Abingdon Marathon



  • Ran Abingdon last year in just short of 5 hours,it was fantastic.

  • Barry B wrote (see)

    Steve  -  Water/squash in cups last year lucozade in bottles at mile 13 and 21 ish.  No toilets on the course but plenty of opportunity for a unplanned stop.

    Thanks Barry. Think I'll carry a bottle with me then in case I need anything between stops.

  • I have water bottles on the wheelchair- feel free to ask

  • MarkEMark - Company and chivvying sounds great. I'm probably going to need both.

    At the moment, I feel like I'm coming down with something and am doing all I can to fight it off. Ibuprofen and multivitamins abound in plenty, but the symptoms keep building up. I'm going to be gutted if I get this close and don't make it. Fingers crossed it's just taper madness.

  • mark -

    we  jumped in one of the buses last year after my prostate  gave me severe discomfort 

  • Chillies im a big fan of the apples too maybe thats where we're going wrong image

    8 steady this morning with 2 1/2 miles @ MP in various stages (the only flat bits I could find!) felt ok the MP slots where 6:29, 3:14 and 6:27 feels like I'm working at this pace so we'll have a tou day at the office I'm guessing but I'm going to stick to my plan and hope the three days pure rest and carb loading plus adrenaline of race day along with some company (hopefully) en route. There is always the added pressure when you have family coming to watch so in the famous words "what can go wrongimage )

    Six very easy in the morning followed by a massage then that's it job done. I'm actually looking forward to carb loading as I'm a bit of a breadoholic, I'm going to try and keep the calorie intake steady just up the carbs.
  • Seesteverun we will be fine and get each other through it. I just hope you are feeling up to it on the day. It would be awful to get so close.

    No loo's........imageimageimageimageimage.....................I cant go behind a bush.

  • Ecky if its good enough for Paula it's good enough for Eckyimage

    Does anyone know how much of the course goes through the town centre or by some coffee shops, maybe in a nearby village? My wife and son don't have a great attention span when it comes to watching me at races lol
  • Martin

    i was thinking very same thing


    why dont ure family join fetchpoint in the industrial estste

    it would be great for them and saafe off main road

  • course goes through toewn centre on way out around 5 miles, passing briefly though it on outskitrs on weay to river

    returns pass town at approx 23 miles

  • I was looking at that part but we only seem to pass it once a bit further on say round about 6 miles, we pass twice is there much around there? Maybe even further on in one of the surrounding villages. Either way they will want a place where they can get back to the finish sharpish so it would have be to be the right side of the road to get back if you get what I'm saying
  • Seesteverun - get popping the Berocca.....great stuff it is and good luck. image

  • 6 miles were we trun right away from river

    thats were the loop is - thern u come around again at 17 MIles ? and go round again

    at that point as u start second lap they could start to head back - coffe shops would be 3/4 mile along in town  

  • villages

    little too mu knowlegde iin the two villages

  • Yes mick I was just looking at that position, they could walk along the river to the split point and not be too far from amenities so see the start, get down there for the first and second loop then back to the track to the finish.............sorted, thanks for your help image
  • Hope they have a good day - and u a good run

  • Thanks Possum hopper. I'll give Berocca a try. I guess that should be instead of the MV I'm already taking, not as well as?

  • Looks like I will just have to grin and bear it. I do hope the bushes aren't too prickly.image

    My kids refuse to come and see me run as I will be ages image so I'm leaving them with my Mum and Dad.

  • I'm jumping back on here.... OMG 4 days and counting.

    The course is looking good, the signs are going up and the weather is reasonable, sunny but windy. No major route concerns apart from Sutton Courtney (Coming out of Milton Park (Industrial estate)) the village has gas main road works down the middle of the road with temporary traffic lights (Well last week it did)

    As always there will be plenty of support around the town and Milton Park with Fetch's water station about 11 and 20, which is awesome.Stadium finish is great....if it goes to plan... unlike my legs collapsing with just 20 yards to go last year. Managed to get back up with the help of marshalls and medics (They are all fab) to still finish in 3.27 (Demons need to be put to bed this year on that one). Lucozade sport is normally about 14 miles and 23 miles (Think there was mars bars last year !!)

    And remember to thank a Marshall/ Medic along the way, as without them we all wouldn't be able to run this crazy race safely !!

