Saucony Find Your Strong


Does anyone know if the results to this competition were ever published ? and if so what was the winning entry ? I am genuinely interested to know what the winning 50 words were (you had to write with a max of 50 words what Strong meant to you).

Thank you



  • Hi Bondai,

    We've just published a list of the Saucony winners. We were inundated with amazing entries - best of luck!

    Dominique RW
  • "visioning far" ???

    Was literacy not a requirement? image
  • I doubt that the authors of 'Find your strong' were that concerned about using words'n'sentences'n'grammar'n'stuff...
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    and if literacy isn't a requirement for a university degree, it certainly won't be for a Saucony competition image

  • ¦oD x 2
  • Obviously verbising nouns is passe and nounising adjectives is the way forward. Embrace your anarchic.
  • Thank you Dominique (RW) for letting us know.

    Well done to those of you who found the lucky words

    I cant help thinking the final vote would have been better gaged from a percentage from the forumites here and a percentage of the Saucony judges. With a higher percentage coming/awarded from the Judges but at least the runners opinion would have been considered (hopefully).


  • Hi Bondai,

    Thanks for your feedback. We had over 800 entries, so it would have been tricky to get the forumites to help narrow them down. However, we'll definitely consider getting a forumite vote in future competitions.


    Dominique RW
  • Yeah, you could have a forumite vote, 'take it into consideration' then pick whomsoever you like.

    Flaunt your verbose.


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