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  • MG-You make bashing out miles at mp look like a doddle!image

    BB-Nice half. All goes towards the main event!

    FW-Good 10k.  I haven't ran that fast all yearimage 

    Looks like everyone's training is coming along nicely.  Had to cut back on the speed work this week as I've got a bit of a shin splint that's been hanging around for a while.  Wearing compression socks all the time & icing it when possible.

     Am now an official 'Ghostbuster' after christening the Camelbak on yesterday's 24 lsr.  Think it's a good bit of kit after getting used to all that sloshing racket, thinking everyone within a mile radius could hear me coming!  No residual backache or chafing.  Feel like an ultra runner nowimage

  • Some nice training guys well done.

    I am now officially out, my achilles has not been holding out well and after a couple of dodgy 10k's where I felt rubbish and struggled to come in at 35mins I visited the doctor who confirmed that I had become very aneamic.

    Plan is now to take six or so weeks off get fat then restart training looking for improvements at 5 and 10k. The sub 2.28 marathon attempt is going on the backburner.

    Good luck with your training and I hope you get perfect conditions on the day to knock some PBs out.

  • Luvsa - Another convert to the camelbak. I use KT tape aswell as compression socks for my right calf, see the official KT site for taping method.  Tape is more expensive £12.50 for a 5 metre roll but I rate it.

    I've officially ditched Furman, not working for me, and easing myself into the RW plan somewhere between the sub 3:30 and 3:15 plan but closer to the 3:30.image 6 miles this morning at 7:48 avg.

  • Luvsa, You can eradicate the swashing about with prep before the run. if you turn the ruchsack upside down and suck out the air bubble then there will be no swashing ( or at least a lot lot less )....

    I am now 50/50. Calf problems. Bugger !!  Have over done it with speed and higher mileage... Plent of ice/compression socks etc.

    However if I am not in PB form as a result of reduced running in next 2 weeks then I will not run this...as stubborn as it sounds would prefer to save it for a different race when I can  !!

  • Barry B wrote (see)
    4 mile recovery for me today at over 8 min/miles.image

    BB - Well done!!! Also good luck with the new plan. I am sure running a few more days a week will help, even at this slower (my normalimage) pace.

    Loulabell – I do know the feeling, this year I have been trying to remember what speed is too.

    Luvsa – well done on your 24 mile ‘ghostbuster’ run.  I will have to take a look at these camelbaks. Take it easy with that shin splint.

    Jamesito – sorry to hear the bad news. Although I wish I could run a dodgy 35min 10k!  Take it easy, and you never know, could see you next year.

    AGF - Sorry to hear of the calf problems. Take it easy. Also remember the stretching and Calf raises (if can be done with no pain)

    My own right calf behaved itself today, although only an easy 35mins this morning. Will try a bit longer and faster tomorrow. 

  • Sorry to hear of your troubles jamesito I'm sure you'll hit top form once again!

    Softly softly aching, have you had any physio?? Might be worth a trip if not.

    Ran with the mrs for the first time ever yesterday trying to get her involved we did a nice easy 7 @ 9:30 pace which suited me anyway after the 18 the previous day. Did a 4/12 double today 4 @ 8:02 and the 12 @ 6:54 which was a lumpy one. I felt quite tired this morning on the 4 easy but quite fresh on the 12 steady buggered if I can work that one out!!
  • AGF. At least 50:50 still gives you a fighting chance. Just play it sensibly. Sounds like you've thought out a sensible strategy depending on how it feels

    Jamesito. Sorry to here you'll not be there. What a pisser for you. I suppose there's always next time

    Take it easy AC. Getting to the start line is the hard bit eh

    Another good session from you MG. do you feel th 6.54 pace is easy or are you putting the foot down a bit for more of a steady effort ?

    16 for me today. Just chugged round @ 7.35. Still recovering from the 10k. Takes me a while to feel semi normal after a race these days. Planning a progressive MP session tomorrow
  • luvsapb....the sloshing you get used to after the first 30milesimage

  • Feels comfortable enough Fraser but I am pushing it a bit, it's on the uncomfortable side of comfort if that makes any sense lol
  • Martin - yes, taking it easy. With most injuries I would go and see a physio (our club coach's day job!), however as I have had this problem a few times beforeimage and this was only a grade 1 injury at worse, I more or less know the procedure. Did 40mins (around 8.30 pace) this morning with no problems, so hopefully by weekend should be more or less back. I will not be doing the club track session tomorrow night, as 8 x 800m certainly would be too risky.