    187       MG15                Black vest,shorts and socks          2:50
    844       TickTock           Orange vest/grey shorts                2:57
    ???        Postie                Navy vest, blue/grey shorts         3:00
    141       Chillies FB         Red/Black vest                           3:30
    810       Joe Peacook      white & blue caerleon vest          3:58
    107       SR3                   yellow stragglers vest                 3:58
    389       EckyThump        CRAC vest                                  4:30
    294       WarrenK78       Black vest yellow/red hoops        2:59
    359       Aching Calves   Red Braintree AC vest,Black shorts 3.20
    994       Dart More          White/purple/blue Erme Valley vest 2.50
    306       Possum              Orange cap/black beanie?          3:59
    846       Barry B              White vest, black shorts              3:15
    462       MeeMeep          wargrave top/vest                   &nbsp

  • Shadwell - welcome back, hope the race goes better for you this year. With the race signs going up, we must be getting close to race day nowimage

    Micknphil - the best summary of how to approach a marathon I have ever heard. Wish I heard this when I ran my first marathon.

    seesteverun - hope everything clears for you. Its all our worse nightmares coming down with something just before race day.

    Was raining here this morning, so an easy 45 mins on the treadmill. Fingers crossed, the blocked up nose I had on Sunday has not developed into anything further. Club night tomorrow, which will be an easy 5 with 5 x 50m strides, then just a very slow 2 on Saturday and I am done.

  • A very gentle 3 miles just now - sweating buckets cos I wore cap & waterproof - it didn't rain but 10 minutes earlier it was lashing down - even throwing in a couple of bursts of thunder & lightning.

    Here's a game to play - it's called Taper Pains, in which you list the ache that is threatening to stop you running on Sunday, and how long it lasts. So. during 3 miles this evening I had:

    Right patella pain                       duration approx 5 seconds

    Sharp pain at top of glutes         less than 10 seconds

    Tightness in chest                      possibly 1 minute, until I forgot about it


  • Ha Ha Tapir Madness strikes with a vengeance!

    I'm just appearing here to wish good luck and best wishes to all those running on Sunday. This is one of the best marathon races in the country, and certainly has a great atmosphere to it. If anybody sees Plodding Hippo give her a bit hug and say that Blisters says Hi. If everybody does that it would be quite amusing.

    TickTock, Warren and Postie, I'm expecting all three of you to PB at this one, with 2:55 being the true target. Some sprint finishes will be expected.

    Mick, RESPECT

  • Hello Daddy Blisters

    my old buddy

  • Evening all - sorry I've barely posted for ages. Looks like most people starting to get fairly excited now.

    Bring it on eh !

    Hoping for 2.55 if it goes well - anything less would be a major bonus

    Good luck everyone

  • Seesteverun - Berocca - well, I take MV but when I get signs of a cold or feel run down I will also then take Berocca for extra boost. Obvs I don't know what MV you take but just check. Not done me any harm so far and I'm quite normal for a multi marathon runner.  image

  • Thanks Possum hopper. I took my first Berocca this morning; man, that thing fizzes. image The MV I had been taking was Tesco MV for Men; didn't take it as well as Berocca today. May take it tonight instead.

    Still feeling on the downward slope rather than anything else, so I've booked a call with my GP (who is also a runner) to ask his advice. At the moment, I feel like I could give it a go, but I'm concerned about any long-term effects if I run with an underlying virus.

  • Thanks blisters but pb would require 2.44. No chance of that with disrupted training and now I have more than taper madness. Bad case of man flu. Just hope it goes by Saturday night.
  • Warren
    You know your body and your capability. I'm looking forward to your race report when you start off at a comfy 2:45 pace and then blow up big time in the 2nd half. It would bring back personal memories. Give us some fun.

  • Final run done 6 easy, off for a massage now and then it's down to resting up and carb loading. Don't let the madness get you down it happens to us all every time lolimage
  • CafCaf ✭✭

    Ecky - if you're desperate for a qucik "comfort stop" "Peep-O-Day Lane" (the cycle track you run along betwen miles 13 and 14, and again between miles 22 and 23) has a useful hedgerow on the left hand side. It's not too thick to climb through but is thick enough to protect your modesty (and just has empty farmers fields at the other side of it). You might come out with a scratch or two but nothing worse.

    Remeber to take a bit of "emergency loo roll" wrapped up in cling film in your shorts pocket.

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