Pembrokeshire Coastal challenge

It's my first ultra, a whopping 78.6 miles all off-road. The furthest I've ran is a couple of marathons. Any help or advice out there?


  • Must add the race is over 3 days, so it is about a marathon a day.
  • Hi Rain Dog I am also doing the PCC, I cant wait!!!

  • I'm absolutely gutted. I've been in a car accident and I can't enter the race. I even considered walking it but deep down I'm aware that I won't be able to.

    I don't know if you know the area but it is fantastic, I grew up around there and I spend a good amount of time there now. It will get more challenging and more beautiful each day, with the only negative being that you have to run through Fishguard / Goodwick before you're back on the cliffs heading towards Dinas Head.

    I'm very jealous. Have a great run, you and everyone else are in for a treat.
  • Oh no, hope it wasnt too serious!! I live in Tenby so I have had the luxury of training on the coastal path hopefully it will be too my advantage!! I did the Dale section and didnt find it that bad , my legs were hurting the day after though!

    I hope you get well soon and theres always next year or any of the other coastal challenges, have you seen the "Oner"?

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