have fathered a 35 something but it was really humid and the sweat was dripping off, also it was the end of an 85 mile week so taking things in consideration I've got to be happy. We're a funny bunch us runners always after more which I suppose is what spurs us on.

    Plan seems to be entering a speed section now, easy 7 tonight before football tonight so it'll have to be crammed in as I have a ten hour shift boo.
  • Top notch racing from AR and MG. That's what it's all about - laying it on the line and coming up with it when it counts ! Another great lesson in pacing from AR and a pretty darned quick 6.2 from MG especially in the humidity.

    Just off for a gentle pootle along the canal in the sun now....

  • BB - do not jump to many conclusions with one slower long run. It was difficult conditions this weekend, a lot of runners (incl myself) have struggled over the last few days, Abo will be coolerimage. Wait until the weather has cooled, and you get a few more long runs and/or races under your belt, and then decide what marathon should be your main target. 21 miles at whatever pace in these conditions is still very useful.

    FW - good run in the heat. Enjoy your canal run.

    Luvsa - well done on another monster weekend. Respect for anyone running over 3.5 hours in training.

    Also-ran - fantastic run in the conditions..you certainly must feel you are now well back on course.

    MG - well done on a speedy 10k. I am sure once rested, your will be well under 36mins.

    At last, slightly cooler this morning. A nice easy 70mins, it was a shame to get back home really.

  • AGF, the rowers are alright, its their bloody trainers on their bikes, they will just smash straight into you if you don't get out of their way! its a FOOTPATH! Good games of chicken to be had though image

    Some three days of training there Luvsa, especially in that heat image

    Nice 20 Fraser, always seems a lot more enjoyable off road.

    Martin, great time at the end of a very high mileage week, On Fire!

    AR, thats a very decent time on a tough course, coupled with the heat, great running, is it Maidenhead you have in four weeks? Monster time on the cards, no pressure though image

  • Fraser -  Nice 20 miler, perfect pacing.

    Luvsa -  Very impressive long one and weekly mileage.

    Martin -  Very quick racing, especially given the training you are putting in.

    AR -  Great racing, congrats on the PB.


  • MG-Cracking 10k time off a 85 mile week!

    AR-Terrific first sub 85 min half on a difficult course in hot, hot conditions.  Burnham Beeches is just up the road from me, and I've never fancied doing it because of the 'undulations'image

    AGF-Keep on keeping on.  We're often improving, even when we think we're not!  I'm thinking of investing in a Camelbak too.  Just as long as I don't look like one of the cast out of the film Ghostbusters.

    Unsurprisingly, I've taken today off. Am walking around a little bit like Sir Douglas Bader!  But sure it'll passimage  

  • Luvsa - I often walk the dogs at Burnham Beeches and never really noticed the 'undulations' image . A guy supplied a cooling shower  midway with a garden hose which was welcome.

    mee meep - yes - I am signed up for Maidenhead in 4 weeks. To add to the  pressure (you haven't put on me!), its my birthday that day, and I live in Maidenhead. Monumental flop / pb must be on the cards.

    Good reports on the camelbaks. I did have a waistpack that I couldn't get on with. Switched to one of the Nathan vests recently for the long runs. It was a bit pricey, but is really comfortable. The downside is that my wife reckons it looks like a bomb vest.


  • Between us we've cornered the market in the star trek,ghostbusters and suicide bomber looks. Deeply worrying
  • The best way to avoid the heat is to run early. A 5am start should see you back in the shower by 8ish for those 20 miler days plus theres little traffic about as well.

  • Back off hols today - I managed a grand total of 15 miles last week! Having said that, a couple of them were at 7000ft elevation in the Dolomites, and the rest were at about 34ºc in Slovenia. And the runs I did were squeezed in after some 4- 6 hour mountain hikes. Needless to say I rewarded myself each day with a skinful!

    I was kind of hoping that I'd be feeling great after a couple of days doing no more than ambling around Venice, but 6 miles this afternoon at MP was bloody torture.

    Also I went over the Paso Giau, which was on the Giro D'Italia this year. It was hard enough in the car image

    I've had a quick scan over the last couple of pages and you all seem to be nailing the long ones - I'm off for the rest of the week so  I'll be making an effort to do a 15 and an 18, both with a bit of incremental pace. Definitely only targeting 3:30 this year though

  • Is there anyone out there aiming at sub 4 hours? Been lurking / reading the posts and frankly pretty scared by the 80 mile weeks and sub 3 talk!!  Is there a different thread for us plodders?  This will be my first marathon, am aiming at sub 4 based on 10k and half marathon times but frankly will be glad to finish before the marshalls go home!  Can anyone give me any advice about achey neck and left arm that appears at around the 10 mile mark?  It eases a bit if I leave left arm hanging by my side but not a good running style! Been doing my long runs with a drinks belt round my waist so not sure if it is that causing poor posture, am trying to remember to keep shoulders back but not always easy!

  • Ive come to realise this is not the year for a 3:30pb for me so I'd rather wait and do Abingdon when I'm ready to nail it.  I'll stick to the ultras and trail races this year where I can pootle along... So essentially I've got a place for grabs - any takers?

  • SR3 If this is your first marathon then aim to finish and enjoy. Don't pressure yourself with time targets as that is a receipe for going out to hard and letting the wheels fly off towards the end. It is very easy to over do it in the first few miles and get carried away with the pack. As for the speedier people, sub 3 would put you in around the first 5% of finnishers so don't get to intimidated by them. In previous years people have started lists with estimated finishing times which could be useful for finding partners with simelar time aims as yours to run with, though this probably won't start until closer to the race.

