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  • Trail shoes were still soaking from Tuesday soinstead  did 5 miles road running as couldn't face putting on wet shoes.  Found it tough as ran pre-Brighton pace - perhaps I need more time to recover from the marathon.  Back to the woods on Sunday morning image

  • thansk for all the advice. Have looked at the Hal Higdon intermediate plan and looks good re the alternate week-end long runs!  Managed a 1 hour 52 time in the Richmond Half Marathon this week-end so getting a bit faster!  The thought of running it twice though is somewhat daunting for a marathon virgin!  Are there pace groups at Abingdon as found it really helpful this week to run with someone a bit faster than me?

  • SR3 – good running there, I assume that was a PB. Although a marathon will be twice as far, you also have to remember you will running it at a slower pace, maybe 30secs a mile slower. Provided you have the done sufficient long runs in training and do not go off too fast, you should feel relatively comfortable after 13 miles in a marathon, unlike the feeling after 13 miles in a half marathon raceimage

    Although there are no official pacers at Abo, you will find runners of similar pace will group together to form speed trains e.g. sub 3 train, sub 3.15 train, sub 4 train etc, with a view to sharing the pace, and helping each other along. You will see in this forum, with a few weeks to go before Abo, these trains starting to form up.

  • ...signing up for the sub 3:30 train !!! image

  • 3:15 or  3:30 image see how the training/injuries go.

    SR3 - Well done at Richmond, yeah 26.2 is a long way but it's great when you finish.image

  • I'm having a very odd year for pacing - Half mara PB at Wokingham (1:34:06), 10K equal PB at Frimley last weekend (43:03) - in between those I ran my slowest Bracknell Half since 2009, my slowest AND my fastest ever sprint duathlons, and a host of other strange results.

    I'm currently training in a half-ar#ed way for the South Downs Way Marathon in a few weeks time - no idea of even a ball park figure for a time in that one, but I'm assuming very slow.


  • BB and CFB – I am with both of you on this one regards target pace for Abo, with my injuries and missed training this year, it could be sub 3.15, sub 3.30, or somewhere in between. Will depend on the summer training and build up races.

    Will have a better idea after Sunday where I am going for 3.20 at the Halstead marathon, which I have been told is hilly, but not brutal. If I am a long way short of this target, despite the hills, then I will have to revise down my target for Abo from the start. At least the weather on Sunday should be cooler than London last year.


  • AC All the best for Sunday. I've done two 14 milers this week at a very easy pace. Not racing Sunday, but we're visiting mother in law on Sunday near Leatherhead. So I'm taking my bike and I'm going to ride the Box Hill lap of the Olympic road race route. Probably not 9 times though image

  • Seems as good a time as any to get involved in this thread. My first time at Abingdon this year after a DNS in 2010. Will see a bit nearer the time which train i hop on image

    See there is some good running already going on, good luck AC on Sunday.

    CFB, also did Bracknell a few weeks ago, usually my favorite race of the year but a little damp this time!

  • Meep - Bracknell was a bit damp, with the added bonus of a nice breeze in your face as we turned uphill onto Harvest Ride! I also think it's my favourite half, although I love  the Marlow and Henley races as well.

    As I've said earlier, I don't know what to expect this year as I've had PB's interspersed with some crap times across all distances - Here's hoping you get to the start line at Abo this time!

  • Meep - welcome, and best of luck with the training. I have had 2 DNFs at Abo, and this will by my 5th Abo in total. 

    CFB - it sounds like you must be in quite good form as you have run PBs, I would not worry too much about the crap times, as this happens to us all. 

  • Sounds like you like the hilly halfs then CFB, only done Henley once despite living a couple of 100 yards away.  Did do the hill as part of my long run this morning though!

    Not had a DNF yet AC, been close on occasion though image

  • Excellent marathon training today - 30 miles on the bike, including Box Hill (my first time), Headley hill, and a trip round Epsom racecourse. Then a 5 mile run

  • CFB & Meep -sounds like the training is going well already. I know Box Hill, having done the fell race there a few years ago…not nice.

    Halstead Marathon was as expected hilly, although it did turn out hotter than I would have liked. 1.41.xx at half way was about where I wanted to be, however chip finish time of 3.29.53 was not was what I was aiming for, although due to the injuries and lack of training was not totally unexpected. 

