What do people eat for breakfast??

I am currently in Fink Ironman training mode and trying to think about diet and nutrition. I tend to do a bit of training in the morning and usually go for an oat based cereal/muesli afterwards with some dried fruit as its portable and can be eaten at work if neccessary.

The problem is I then tend to snack on the cereal as its so easy to eat when im in the house!

What do people tend to eat for breakfast? Any good alternatives? Im up for trying something new...

Has to be accompnied by coffee though!!


  • I usually have greek yoghurt and fruit (usually 2 clementines).

    But after an early morning Fink session, I need a slice of wholemeal toast too, as I am starving image

  • And the toast has to have peanut butter on it!
  • sausage sandwiches
  • Most mornings a cup of coffee image

    Pre a long run I have porridge or bagel with honey

  • I just have a couple of shredded wheat with warm milk.
  • Today I had Shreddies for my breakfast.
  • Museli topped with mini shredded wheat. Sometimes with toast and marmalade, sometimes without.

    Pre-LSR or ride or race I'll scoff porridge. I used to like porridge a lot, but have really gone off it since starting this exercising crap.

  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    I mostly eat porridge with honey and banana. A more luxurious breakfast at the weekend may consist of brown seeded bread toasted and topped with smoked salmon and garnished with scrambled eggs. Yummm.
  • the remains of the takeaway from the night before - although theres not a lot left usually image
  • Aha! First sensible brekkie from DK! I am most partial to cold sheek kebab (or poo on lettuce as Mrs DB calls it)

    Nuked chow mein as well and cheeseburgers are a well used favourite along with the full fry up. Sometimes as well as.

    If you mean race brekkie, well, boring old couple of bananas, plus an eat natural cereal bar for anything over a half, no cereal bar for anything under.

    IM brekkie, cold tin of rice pudding with a handful of raisins & coffee.

    See, I can be sensible....
  • Weetabix - every day
  • Alpen (no added sugar) - every day.
  • Alpen is my preferred museli, but full fat full sugar full salt image
  • 3 weetabix image

    sugarpuffs for the weekend

  • If im not training until the evening and not feeling too trashed from the night before i might have a thin beef steak on spinach, or if im doing a turbo / run in the morning ill have scrambled eggs on toast with chilli and spinach

    Cold porridge left over night in the fridge (uncooked) with honey for the weekend

  • On a work day...peanut butter and banana sandwich in the car between pool and work!
    On a non work day - porridge with dates/raisins/apple and lots of honey
    and plenty of coffee
  • I have 2 slices of brown toast with marmite and honey, and a glass of orange juice and a cup of tea, pretty much without fail every day. On work days I also have a bowl of orange slices as they are free!

    I tend to do any exercise first thing in the day, so before I eat at all, though in the recent cold weather I have taken to bringing a cup of tea into the garage with me to drink while I turbo!

    If I have done something a bit longer at the weekend I try to have the above before I exercise, then go gently ballistic on recovery drink, chocolate, anything I can find afterwards!
  • Today:
    Apple, Melon, Pineapple, Blueberries with a sprinkling of Granola and greek yoghurt

    I am full image
  • Gladys M. wrote (see)
    though in the recent cold weather I have taken to bringing a cup of tea into the garage with me to drink while I turbo!

    Definitely a case of MTFU! image Next you will be drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows in and powdered glitter on top!

  • OK, I will admit to the odd green tea with lemon going out to the garage with me to warm up on the turbo. But it is in a mug!
  • Weetabix againimage
  • And you can join Meldy on the norty step GB!

    A little more respect for your elders is required from you! image
  • Mind you Gladys, your breakfast sounds well posh. Do you listen to the wireless at the same time.
  • <img src="https://encrypted-tbn2.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRoa6uk4AySJzlysV-xdKfThDpCKk0jy-iMSifykKe6HUaH-0ahjg" width="382" height="132" id="rg_hi" />

    Tried this today, it was yummy with loads of lurpak imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/tongue_out_smiley.gif' />

    Edited: Bloody link !!! Anyway it was Soreen Toastie Loaf !!

  • If I'm swimming I will have a banana first then fill up on Muelsi or Bran flakes

    If I am running, biking or doing a brick session, I will go out empty and then have my porridge with Jam or Honey after.

    Drinks, Strong coffee, Green tea and Cherry active

  • m.eface wrote (see)
    Mind you Gladys, your breakfast sounds well posh. Do you listen to the wireless at the same time.
    Yeah, he powers it with a dynamo ...
  • Own goal Melds, most on here won't remember dynamosimagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif' />.
  • dynawhat? imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/big_smile_smiley.gif' />

    Isn't that the magician on tv?

  • This morning I had my brekkie and tea in the car on the M25, not listening to the wireless, or a grampahone, but a podcast on my ipod nano thank you very much.

    I am very much down with the kids on technology.

    Dynamos were great, you used to cruise up to a junction on your bike, just when you wanted people to see you, and the lights would slowly dim...
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