Some snow this weekend. Have never ran in snow before - I know some of you run no matter what the weather, so what do you wear, especially on your feet? What if like an ice rink?


  • if its snow then you are fine ....keep on the fresh stuff and you will be fine...

    ice is have to be more careful.once again try and stay on the fresh stuff.........running on grass is much better as it never gets as icy and its softer if you fall......

    so in snowy/icy weather I just put on trail shoes and head straight off road........
  • just avoid the slippy stuff and you will be fine
  • You can buy something like Yaktrax that you can strap onto the soles of your shoes that will give you grip on ice.
  • you can get them and similar in the shops now.seen some in asdas
  • Sealskinz socks to keep your feet dry.  Not everyome's cup of tea I know but I swear by them.
  • I have run in soft snow no trouble
  • Just put a post up myself. The temp has dropped to minus 12 here. Hmmm, don't mind the cold but there is a diabolic wind going as well. Cuts right through your face. Didn't go today. Might try tomorrow. Not quite sure what to do about my face... suggestions?
  • Covering all nose and mouth? Doesn't it get wet and freeze? Dumb question?
  • in a word - no. Your breath is hot.

    I love running in snow, it's practically the only thing that makes winter bearable.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Beware Of The Fish: "You can buy something like Yaktrax that you can strap onto the soles of your shoes that will give you grip on ice."

    Speaking of which Yaktrax Pro are only £11.87 now at Amazon with an extra 20% off using code NOWGET20.

    Looking forward to the snow. I'm going to put my trail shoes on and go off road.
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Quite a bit of snow here in Manchester already - and met office warning about ice tomorrow. Think it's going to be too icy to run, especially first thing. I'm going to hope it thaws, then plead with the family to let me go middle of the day - orI'll just have to give the long run a miss this week and make up for it with more shorter runs during the week.

    Central and eastern areas going to get a right good dumping.

     I have some of those strap on things for shoes, but couldn't imagine running in them,

  • Racing tomorrow in the snow should be fun.

    At least I have a good excuse when I don't go sub 40 now

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