moral dilemma



  • I think this is a good prosecution as if successful it takes someone off the road who seems to have no consideration of the rules. The roads would be much safer if there was a concerted campaign to take the worst 10% of drivers off the roads.

    Remember that only 18% of fatalities are caused in accidents where breaking the speed limit or driving too fast for the conditions are cited as a cause. Over 4x as many deaths are caused in accidents where the speed limits are observed. (you can find this in the national archives online if you don't believe me)

    Bad driving kills, especially poor observation.

  • I like the way they are BOTH being prosecuted for perjury. I bet that wasn't what she had in mind when she decided to try and get back at him.

  • skotty......that article.....the woman was still only guilty about lying to the police and getting caught......she still only saw her speeding as minor events.....although she was caught several times........

    she was worried about going to jail for lying.......

    she should be grateful she hasn't got to explain to a court and a family why she thought speeding was more important that the life of their mother/father/son/daughter
  • M.ister W wrote (see)
    So the police have spent 8 months investigating, the CPS have spent time putting a case together and now the courts are going to prosecute.  Where's the public interest in spending that much tax payers money on this?

    That's a very good point.  It was an offence commited 9 years ago...   no one would say it should be ignored but in the overall scheme of things it's a relatively modest offence...  no one has been hurt.  Just slap them both with a fine and let life go on....

  • Dark Vader wrote (see)
     Just slap them both with a fine and let life go on....

    there's no mechanism for doing that now as it is a criminal offence.

    so they'll have to take their chances in court.

  • and if someone gets a gun and randomly shoots if off in a shopping centre or school.........then as long as he happens to miss everyone he should just be given a slap on the wrists and sent on their way.....

    anyone constantly ignoring the rules of the land should take the consequences of their action
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