All snotty and Half marathon in 2 weeks

I am doing Wokingham in 2 weeks time. I am hoping for 2.05 -2.10.

Ive just come down with a cold..... how shall I gear my taper up? I had intended to do 11 tomorrow, 8 next Sunday, with 50% and then 25% intensity for the mid-week runs on the final 2 weeks. Theres no chance of me doing 11 tomorrow, and the earliest I can really see myself getting out and about again will be Weds.

Any suggestions please?


  • Accept that you'll miss several runs. Maybe do a gentle short run on Wednesday if you feel okay; if not, wait until Thursday or Friday if necessary. Do the 8 next Sunday if you feel up to it, then finish the taper as planned. In general, it's better to have slightly less training and enough rest & recovery before the race than to overtrain anyway. If you've been training well, you should be fine.
  • As Debra said really. Essentially all you will miss is one 11 miler.
  • Oh hiya, Exiled claret.... the Burnley fan.... Im Man City, remember me??..

    Thank you both for your response. It make sense what you say... I just worry that I will have lost so much. In relaity, Ive lost v little havent I. Right. Im on the case.... many thanks!!! 

  • Back in the dim and distant past I used to be a city fan (lived in Shaw nr Oldham). Many happy trips to Maine Rd (used to go either in the old Platt Lane End with the benches, or in the posh North Stand with no supports!!!!!
    At age of 10 we moved to Burnley and I saw the light!!!!!!!

    I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine so long as you have recovered from the cold by the race. Running is funny like that - miss one or two runs, and it feels like you've lost everything - sometimes the rest might actually have done you good!
  • Yes, you are right, EC. I feel a lot better today, I was quite poorly on Fri and Sat, but today feel miles better. Will see how it goes.....
  • Don't try to run too much too soon now you're recovering - particularly in this cold weather when the cold air might irritate your respiratory tract. Good luck for the race.
  • Thanks Debra. Im going out today, but its freezing outside. I have that dread feeling that its going to be quite horrible when I go out. The thought of not going out though is even worse!! Im going to wear a neck scarf that I can put over my nose as well.

    I suppose now is the time to be recovering... had the race been last Sunday, I would have been a non-starter. As it si I feel I will be at the starting line, albeit quite possibly not as quick!!

    Just heard that we are due anything between 4 and 8" of snow on Friday........

  • My half marathon PB came after a two week taper that consisted of one 3 mile run the Friday before the race. (I had a calf injury two weeks prior to the race). Don't worry about time out if you are already trained up.
  • Thanks, Rob. Im feeling a lot better now, managed my last paced run yesterday (before the snow comes in this week!!), and felt quite good. That surprised me! The race is week Sunday, so Im hoping for full recovery by then. At least now I dont have any high level training to do, as it has already neen done, as you say.
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