    FW - thanks, yes, trying hard to get to the start line. The mind is willing, hopefully the body is too. Good 16 miles by the way.

  • AGF/Jamesito -   Sorry to hear your woes, best wishes but only you can decide if you are fit to race.

    AC  -  Good news on you calf.

    10 x 90sec hill repeats for me this morning, 4th day in the bounce running and feeling OK.  Massage with my physio after, he is not too happy with my increased running plans as he thinks I might breakdown again, but decision is made.

  • BB - I am sure you will be all right with the increased running, just build up gradually, and let your body get back use to running more regularly. Of course, remembering to build in those easy runs.

    6 1/2 steady this morning. Everything fine, although I felt I could not have gone much faster, which is bit worrying with a HM in just over a week. I am missing the club track session tonight, as not worth the risk. Hopefully should be OK for quicker stuff next week.

    Hopefully we can bag some gold medals today, and get team GB off and running again.


  • Nice easy 6 yesterday before circuits in the evening. 15 steady this afternoon ave 6:52 so nice and consistent but was feeling pretty tired towards the end although I managed to hold the pace, not surprising I haven't had a rest day for 20 days but only two days till I go away so I'll rest up there. Tomorrow I have a track session planned, normally I wouldn't put two sessions in a row but there's no other way to fit it in with going away earlyish Saturday.

    It seems a lot of people are picking up niggles but I would say this is to be expected during this phase of the training, they say the hardest part is getting to the start line! I'm sure with a bit of backing off everyone will get there and come race day those niggles will somehow magic themselves away (fingers crossed). Good luck all stick with it we're nearly there the bulk of the work is done!!
  • Martin - nice running there. You must be looking forward to your holiday. Will you be doing any running on hols, or will it be a complete rest?

    Niggles at mo are holding off. Planning to do my long run tomorrow, so hopefully will be able to go further than the 12.5 miles than I did last week, when I had to cut it short.

    Any one racing this weekend?

  • No racing for me this weekend, but I have entered Maidenhead HM. 

    Martin  - Impressive running.

    8 miles from me this afternoon at 7:36 avg and for a change felt really good.

  • That is my next race too Barry. Looking forward to a 'blast' around Maidenhead.

    I'm also running with a couple of niggles that I don't seem to be able to shake off. Currently just working through the planned miles on pace. Today did my hill reps session - it used to be 10 x 2 mins to get to the top.. Today it was 10 x 1.51 mins as I am running faster and have run out of hill! - good to see some improvement on my uphill pace.

    I've had some reasonable sessions recently, but I don't feel I am running enough at MP. I've decided on going for a sub 3hr time, so I think I need to start getting a proper feel for that pace.
  • Thanks guys, aching I'm planning on doing three runs a week maybe but nothing long, there's some fantastic hills so I'll be doing some hill work but it's a holiday and the mrs won't be impressed if I'm out running all the time lol.

    Did a solo track session yesterday, aren't they fun.image

    6 mile warm up and 6 X 1k @ 3:25, 3:22, 3:20, 3:20, 3:24 and 3:27 plus a mile warm down. Slowed down towards the end which is a shame but a decent session nonetheless. Was planning on an easy 6 this morning but the sensible head is on and last minute packing checks are more important!

    Hope everyone has a good fortnighhts training and all niggles are kept in check.

    See you all in a fortnight image
  • Enjoy  the break MG.

    Did my Long Run first thing this morning and all went to plan.

    1 wu,, 7@ 7:04,  4 on a trail at 7:30, and then back on the road for some MP running which came out as 8 @ 6:42,, then 1 cd.

    The MP section felt OK, although I think I lost concentration midway. Most running I have done has been hilly / undulating - it seems like running on the flat needs different skills to keep the pace on track. I'm used to losing time uphill and catching up downhill. Relentless pounding on flat roads is still a novelty!

  • Barry - sounds like you have turned the corner. I am not sure I have.

    Also-ran - impressive running, the niggles do not seem to be slowing you down. As Abo is so flat, certainly your right to practice on flat roads, although I agree can be boring.

