I'm sure this has been discussed before, but who's going, and is anyone meeting up before? This is my first one, and I know nothing about the place, so if this hasn't been discussed before, I can't offer any suggestions, but I'm more than willing to follow along!


  • Where are you going to be staying, kwall? I'll be staying with my sister in Durham and planning to give the pasta party a miss and eat in the night before the race, but would be up for a get-together somewhere that has good food and is not too lively.
  • I got a hotel room through Nirvana... I haven't received any information on it yet.
    I'm starting to think this is cutting it pretty close and I should call to see what's up.
    As I said, I know nothing about Newcastle, so I wouldn't know where to meet.
  • I booked a hotel with Nirvana as well, phoned them last week as I hadn't heard and was told the info will be sent out in the next week or so(this week I hope). but they were able to tell me where I was staying. bout 20 miles north of newcastle ! not ideal as I have to drive back to Bristol after the run.
  • I still haven't heard from Nirvana yet, I called them a week ago and was told should get info about 2 weeks before hand. Anyone heard from Nirvana yet?
  • I'd love to meet up but realistically I can't as I'm already co-ordinating the whereabouts of 7 charity runners from school - it's bound to go wrong isn't it, since we're all staying in different places and running different times.

    Good luck to you all and hope some of you manage to get together.

    Will anyone be wearing anything distinctive, in case we do bump into each other? Like Vrap, will I know you by your scaly tail?
  • Just went home for lunch, lo and behold details from Nirvana. so the next day or so will probably see you ok.
  • Booked into a hotel,in durham, via Nirvana
    no, not heard owt yet!!
    So maybe were all in the same room---
    How about pink hair, they need a shock at work""
  • I got mine last night too. Looks like I'm in Durham, actually I may be even farther away.
    It says my pick up point is Durham, so maybe we'll all see each other on the way to the race!
    I noticed they don't particularly cater to people unfarmiliar with the area.
    I was given a map with a lot of small jumbled lines and a big arrow pointing to my hotel.
    Thanks. I guess I'll look online for directions!
    I'm really looking forward to this, especially now that everything is settled!
  • Vrap, any good pubs in durham, seeing as at least three of us will be there?
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