Abingdon Marathon



  • Not sure about that. 20-26 miles is what they call an undiscovered country for me. We shall see, we shall see. Sorry to hear you've been ill, but you seem to be doing huge distances. 

  • imagewell i wouldnt say ill as such-still went to work etc just felt a bit rough the first week. the distance seems normal to me now i suppose..i have Druids ultra 2 weeks after Abingdon so i will be all prepped for that-except it will be far colder .wetter..muddier and futher than Abo haha

  • Haven't followed this much this year but really looking forward to it. Being local it's my 6th time this time around.

    More miles in training this year and feel better prepared but as always it's what happens on the day that counts.

    As Chillies says get the start out the way and take in the cackle of turkeys around 1-2 miles and don't go mad from now on in.

    Did I hear Mick n Phil are coming??

    Lots of support expected from the people of Abingdon

  • yes, hopefully we'll be there spectating and running a bit

  • Thanks AC. MP test was ok. 10 miles with average pace of 6:28. Effort level felt quite high though for lower HR than I would have when racing a marathon. So still not really conclusive on pace to aim for. Will probably be more like 6:35 pace on the day. Have to hope that my endurance will be up to it as well with all the time off.

  • What are these turkeys everyone keeps mentioning or am I missing something?? Warren there's a few of us that'll be running around that pace maybe we can get a group and work together. Did my last meaningful run today 12.5 done at 6:57 m/m felt really good on the way out but was pretty shattered coming in. Nothing more than 8 for me now and all at a gentle pace (Sundays race apart) with a few MP miles thrown in
  • turkeys

    after the roundabout after about 1 mile, you'll see a long flat downish bit ahead of you, with houses on your RHS

    if you look carefully, you'll see the toorkies in field on the LHS

  • MG - you'll hear the turkeys!

    8 easy miles tonight, and if I can follow my own advice, maybe a 6 easy on Friday, then Henley Half on Sunday, then feet up, with maybe two easy 6 milers midweek

    Hope everybody's nerves are settling a bit - I've reminded myself that I ran a marathon in June. I'm setting myself the same Gold, Silver, Bronze targets as last year - 3:30, 3:36, 3:42. Not putting myself under pressure to match last year's 3:23. Which of course is bo**ocks because once I get through the start I'll be comparing every mile split to last year image

  • loulabell - hope the cold clears. When I have been training hard a cold seems to last for weeks, if I back off, it seems to disappear in a few days, so hopefully the taper next week should sort it.

    Shadwell  - what sort of time are you aiming for this year?

    Warren  - 10 miles at av6.28 sounds pretty good, you cannot be in bad shape.

    Martin - still churning out good runs there.

    6 miles this morning, including 3 at my pedestrian MP of around av7.40. May be another 6 miles tomorrow, and then 10 slow on Sunday. Cannot wait for race day now. Following Chillies lead, my Gold, Silver and Bronze targets this year are 3:20, 3:25 & 3:30.

  • Blimey, all you lot seem to be bloomin' quick. If I can get in under 4 hours I'll be cockahoop. Or is that turkeyahoop?

  • Martin - best of luck with 10K on Sunday. I am sure now you are more rested you will blitz it.

    Chillies - best of luck with Henley, don't go too hard.

    Raining here this morning so did not want to risk a cold, so on the treadmill for 5 miles, including 6 x 2min MP efforts. Shame to stop really but work was callingimage. Rest day tomorrow and 10 miles slow Sunday.

    For everyone else not racing, just take it easy out there.

  • Thanks AC - feeling MUCH healthier this week - more sensible run/rest balance, and I'm actually able to eat this weekend! I will race, but not eyeballs out, especially up and down the big hill.

    Stay fit, everyone image

  • Chill out people, over a week to go, save the nervous energy for the day. Just ticking over this week, recovery run Monday, 9 x 400m on wednesday, 6 miles slow yesterday.  Plan calls for 12 steady sunday but prob just do 10 easy. Been keeping clear of the diseased at work and First Defence is working well.  Keep getting pain in the right side of my head, went to dentist and he thinks I've got a problem with a tooth that has been filled several times, he wants to remove all the filling and see what's left, was in two minds before or after Abo but going in next wed hoping it will cure pain before Abo. Good luck Chillies, Martin  and any other racers this weekend.   

  • Thanks Aching, Barry. This will be the first race I've run fresh since abo training started and ill have had three full days rest so be interesting to see my time compared to last year. The conditions are looking favourable so no excuses.
  • Barry, I had a dentist checkup on Thursday, and I've got to go on Tuesday for 2 filling replacements - I need a forum judgement on whether this counts as a "get your excuses in early" plea image

  • Morning

     I hope everyone gets their Teeth problems sorted before the day.

    I am really excited now and not thinking about it as I will get nervous. Im so looking forward to meeting my team who I have been chatting to for the last couple of years on here. I dont think I could have done anymore and I know I wont be at the front so I really just want to enjoy it and get round.

    I am racing tomorrow too at a local 10k. I am running with a friend so may just take it easy. I dont do eyes on stalks kind of running.image 

  • Good luck for tomorrow Eckytump (and anyone else mad enough to be racing!).

    After last weeks tumble and trip to A&e I have managed 2x5 milers, a 4 and an 8 at mp. Given me a bit of confidence that nothing too damaged and should make it to the start (and hopefully finish!).