    Finally Abingdon is a great race to begin marathons with, it was my first back in 2008.

  • SR3 - You're welcome to hang around on here with us - it's not about the time. We all run the same distance and give it our best on race day. It sounds like you've got tension in your shoulders/neck, I sometimes get the same towards the end of lomg runs. Masage or anti-inflammatories or just trying to consciously put your arm and neck in subtly different positions when running can help. How long have you got up to so far in training ?

    Postie - that involves insane getting up at 4.30 type behaviour! Makes me cry thinking about it ....

    Sounds like you ha d a great hol Chillies

  • 4:30 is a lie in FW image

  • CFB – sounds like you having a great holiday. Don’t worry about paces and how many miles you are getting in…you on holiday!, there’s plenty of time for that when you get back.image

    SR3 – welcome and best of luck with your first marathon, and don’t worry about the quickies (which I am not one I am afraid – never done 80 miles in a week, and realistically sub 3.30 would be good!). I am sure if you start posting, others who may have been lurking at a similar level may also start posting.  As it has been said, do not give yourself a target this time round, just be sensible on the day and get to the finish line. Once you have done one marathon, you can then see if you can go quicker.

    Postie  – sounds good to me!

    Just over 9.5 miles for me this morning (av 7.58). Feeling better than last week, however not sure I am really in sub 3.15 shape. Should know after HM race on 9th Sept, how much to revise target by.  

  • SR3 -   Welcome, first mara have 3 targets -  finish, finish without walking, finish with a target time.  Oh and don't set a too fast  time for your first one, cause getting a PB on your second wil be easier.image I've done 6 and my second is still my PB.

    Bit of epiphany for me on this afternoon's run 1mile WU 1mile(6:59) 400m rec, 2miles(6:56,6:53) 800m rec, 1/2 mile(6:49), 400m rec, 1/2mile(6:28) 1 mile WD pace in brackets.  Pace was nowhere near where I wanted but I came to my senses and I'm not the runner I was 2 years ago and it's not through lack of effort. If I run a 1:40 half on Sunday so what that's where I am, and if Abo brings 3:30 or slower so be it. Maybe my days of sub 40 10k's  and sub 1:30 HM are gone and I've got to accept that, be realistic and enjoy the running.

  • Chillies-Welcome back!  Loved your 'rewarding myself with a skinful every night'image

    SR3-Welcome!  My first mara was only last Sept, so I know how exciting & daunting you may feel.  But the important thing is to try & enjoy the journey & not obsess too much about times, pacing etc.

    BB-Form is temporary, class is permanentimage

    After yesterday off I managed a very sedate 6 & half miles this evening in 1hr.  Saving myself for tomorrow's track session & another 70 mile week.  Have entered Maidenhead half today, so may get a chance to meet some threadsters.

  • Luvsa - thanks for the welcome back - I got so pissed in Venice on Sunday night that I fell out of bed in my sleep - Mrs C has barely stopped laughing since. I am fairly sure she pushed me cos I was snoring. I'll be at Maidenhead, by the way.

    SR3 - what Barry says - Abo 2009 was my first marathon, and at the time I had a Half PB of 1:41. In training I did two 18s and a 20 at 4 hour marathon pace, and set myself four targets: Start the race, finish the race, finish the race without walking, finish inside 4 hours - I paced myself at a minute a mile slower than my half pb and got round in 3:45. I don't know what others have experienced for their first marathons, but I had a weird fortnight of swinging from elation at having achieved it to desperation to do it again faster. Took two years to take a significant chunk out of that first time.

    Barry - I'm trying to be of the same mindset - I had a few months of dreaming that I could chase a 3:15 GFA, but I have sort of allowed myself to settle for a work/running/lifestyle balance that takes a more "run because it's good for you" approach. Having said that, since I turned 50 in December I've taken 12 seconds off my half pb and equalled my best 10K

    I bumbled around 16 miles this afternoon at MP+ 45s (assuming 3:30 target) and felt pretty good and managing a bit of acceleration for the last 4 miles. Oh look it's late - never mind, I'M STILL ON HOLIDAYimage


  • BB - although I know the same feelings well lately, still plenty of time to go to Abo, and you may well surprise yourself in a race.

    Chillies - well done on the 16 miles, as I am struggling to manage MP+45s on long runs at moment. My Mrs would probably not let me run that far on hols, so just aswell I have already had my holiday for the year.image Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

    Luvsa - hope your track session goes well, my club track session is tomorrow night, 12 x 400m. Will probably not go too hard, as got myself injured in March doing this session.

  • Chillies glad you enjoyed your holidays did I mention it's only 10 days till mineimage

    SR3 echo others sentiments first one IMO you should one aim and one aim only............enjoy it. But I guarantee you just like the rest of us you'll set yourself a target go off at your required pace think its too easy and up it, smashing yourself after 20 miles just like I'm guessing 99.9% of marathon runners do lol (myself included) image

    Seriously tho you'll have trained hard and just finishing in one piece should be your aim. Good luck whatever you choose to do. I guarantee you at mile 26 you'll say never again, at mile 26.2 you'll say when's the next one!!!!

    Did a recce of a local hilly 8 miler with my clubmates lots of very steep hills but amazing scenery and a really enjoyable run, shame the race is when I'm away it would be really decent. Nice easy 6 after work and circuits tonight. Been a nice easy start to the week but the mileage builds towards the end of it.
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