South Cheshire 20

Entries are open for our 20-miler, three weeks before Windermere marathon and four before Edinburgh, and back in the North Staffs Road Runners Association calendar, for those to whom that last fact is relevant.

Online entry is available here, and via, and entry forms can be downloaded from the race home page - - where there are details of prizes, past results, map of the course etc.

 Otherwise, I'm happy to answer any questions anyone has about the race, and direct you to the comments/feedback section for some very gratifying reviews of previous runnings.


Charlie Rowlands - race organiser



  • Sorry Charlie, I hadn't realised that you had already started a thread! image

  • can you tell me about this route, I have seen the map but was just wondering about gradient. Completed Stafford 20 today which was very hard work and hilly !!
  • Hi Kirsten - probably similar difficulty to Stafford. The main climb in ours is at about 9 miles: it is probably a stiffer gradient than Stafford, and it goes on a bit, but you don't have to do three laps of it. That isn't the only climb on the course either, though the others are nothing spectacular.

     But I wouldn't want to kid on that it's any easier than Stafford.

  • thanks for that Charlie,I have found a quick look at the run on map my run and noticed that it was a climb, but like the way that after the climb it is down hill back. I don't mind hills, living and training in Stoke gets you use to them!

    again thanks for the advice I would like to try another 20 miles and improve on my time, I think mentally a single route would be better than 3 loops.
  • All signed up for this one now. Been told I am runner number 33. Hope there's more than 32 others ....
  • know what you mean i am number 34 and not that quick worried i will be keeping the marshals from there Sunday lunch!!
  • Me too. I'm hoping to do it in about 3 hours and checked the results from last year to make sure that there were likely to be others in on or around that time so it wasn't just me so I could ease my guilt a little image

  • Does anybody know any 20 milers in July/August in Lancashire/Cheshire

     Doing Loch Ness marathon in September so want to do a 20 mile race as part of the training.

  • Duffs, I did exactly the same thing the minute my number came to a) to make sure there was going to be a few more than 34 and also to look at the times, I am going to assume it is a slow burn with this one!!

    btw, it you run in the stafford half last week??
  • No I did the Liverpool half in March and training for Edinburgh Marathon in May so using this as a bit of a practice.

    Heard about the 'hill' in this one though so hoping that Edinburgh will not be quite that hilly to get me to the last 6 miles after
  • ahh right, sorry it was the name I saw someone running as the Duff Beer man the other week.

    I too ran Liverpool it was a nice race and the weather was great!! I am running Edinburgh but only the Half (looking forward to a downward race). Sorry it sounds like a little stalker-ish but it is all pure coincidence!

    I ran Stafford 20 the other week and had a bad race and was hoping to improve on this one, so far not got my name down for a marathon one day!
  • I believe you. Sorry about Stafford - was it a bad day for you or a bad course? Or both?

    Edinburgh Marathon is not a bad course - not hilly but some parts of the course not well supported and the organisation can be a bit chaotic. I'd recommend doing the 26.2 at least once - at least for the bragging rights and if you're doing 20's then you're there or there abouts

    Might see you in Edinburgh then (hopefully not sleeping in the bushes outside my hotel room image )
  • Hi folks, I don't know the total entries at the moment (there are two online entry systems plus postal entries, and they don't all come to me direct), but I do know they are down on the last couple of years, which I think may turn out to be because of the revived Manchester marathon on the same day. We can't avoid clashing with something, and you live and learn.


    1.) There's still a month till the race, more or less, and it has started to pick up in the last few days;

    2.) The race is in a local league calendar, and a lot of those who race will, I suspect, enter on the day (I know of quite a few from our own club who are planning to run but haven't entered yet); and most importantly

    3.) No one would be made to feel to slow or too much trouble, even if they were the only runner out there! There'll be at least one 'sweep' runner to see in back markers, and in past years our marshals have sometimes run in with people to keep them company. Don't worry about your time.

     Hope that's some reassurance - even if it sounds slightly like I'm trying to reassure myself image

  • Hi Duff, not sure what happened at Stafford, I think a) it wasn't my day and b) don't like a lap course, you know what is coming and you have to go passed the finish! it is so easy to think I am here why not stop! But I soldiered on and managed to finished. My time was terrible which is why I want to run the distance again so I can improve on it.