    Only have a 3,4 and 2 miler on the schedule for next week. Can any of you experienced marathon runners offer any advice re carbo loading to a marathon virgin?! Don't want to overdo it! Do I really need to be loading all week or are the three days before the key?

    Hope everyone is fit and relaxed and teeth problems get sorted before next Sunday!
  • SR3 my advice on carbo loading is only start on Thursday and stop early Saturday evenng. I probably eat the same amount of calories as per usual but cut out things like fruit and veg(!) and replace with extra rice, pasta, bagels (and biscuits), though I do eat a lots of carbs normally so it isn't a massive change! I also make sure I drink a bit more fluid on Saturday to ensure I am not dehyrdrated come Sunday. I normally notice I put on pound or two which is just the glycogen getting stored with the extra water in the liver and muscles. On Saturday evening I have an early tea of pasta and then on Sunday have my weetabix. Interesting to hear others views.

    Planning on 12 miles tomorrow with 1 or 2 at MP. Then next week with be runs of 5, 4 and 3 miles I think. Still haven't decided on exact race pace but it will be 6:45 or a little quicker. Is anyone else aiming for ~2:56?



  • Tick took that is perfect advice. Couldn't really add much other than drink plenty a few days before too, big lunch and lighter tea sat. Basically up your carb content in meals but don't overdose on extra calories
  • SR3 - I've never been a great one for carb loading. I make sure I've had 3 good meals on Friday & Saturday, usually plain stuff (roast chicken dinner or steak & chips being my usual last meal). There are people out there who swear by 3 pints of Guinness the night before!

    Race day morning I will have a couple of bits of toast, a granola bar and a Clif bar on the way, and maybe 250 ml of an SIS drink, then a gel at 10, 15 & 20 miles. I know I've only done 4 marathons, and not as quick as many on here, but touch wood I've never felt as if I've completely "run out of fuel"

    Ecky - enjoy the 10K

  • SR3 -   General increase of carbs from thursday onwards, not massive meals but lots of "grazing" inbetween meals, malt loaf, fig rolls etc increase of fluid intake to ensure hydrated, including a couple of drinks with electrolyte tabs.  Sunday morning big bowl of porridge, electrolyte drink on way to Abo.



  • I've been First Defencing for the last few days but woke this morning with blocked nose/thick head, better today than next sunday.  10 miles for me, cold/frosty/foggy to start but perfect running conditions by halfway through the run, first mile 8:22 then picked the pace up mile 4 to 6 under 7:20 and 7 to 10 under 7:10, finished with 7:20 avg.  Head feels better now and a few snot rockets cleared my nose.  Go racers.

  • Henley Half - much, much better this weekend - ran it fairly hard, without sprinting in at the end or wrecking myself on the hill. 1:38:45, which is a course best for me by nearly 3 minutes.

    BB - glad you cleared your head this morning, and hope all other racers went well


  • Hi all and Thanks for the Good Luck messages. I did take it quite easy and came in just a few seconds over the hour. It was a lovely flat course though and such a nice day to race. I had a light massage after to soothe me legs.

    I cant wait till next week now.

  • CBF intresting choice for final LSR. That hill between 8 and 9 is a right b*****r.

    9.75 for me and now relax

  • Well done Chillies,thats some taper.image

  • Postie - LSR = late suicidal race??

  • SR3  - re carbo loading I agree I would really only worry about this Frid/Sat and Sunday. I personally do not eat that much more that I would normally do, with only perhaps a bit of grazing between meals and additional fuild intake. I certainly would not try any foods you have not eaten before. I find if I eat too much I feel sluggish for the race. However only once you have tried it, will you know what works best for you.

    CFB - well done on the course pb.

    Ecky - good call on taking it easy.

    Barry  - good speedy run. Glad the head felt better after. I also woke up this morning with a blocked up nose, fortunately nothing else, and it cleared during my run, and are OK now.

    9 1/2 miles slow this morning (av8.49). I enjoyed the run and was comfortable, but did not think I would have still been comfortable going any faster, which is worrying.

  • Well done chillies and Ecky on your races.

    Did my 10k exactly a minute faster than last year 36:02 so got to be pleased. Finished fifth overall and 2nd in age group, our club also scooped 2nd in the team prize with a f45 win for one of our ladies so a pleasing day all around. Felt quite hard in the race but 10k's do that's what they are all about I suppose. My groin feels a little tight but that's not worrying it's sure to ease off and I have a massage booked for Thursday should it persist.

    What's everyone's plans for the final week? I may or may not run tomorrow ill do five on Tuesday (club night) and probably four easy weds and thurs with a few miles @MP in the middle of both but it's all going to be on feel. If I feel in the slightest tired I won't run. Well done everyone on making it this far a feat in itself, it's all downhill from here the hard work is done and it's time to reap the rewards of all the hard training. Looking at the forecasts (and I've looked at loads lol) the wind is slightly worrying at 15mph but with a week to go things will change there no doubt about that!!
  • Fantastic racing there MG

    Plan for me is 6 easy on Tuesday, repeat on Thursday, with perhaps three in the middle at MP.

    I am currently mostly watching Felix Baumgarten - almost watching through my fingers

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