Thunder Run



  • Lichfield Trent Valley is the nearest station I think - about 6 miles away image
  • OC

    I'm on a main line train station (Macclesfield)

    If your interesrted, I'm going, could give you a lft

  • Prices are


    3-5 £225

    6-8 £235

    So depending on how many in a team but take 5 for example would cost each person £45 and for that you get a great laugh plus the chance to run 10K off road, rest a bit then do it again and each person would get about 5 laps

    I am happy to enter on behalf of a team (at the end of the month) you can then send me your share

  • Plus its free camping, think Cakey boy can get a big one (oh-er) that we could all use

  • Always I can ask around and get a proper big one if possible and needed, that time of year recon a lot of folks will be using there kit for festivals so doubtful I could borrow a marquee or something through. I have a stock pile of various tents at mine if anyone is short for one. SA Tommy boy plays with us sometimes on the hippy stuff he a top bloke and a good chap to get to know.
  • just bouncing this very worthwhile thread above the SpamBot.... good luck to you guys, I've heard it is very hard....
  • Another *bump* above the spambots.

    I am really looking forward to this one.  I too have a spare tent or two, but of the rather small variety (two man tents used for Polaris mtb events) if someone just needs something to sleep in.

  • I can lend a tent... but it's not a big one... image

    Did this event two years ago, had an absolute ball. The night laps were toughest, but running through sunrise She Sells Sanctuary popped up on shuffle. Running along a ridge, first rays of sun at my side & to that track, my best running memory. Grinning just thinking about it. Good luck all!
  • Another bump following a read of the Ironman training thread 2012. Anymore for anymore?

  • If you're still looking for team members and don't mind a Newbie joining in, I'm up for it (Road 10k pb 41.32)
  • Just to say if anyone is unsure about having a go at the thunder run, it is bloody fantastic ! Ive done last 2 years as part of a team of 5 and will be back again this year.

    Without doubt my best event of the year
  • Ay up there is anouther thread up about the thunder run so throught best to bonk this one just to check everyone is still up for the laugh. Hopefully means there are two pirate teams playing. image

  • First time I have been back on the forum for weeks and since dropping out of the Outlaw because of upcoming house move, change of job roles etc I haven't been doing any (and I mean any) training either!

    If there are teams going in I will still commit to make up the numbers if need be but if enough others want to join in I would happily drop out as there is no sign fo me getting back to training for a while yet.

  • My team has just lost its 5th member and im on the hunt for another.

    In an ideal world i would like a lady to join a team of 4 blokes as it was a lady that dropped out and we would like to remain in the mixed category, more chance of a higher place finish !

    Basically we would be looking for a team mate to run around 6-7 laps and each one around 45-55 mins, anybody out there interested ?
  • I would be interested but not a lady recently did the run24 as a soloist covering 100 miles, so know whats involved

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