    Certainly a lot of work to do for Abo, if I am going to get back into 3.15 shape. However now the injuries are out the way (touch wood) I cannot wait for the summer marathon training to begin. Will decide what my target is for Abo closer to the time, which will depend on if i stay injury free and how the training goes.

  • Good time on a hilly course AC, not that big a drop off either.  How long do you take off before light running again?

    Sounds like fun CFB!

  • AC -  Good effort on a hilly course on a warm day, at least you have a marker now., plenty of time to get up to 3:15 pace for Abo.  Was it a gradual slow down or were the last few a bit grim?


  • AC - Looks like a pretty good time on a hilly course to me!

    Meep - certainly was fun - I did pretty much all of the Olympic loop, which seems a bit harsh for the non-climbers as they have to do it 9 times! - mind you, the Box Hill climb is only a category 4, apparently

  • Barry - fortunately it was just a gradual slowing, as I must have passed 15 or so runners in the second half, however only 1 pass me. I started off steady (around 7.40 pace) and it was only at about 18 miles that this pace started to drift. Although 800 meters off road on a field edge just after 25 miles was not particularly welcome.

    Meep -  I ran this morning, 35mins very easy. Maybe a couple more easy runs this week, before 8-10 miles easy on Sunday. Next week should be more or less back to normal, although nothing fast or longer than 10 miles.


  • Hows the recovery going AC? 

    Going down to Bognor on Sunday for a 10k, hoping to squeeze a few seconds off the pb before focusing on this marathon training malarky. Anyone else racing this weekend?

  • Meep - best of luck with the 10k on Sunday, what time does it have to be for a PB.

    Recovery is going good. After some advice from the club coach, did 7 x 400m down the club last night, tagging along with 2 others. Not too fast, around 100sec for each. 10 miles easy planned for Sunday.


  • Aim was 38:15, wasnt ever really near it. On to a trail HM this weekend in IOW.

    A quick turnaround to a track session AC! 

    How's everyone else's training going?

  • 17 slow hilly miles for me on Sunday - one more long one this weekend and I'll have managed the grand total of four proper training runs (and a couple of long bike rides) in prep for the South Downs Way Marathon in 3 weeks time.

    No pressure on time for this one though, I'm not worried if I bimble round in 4½ hours.

  • Good early prep for Abingdon that sounds like Chillies....A super base for when you start for the real thing image

  • AGF - here's hoping!

  • Meep - bad luck on Sunday. Don't worry, there is plenty of time between now and Abo to bag some PBs.

    CFB - after the hills on the South Downs, Abo is going to feel like a stroll in the park.

    10 miles easy for me Sunday, it is nice to be in the swing of things again. Hopefully after this week, training should be back to normal.

  • Gone a bit quiet  on here, has everyone set  their training plans and start dates yet?  I know I might get some frowns/abuseimage from the traditionalists but I think I'm going to give Furman a go and I've found an 18 week  schedule that includes some more longer runs than the RW version. So that will start in a couple of weeks time. Current training to get me ready is one speedwork(today's was 8x600m with 200m rec) one tempo and one longer run up to 12 miles(so far) per week with some core/stretching/ drills on a couple of the none running days. 

  • Hi BB - and AC - I just ran  the South Downs Marathon today and somehow got in at 3:57:58 - wow that was hard work, but no injuries! You're right, AC, Abo is going to feel like a stroll in the park, at least when the gun goes off at the start! Psychological advantage is in the bag.

    I don't think I'm going to chase much more than 3:30 at Abo. A GFA 3:15 is beyond my lifestyle!

  • A 10k pb today 44;17. Two minutes better than a yr ago. A weeks holiday soon and then onto training!!!

    Great running chillies !!

    Barry hopefully the new plan will help your injuries. Are you cross training !!
  • AGF - a monster PB if that was your previous best

    I'm now going to enjoy a few weeks of short trail running and some longer mountain biking treks, as I'm preparing for the London to Brighton Off-road event in September as well as Abo

  • CFB – great time on the South Downs Marathon, and a lot better than you were expecting.You are certainly going to make it hard for yourself in September.

    AGF– well done on the PB – Wow!, good way to start.

    BB –building in longer runs sounds sensible to me.How does the new schedule incorporate marathon paced miles in the longer runs, or does it recommend you do more of the longer runs at easy/steady pace. My training is similar to yours at the mo, without the tempo run. All my running is either steady or easy at the moment accept for an effort session on Thursday. Longest run so far is just under 15 miles.

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