How Hard Would this Be?



  • I find long bikes help with the running... Long runs don't help with cycling though...

    Sounds like you are having a busy time of it...image

  • jelly beanjelly bean ✭✭✭

    Yes you could say that, I'm going to S.A. for a rest.  It's going to be an experience on my milage. image

    I'm finding the process interesting at the moment I'm recovering much faster from the 600k than the 400 and my best guess is it's because I'm further away from the marathon.  What has been curious is that towards the end of both the 4 and 6 from about 50-100k from the end I seem to get stronger and I'm not sure what's going on. 

  • Sounds like your training and prep are going well 

  • jelly beanjelly bean ✭✭✭

    Comrades done. 2 down

  • image


     how did it go

  • DaylightRDaylightR ✭✭✭

    And did you manage to find a 10k swim yet?


    Still think you're nuts, but sounds like you're also on target! image

  • jelly beanjelly bean ✭✭✭

    How did it go?  I felt dead on my feet from the start but 5 mins in a portaloo at 10k eased my burden and I felt a bit better.

    I've run two ups previously but the hills just seemed a lot longer this time, probably because I was walking them.  The backs of my legs were tight from early on possibly due to the gradient and by half way I was asking for the back of my left knee and calf to be sprayed.  I was pretty sore on the down hills and with 20 miles to go I was prepared to walk the rest of the way but there wasn't time.

    I managed to get on an 11.30 bus and things improved and I could even run down the hills but part way up Polly Shortts I lost contact and was struggling again.  I joined the 12 hour bus driven by the famous Vlam.  Going over the top of Polly Shortts the PA said we would make it but would have to pick up the pace.

    7k to go and I was hanging on for dear life I wanted to walk but there was no time.  The bus driver was having a bad day, was being held up by the guy next to him and looked as white as a sheet.  With 3k to go I decided I had to run the rest of the way and went.  I made it with 5mins to spare.  The bus came in 3mins later.

    At the finish I was in bits, when I sat down I couldn't get up and the veins were standing up on the back of my left leg.  Next day my calf was going red but by Tuesday that seemed to have passed.  Arrived uk Wednesday with a swollen lower left leg.  Blood test was positive so I'm being scanned for a clot next week, currently on clot busting drugs for DVT which it seems highly likely to be.

    So there we are, calf is stuffed and my PBP entry has been accepted.  I've gone down with a stinker of a cold and can't take anything for hayfever which I'm also suffering with.  Will try to see the physio next week and see how bad the damage is.  I'm down but not out.

    No 10k swim scheduled yet.

  • DaylightRDaylightR ✭✭✭

    Doh. Massive grats on the finish. Hope you get sorted ready for PBP.

  • that sounds like hard work... hopefully I will experience it in 2017

  • jelly beanjelly bean ✭✭✭

    Seren nos, the first time I ran the race I stood in the pens thinking this is just another race and once will do but here I am having run 3 ups now.  You won't be disappointed.

    Well no DVT and probably not much muscle damage either.  It seems I had a Bakers cyst that burst.  Not very nice during a race but I can stop taking the clot busting drugs.  A bit of googling tells me a Bakers is often a sign of an underlying problem so finding out what that is all about could prove a challenge in the time I've got.  It's not life or death so the NHS won't be very interested.

  • jelly beanjelly bean ✭✭✭

    Btw, it was a bit warmer than normal and I hear there were 3000 DNF's.  I say hear because there are never any DNF's in the results, if you don't finish in sub 12hr you weren't there.  There are no times after 11.59.59.

    Interesting stat from this years race.  The average position at 16k, (the first big hill) of the mens first 10 finishers was 54th.
  • jelly beanjelly bean ✭✭✭

    3 down.  Ch'triman 226k France.  It was hard going as I'd only got up to 2.4k in the pool last week had cycled twice and not run at all since Comrades so as to let my leg recover.

    Got through the swim inside the 2hr cut off which was a relief.  At the start of the second lap of the bike (2 laps) the heavens opened and that continued for about 2 1/2 hrs I'd just about dried out and then it started again.

    Got told off for taking my helmet off before I'd racked my bike but was surprised to be able to run, well shuffle really.  After lap 1 of 4 laps I'd had enough and would have packed it in but had to finish. 14.37  not great but I only had to finish.  When I got back to the hotel and showered I felt like every inch of me was bruised.  Lots better today though.

    PBP up next but looks like the 10k ow isn't on.  1.43 for 3.8k isn't good enough for the cut off's in a 10k, most are sold out, the last are in September and with PBP between now and then I just don't have enough time to get up to distance or speed I think.

  • you need a downhill 10k.... or just go for one...

     well done on getting that time with the lack of swim and training.... I take it recovery is all going to be on the bike to get your arse ready for PBP

  • jelly beanjelly bean ✭✭✭

    I suppose a 10k ow before the end of the year would have to be somewhere hot and I'm broke.

    Yep pretty much all bike now with a bit of pilates and spin, did a 300 at the weekend and got round OK but felt the effects of a couple of early get ups from the previous weekend.

  • PBP a fail.  With about 100 miles to go and two controls and 6hrs to do it in I got off the bike in Mamers, walked into a bar and ordered a drink and so the challenge was over.

  • Sorry to  hear that JB- but chapeau for the distance you covered.

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