Outer foot pain, little toe joint

Hello all

I've had a little look through past posts and I haven't found anything to answer my question, so I wonder if anybody has any ideas before I head off to bother my GP!

I have a pain, which isn't excruciating and isn't stopping me going about my day to day business and isn't stopping me running either, but it's not right and it's been very slightly getting a little worse over the course of about three weeks.

I'm no anatomy expert but it's on the outside of my foot, specifically the joint of my little toe. If you look at the feet from above it's the part that is outermost.

There is no swelling, no bruising or unusual colour. It doesn't really hurt until weight is put on it and then the pain feels like bruising.

I ran 14 miles on Sunday and didn't think about it much while running (I was thinking more about the high winds and lashing rain!) and actually generally when I run I'd say I don't think about it as much as I do when I'm out walking or just walking around indoors. It doesn't seem to matter whether I'm walking around barefoot or what type of shoes I'm wearing, including my runners.

Any ideas?


  • 100 views and no reply, which I take to mean that it's nothing and I should stop whining and worrying! image

    I'm sure it's nothing. Thank you all for taking the time to read it at least!

  • I am having the same thing on my left foot (I think based off of how you explained it). My doctor told me to take 2 weeks off of running. I have taken 4 days off and it doesn't feel any better. Did you ever find out what it was? Because I can't find anything about what it could be.

  • Hi Jonny

    No I didn't really... I experimented with a few days rest, concentrating more on my running form, discarded an old pair of day to day boots with damaged lining that I suspected might be the cause. Nothing seemed to help immediately but eventually it seemed to improve. I completed the London Marathon in April and my feet did not bother me so much (the hip injury at mile 15 was a different matter).

    I still find I have it from time to time but very rarely now and only very slight. I'd put that down to me really working on my form, or perhaps something unknown. It could even have been the non-running footwear (those boots). Incidentally, the shoes in my picture are some minimals that I've been wearing a lot since the marathon, so maybe they have helped.

    Sorry I can't be of more help. I hope you recover well. Do let me know if you find out the cause image

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Do you mean under the foot below the toe joint?  If so sounds like metatarsalgia, usually caused by putting too much bodyweight on the metatarsal heads, or not enough forefoot cushioning.  Seems to clear up when it feels like it, often taking several weeks.  Wouldn't have thought minimalist shoes would help, but everyone's different.

  • Thanks T Rex, I've just read up on that and you may be right. In which case the ill-fitting boots may have been too blame, as could the general overuse (marathon training). The minimals may be helping me because they have a wider toebox, which I have just read can help. Also, concentrating on correct running form may have helped lessen the impact on the area perhaps? Who knows... with me I think it's righted itself so I don't feel I have anything to worry about. Hope this info helps you Jonny.

  • I believe it is what I have now and had in the past. Its called a Taylors bunion on your little toe, also called a bone spur. At first it started off as a corn and developed into a Taylors bunion, everytime I put shoes on it hurts so much. I had one on my other foot and I went and saw the podiatrist and by the time I got to him he said it was a corn now turned into a Taylors Bunion (look it up). So he gave me a couple needles to numb the area and then gave me a cortizone shot and it is still numb from that shot, its been almost 4-5 months. Now I have another one on the other foot so I guess I will have to go back to him image I really need surgery on my left food because I have a bunion and they said thats what caused the bonespur or taylors bunion on the little toe but I don't have a bunion on my right toe and one developed there as well? Yes I admit I do wear sometimes tight fitting shoes, but next time I buy a pair its going to have to be wide width. You described that perfectly and I really think thats what you have. I'm not a doctor but I would consult one if you haven't already because they get worse not better image Good Luck!

  • sorry I meant to say "foot" not "food" lol.

  • Help, I know its been a while but I have the exact same pain and all my research led me to you.  Should I just run on or do I need to see a doctor?  Any input would be great. Thank you.

  • I had similar when I first started running and found it to be due to shoes.  I had a shoe more suitable to pronators - and I am not!  I need a neutral shoe although I under pronate very, very slightly.  Wearingthe wrong shoe pushed my feet over and caused me to 'push off' partly on my little toe joint.

    When I purchased some Brooks Dyads I was amazed at how much more comfortable running was - an amazing difference.

    Have you had you gait checked recently?

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