Anyone else doing this?  3 days, 131 miles running round the coastalpath of Anglesey.

 Only £99, website is http://www.ringofire.co.uk

 This might seem like a 'plug' but its not, i'm not involved with the organisers but i am partcipating so wanted to get more peeps involved!


  • I am very tempted by this as could be my challenge for the year. This does seem like one epic effort though!

    I've never ran anything like this, but have really enjoyed my running over the last 6 months upping weekend runs to 16/17 miles. Entered the White Peak marathon in May which could be a taster.

    Would I be better getting some longer efforts in this year and maybe have a go next year, or just go for it?

  • Very tempting. The flyover bit on the website makes it look brilliant.
  • I have entered this, its going to be my big event of the year. Never done a multi day event before but have run a few single day ultras before.

    Pete, just go for it ! I would definitely advise some back to back long runs and getting used to spending lots of time on your feet.

  • Hmmmm slightly tempted, but it looks very tough!
  • Its on my Radar, have a lot of stuff to fit in though so will have to see.
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