    Looking forward to Edinburgh fingers crossed for good weather!!

    thanks for the update and yes you have given me some reassurance! see you on the 29th!
  • Agreed - appreciate the reassurance Charlie - looking forward to it (kind of)

    Well done Kirsten on finishing when you didn't feel like it. I know what you mean about lap courses, passing the finish and having to do it all again is not fun.

    Good luck with this one and the rest of your Edinburgh training and no doubt I will see you for the 20 on the day - eeek image
  • Happy Easter everyone - 17 miles done this morning and now planning a choc-fest. Feeling a bit better about doing the 20 now. . .

    Hope everyone is well and training going well

  • Happy Easter all, hopefully going out for a long run tomorrow aiming for around 16 miles. Need to do something to work off those Easter eggs!!

    See you at the end of the month!
  • For anyone thinking south cheshire 20 mile or Manchester marathon--- all I can say is-- the south cheshire one is a damn site more scenic !!
  • Hey Duffs, was thinking of doing this.. Would be good to meet up before Edinburgh.

    Didn't realise you were that nearby to liverpool, north west.

    As for Manchester marathon, it's more greater Manchester I thought, so not in the city.
  • Hi FRC - I live in Wrexham but most of the running in North Wales involves the Great Orme in Llandudno or Snowdonia so I tend to hang about the North West runs instead to avoid the 'hills'.

    Hope to catch up there if you decide to do it - I am not stalking you honest!!

  • Okay, hope to see you then Duffs.
  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    sounds a good race
  • Enjoy running Newcastle 7 today the weather was perfect and the first 3 miles up high good training me thinks for South Cheshire!

    See you all soon!
  • Hi

    I'm looking to complete a 20 mile race before the Edinburgh Marathon. However, as i live in West Yorkshire the South Cheshire 20 seems to be the closest one.

    Before I look to enter online, at some point over the next few days, could anyone please give me some information about the course and whether it would be worth the drive over from WY (approx 160 mile round trip).

    Many thanks


  • Hi Gary,

    I have never run it before, but t an interactive map of the route can be found here and I found this on map my run, but not sure if it follows the course correctly

    Although it is a long trip !!!
  • Hi Gary, as Kirsten says there's the map available; I'm the race organiser so you might not find my opinion very objective, but if you click on the feedback link on the RW race page - - you can see feedback from last year's race. It's very positive.

    The route is mainly rural, pretty hilly, at least in part. Some sections along main(ish) roads, but largely on lanes.

    We've had people come from Middlesbrough in recent years, so you wouldn't be unusual in making the trek, though I realise it's a long trip.
  • Hi all

     I did this one last year and it's a great test for a hilly / countryside marathon but good for all marathons as it's a good tesy 20. The good news is that it's as good as all downhill from mile 13 onwards. But to be honest mile 9 is EVIL!! It climbs for seemingly around 2 miles or so, and when you think it's done... it goes up again!

     For me it's perfect as I'm doing Windermere in 4 weeks and there's an evil mile 7 so it's very good practice for that, The scenery is breathtaking (about mile 10-11 you're right at the top of the hill looking our over total rural spendour).

    It's a quiet 20 but the marhall's are so encouraging, still remember from last year the marshall's at mile 15 who were amazing! I run by myself all the time so it's no issue.

    I think I'm about number 2 signed up lol!! I was straight in as knew this was 3 weeks before Windermere and had to make sure I was signed up.



  • already entered weeks ago.

    I saw an incline graph thing somewhere a few weeks but for the life of me, can't find it now... anyone point me in right direction?

    I don't mind the hills since its a training run not race for me. Just aiming to do a small chunk of marathon paced miles at the beginning and a chunk at the end which I'm pretty sure is do-able.

  • Steven - thanks for your encouraging comments, here and on the Windermere thread. Glad you're back and hope you enjoy it again.

    F-R-C: try this link, to a map and an elevation chart -
  • thanks. Silly me... shows on PC fine but not via ipad, hence why I'd seen it then couldn't.
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