Idiot question #351

Sorry for yet another edjit question.

Just looking at racesuits (the orca ones on sportpursuit) , am i correct in thinking that a racesuit is worn under your wetsuit. This is for a 70.3 in june. 

Or a racesuit instead of a wetsuit?

Thank you



  • Either from what I know under wettie, then use for bike and run where water is cold or wettie is mandatory, or if warmer then just use for all disciplines....

    .... But I'm pretty new to this but that's what I gather from reading up so far

  • Tri suit under wetsuit where one is compulsory .. tri suit on its own when it is optional

    Dont get confused with the new 'racesuit' type swim jobbies image
  • So race suit is different then? What's the chamois for then in a race suit?

    Sorry learning too (like I said above image)
  • It may be a tri-suit but some of the manufacturers make suits that allow you to swim quicker through the water. Banned in swimming now.

    If it has a chamois then it is a Trisuit

    **Checks Sportpursuit**

    the Orca is trisuit although with a race focus - read into that what you will but I would read that it may not last through many wears. But if it lasts 20 races then that might be 5 years racing. If it lasts 20 training sessions that would be 4-weeks.

     I have some nice kit that I save for races and mega training days when rechecking race kit.

    Nice kit has a placebo effect and an actual effect.


  • So, what about a trisuit OVER a wetsuit?

    LOL, my boss this year got into T1, put his helmet on, shoes, gloves, shades, unracked bike etc, then realised he was a bit warm by now. Had to take the lot off to get his wettie off then start again.

  • Surely not! I can't believe anyone could actually get a trisuit on over a wettie!
  • Never seen that but I've seen lots of nice arses, lots of not so nice arses and only ever from men....

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