Monday 6th Feb 2012

Apologies but I am up watching the super bowl

What: cycling again
Why: crocked
Last hard: Saturday
Last rest: 6th Jan
Non running streak: 13 days

Common sense took over and I did 2 x 1hr on the turbo yesterday


  • Morning Gobi

    What: A run Don't know how far depending on conditions
    Why: its what i do
    Last Hard: Sunday legs feel it a bit now
    Lyrics No

     Yesterdays lyrics couldn't resist but Billy Jo Spears - Blanket on the Ground

  • Morning from a foggy West of Scotland

    What:5.5M Fartlek

    Why: Monday session.

    Catch up time.

  • Morning! Reporting yesterday's run, somehow did not log on here

    What: yesterday 3.8 snowy miles, today rest
    Why: rest week, so No problem to cut long run very short as a precaution on the snow.
    Last rest: saturday, today again
    Last hard: sunday before last
    Lyrics: no

    I have used my yaktrax since Friday, very useful to walk around town and to run.

    The elfstedentocht -fever is starting to heat up, would be the first time in well over a decade if they can skate this ultramarathon again. I saw people skating on the river yesterday, perhaps I ought to get a pair of skates too and join them?

    Stickless: yeah for snow angels!
    Pammie: sad for the Samaritans, but I would have done the same as you.
    RFJ: hope you can get to the gym today and get back to the usual.
    Gobi: sensible indeed, turbo training. No need to tempt gravity with a fall.
    emzap: still in shorts? The mind boggles... I have long leggings with an extra pair of my old kungfu trousers!
    alehouse: hope your expedition yesterday does not have any ill effects today.
  • desres; Well done on the 35km Treamill run.
  • Blimey it's busy on here this morning!

    DesRes - great mental training there. I think 14 miles is my treadmill record.

    Alehouse - hope the stairs are ok this morning.

    emzap - shorts? I was in superfurrywarmtights!

    Tinebeest - do you know when you'll here about the job?

    RFJ - hope the comeback can commence as planned today.

    Gobi - hope you get your scan date soon.

    Shame for the girls Dustin.

    Stickless - taking the opportunity to enjoy yourself when it doesn't cause upset to anyone else has to be good.

    What:               swim am/smt pm
    Why:                 schedule/need this more than the optional run
    Last hard:       getting on the scales this morning
    Last rest:         31/1

    Lyrics - no.

    I've been dealing with my stress partly by relinquishing my usual dietary control, I've not been too awful, probably eaten as 'normal' people do, and I did about 9 hours of exercise last week - but have put on a couple of pounds already. Time to take control again before it gets any worse.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Morning!

    Its going to be a rest day here today, although may walk a couple of miles: slight discomfort coming down the stairs, so probably did slightly too much yesterday, even though it was very little. Just have to be sensible about things.

    Sadly I appear to have been weight training...half a stone heavier than at the end of October, most of which has gone on in the last month. Hopefully it will shift when I get back to running.

    Lyrics: no

    Was going to start the thread myself after watching GB women in the Champions Trophy Hockey final, but Gobi had already started it.

    Snow has disappeared overnight to be replaced by drizzle. Sun on the way this afternoon, supposedly. 

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    good morning all!
    Stickless , loving the snow angels, sadly not enough round here to indulge..
    Emzap - nice 'half'
    DesRes - repect on the tready, I can manage an hour at best these days, did do a halfM on one once.

    Yesterday - 2.6 miles with the youngest over the fields, light dustings only but enough for some icy snowballs. Followed with 4.5 on my own, again over the fields. Very mild however, could almost watch it melt in front of you. Oh yes, and still shorts weather, it never really gets cold enough in the south (famous last words...).
    Today - 3 miles easy

    have a great day
  • Morning all,

    desres - 35km on a treadmill - respect. I suppose, on shipboard, its got to be that. On my cruise this summer (how else do you get a double bass across the atlantic?) I went round and round and round the promenade deck. Don't suppose you have that luxury.

    emzap - congrats on the 13.1. Definitely a milestone.

    RFJ - glad to see that you have a run in sights now. That achieved, it will seem more like the event is behind you.

