Bramley 20/10

I'm looking forward to the 20 mile event next weekend.

Many others doing it?  If so, have you had a race pack yet?



  • Hi Andy, I'm not doing it but my other half is doing the 10 miler and he's not had a race pack yet.
  • Thanks Hellywobs

    I've e-mailed the organisers so fingers crossed!

  • They extended the closing date for entries so that could account for the delay.
  • Hi Andy
    Im doing this one too, and no I havn't had my pack yet. Though I did notice that the closing date wasn't until midnight on the 1st so perhaps they were waiting until after to send out packs. I havn't done this one before, any ideas what the course is like?
  • I did it last year - it has a couple of hills but nothing too horrible and is generally a nice course.  Very well organised and marshalled.
  • Thankyou Hellywobs and my race pack has just arrived.
  • Race pack arrived this morning. Doing the 20 mile as part of mu marathon build up.
  • Mine arrived today as well been told they were held up by the printers.

    My wife will be serving on the drink/ cake stall so be niceimage think I got car park duty before run so hope it warms up a littleimage

  • The booklet says that they will be a glucose drink available. Does anyone know what it is? Also will it be in a plastic cup or a bottle? Thinking about my refuelling strategy here...
  • I am signed up for the 10 mile race (thought it was 10km when I entered - doh !!). - did I see this race down as one of the best rated ones last year on this website?

    My main question: Anyone know what the car parking arrangements are? I saw something on the website about £1 parking so I am assuming that some is available.

    I need to get away fairly promptly at the end of the day, so don't really want to have to wait for the 20 milers to finish before I can get the car out.

    Is on-street parking acceptable? The trains don't work out unfortunately.

  • I think the parking was fine last year and there wasn't any queuing to get out.  You can park in the village but choose your spot carefully to avoid annoying villagers - it may be better to park say 10 mins walk from the start to be right out of the way.  I also remember they were keen that you didn't park on the course!

  • Many thanks - I will park considerately nearby - there's a couple of geocaches nearby that I want to visit - Google street view seems to indicate parking should be OK.

    Has anyone not received their race pack yet? Still waiting for mine.

    -9 degrees C forecast by the Met Office from Bramley on Saturday night, but increasing to just over 0 during the day. Not likely to cancel it are they?
  • Snow due Fri night David, over central Southern England and over to the Wash Fri and Sat...... would keep watch on the websites..
  • My husband has received his race pack this morning.
  • As at Thursday 9th February the race is ON according to news post on RRR.

    No snow please. Have been really looking forward to this one.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    As far as parking is concerned. Drive to start and then work outwards to find a suitable place. Last I found myself being directed into a car park which turned out to be about 30 mins walk from the start.
  • Which car park was that Vet51?  The official car park is on some old military land south west of the rail station, It's only about 1km away from the start, and a £1 to cover the cost. 

    Might take 30 mins after the 20miler I suppose image

  • I received my race pack in the post today - we only get 2 deliveries a week these days. Thoroughly impressed by the print quality of the book - hope the race itself is as good!

    According to this book, the parking is over a mile away - a mile walk is not exactly what I could do with after a 10 mile run. Still, when minor details such as parking is being addressed in such depth, then hopefully this means that some of the other aspect will also have received much attention.
  •  Thought the service on the Tea and cake stall was first CLASSimage !!!!

  • Very nice cakes too and excelent VFM - what all post race grub should be like!
  • I ran the Bramley 20 for the first time yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I prefer the quieter races (ie rural and less support) and found this one top class.  The marshalls did a super job, as did the youngsters handing out water.  I particularly and almost sadistically liked the way the 10 mile finishers were funnelled to the left whilst the 20-milers went to the right.  Boy did the course thin out somewhat and make you feel quite alone.

     And thanks goes to the little girl around 7 / 17 miles on the farm at the top of the hill on thr right who blew her whistle for England.  She was a little star!!!!

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