    Enjoy the holiday MG, and those hills

    Managed 17.5 miles this morning as planned (av 8.21). Given my recent calf problem, kept it slow, and glad to report no problems. 

  • did 7 last night and part of it wearing Merrels( new to them but liking them)so building up slowly in those...then 16.1 this a.m..not as fast as you boys so just held a steady 9m/m-9:30ish with a few 8:30 thrown in..until i  was craving trail and had to get off road and in some mudimage.


  • Some great training as the clock ticks down to D-Day, or is that A-Day?image

    I've been struggling this week.  The sore left quad is back since Weds.  Combined with the on-going shin splint on right leg it's been no fun really! .  Had to cutback on the length of Thurs & Fri's runs.  Just on 35 so far this week.  70 looking doubtful. Pity as next week is the planned cutback week.  

    Oh the joys of long-distance running!image


  • Just under 12miles done this evening with the help of some Deep Heat.  May try the long-run tomorrow with the help of some more of the magic spray.  Do hope I'm not playing Russian Roulette!image 

  • Luvsa - Fingers crossed for your injury,  don't push too hard.

    AR/AC/Loulabell -  Good long ones.

    22.5 for me this morning in just over 3 hours, managed to get lost and was slowed down a bit by a some cross county , meant to be  a footpath across some field but was overgrown, so a few stings and cuts later I was back on track.  Low point of the morning seeing a dead cat, high point seeing a couple of deer.

    If anyone fancies taking part there's a mileage challenge against the Fetchies, me and Loulabell  are taking part.


  • Very nice long run BB, you seem to have got your mojo back!

    Good to hear the calf held up AC, hopefully thats behind you now.

    Be careful Luvsa, 7 weeks to go image

    Like the look of that run yesterday Also Ran, keeps them interesting.

    Lol Loulabell, sounds like you much prefer the trails like me.

    Hows the calves AGF, any improvements?

    16 easy for me yesterday, cutback week leading to a half marathon next Sunday so hopefully nice and fresh.

  • Hi Everybody,

    I entered Abingdon Marathon ages ago, but now realise that there's no way I can get the time I want without a pacerimage  I've found a willing pacer, but haven't got a place.  If anybody has got an unwanted place (or knows anybody with an unwanted place), pleeeeeease could I do a number swap?  (Abingdon Marathon allows number swaps, as long as the organisers are informed before the event.)

    Thank youimage

  • 18 miles slow (very!) this morning. Lovely to be up early and running along the Thames towpath before most sensible / normal folk have even woken up! Hope everyone's niggles are ok. Off to see physio for ankle niggle tomorrow. Am hoping he'll also be able to give some advice on achey arms which still kick in around 12 miles. As a first time marathoner I had no idea of the physical toll of upping the miles! I now understand what you all mean by my first target should be to get to the start line!

    Thanks for your contined advice for a slow first timer!
  • Managed 16 today, finishing on 62 for the week.  Cutback next week.  Not sure what I'll be doing yet with my current niggles.  Will probably take 2 complete days off & see how the body feels.  There's still time before the taper, so no need to start panicking just yet!image 

  • Loulabell – sounds like some good running.  Must admit I have not come across any serious mud for a few weeks now, I am sure it will not last.

    Luvsa – take it easy. Your doing the right thing taking 2 days off.  Sometimes you have to forget what your plan says, and just listen to your body.

    Barry – nice long run there. You seem to be back on the money.

    Porridge – if you look back earlier in this thread, your see there are people with spare numbers.

    SR3 – well done on the 18 miles. Best of the luck with the physio. Just keep going as you are, and you will get to the start & finish line.

    My legs were still achy (do not know why) from Saturday, so only did an easy 4 1/2 miles this morning. Hopefully they will feel better tomorrow.

  • SR3 -   Good long one, does n't matter how slow, time on your feet is very important.  Arms achy maybe due to not relaxing shoulders.

    AC -   Yeah I'm actually feeling pretty good about my running at the mo, see how long it lasts til I start moaning again.image Just over 4 recovery this afternoon in  the glorious sunshine.


  • Thank you very much, Mr Calves.  While reading all those messages I actually managed to get a core session in!  (Well half a core session, anyway!)

    You all sound so focussed and serious that my training seems inadequate.image  I always think that though.

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