    Alehouse - there are always ups and downs with achilles, but I think you're right - this is a critical time in which to make progress sufficiently slowly so you don't take a backwards step. Snakes and ladders, but unfortunately the ladders are short and the snakes long. But eventually progress outstrips even the longest of serpents.

    Tinebeest - too slushy here to need the yak trax. Fell shoes work remarkably well, particularly with the childhood solution of putting plastic bags over socks to better the chances of dry feet.

    Me? Hmmm. Been tough over the weekend, felt fragile. Make things easy, walk to work, don't run. Started to walk to work. Should be a stairs day. Naw, feeling fragile. Shut up, all the more reason to give it ago. But... But Not. I'm not in my kit. You don't need kit to go upstairs. But then I'll be all hot and sticky at work. Diddums. That's your office mate's problem, and he doesn't spend much time in your office.

    Result? Stairs done Tinebeest, pounded into submission. 4 ascents. Attracted the notice of the custodian who at first thought I was up to no good, but then became interested in the project. Full pack and heavy heart make tough climbing. I was glad that I had not decided to go for a fifth extent today. Whether I do next week will depend on the extent of DOMS. Still, it has banished the cold, within and without, and no day is all bad in which I can say of training, Job Done.
  • Afternoon

    10 x 1k in a 11 mile overall session - this session is feeling less hard (was going to put easier, but less hard is more accurate). Will do 4 or so easy recovery later.

    I must admit we have been very lucky over here so far weather wise this Winter (not even that much rain so far - touch wood). and the forecast for the next week or so not too bad either!!

    Stick - nice to see you still running up the stairs!

    Don't even know where to start on here with injuries etc, so will just say all the best to all injured!

  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all.

    What: not sure yet, not confident enough to go out in snow so unless it's looking better I may go to the gym,!

    Ride to work this morning was interesting to say the least.  Took 50 mins instead of the usual 20.  Hoping it doesn't freeze again before the ride home.

    I have taken the plunge and bought some 3/4 length trousers to run in.  I've never run in anything but shorts, but I think for longer runs below freezing I need something a bit more substantial.  We'll see how I get on!

    Stickless Well done for getting out (in) even though you weren't feeling up to it.  Sounds like a good session too.

    DesRes  wow, that's some mental stamina there!

    Have a good evening all.

  • Afternoon

    emzap - i've resisted the urge to join gym .

    Not too bad here most snow gone some paths still have the slush just wary of puddles but not too bad slow but easy thats what you want

    Stickless oooh cruise across the Atlantic, i'd love to do that think i must have been a sailor in a previous life as i love the sea and boats.

    Another one with unwanted weight have about a stone to get rid of

    What: 4.74 miles
    Why: Easy Easy
    Last Hard: Yesterday
    Lyrics No

  • LMUH: well, that's the interesting bit: they said online they would like to have the interviews sometime next week... Not like some of us need to book tickets, or juggle teaching schedules and all that. Then again, it may be the week after, because that is what it said on the unofficial advert i got to see first. when one of my colleagues who is helping with covering teaching for 1st and 2nd year is also away.

    Stickless, haha. I don'tknow the current custodian, unless it was Carol (who has other duties too), but it never hurts to broaden a few minds. Well done on getting the steps done.

    Here's to hoping tomorrow morning is not -8 C again. Very jealous of the shorts...
  • Afternoon all,

    Just a steady 8k here for me today. No running on deck here stickless, 'ealth'n'safety. Stairs are a brill workout.

    Stay safe in the icy conditions all you cyclists.
  • Busy today on here.

    Paddy: Good session.

    Fog never lifted all day up here !

  • I ran up Ben Lomond near Glasgow this afternoon after work - the views were to die for!  Check out this link for some pics of the day! image

  • Great pics Donaldo: almost as if you had been through the 13th Doorway again! A memorable run.

    45 mins of walk on very sticky mud here! Does not compare to the above!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Alehouse - know the feeling reference the weight....

    Thanks all for kind comments - couldnt get to the gym as no car parking.... so came home and used the jogging trampoline to do a few steps..... well just under 30 mins..... felt good.... still cant wiat for that 1st proper run on saturday.....

  • Donaldo -you lucky boy!
  • donaldo: Great pictures. It never lifted in Erskine, for those who don't know,Erskine is about 15M East as the crow flies. !
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