Camel Bak and what to put in it??


I am thinking of getting a camelbak , I am training for a marathon ( my first) and think I now need to think about fuelling . S was thinking of getting a camelbak can anyone advise me on them where to get them etc as there seems to be loads of models?

Also what energy drink /powder etc would you recommend to use to give me that boost during long runs and where is the best place to get them . New on the fuelling thing as never run this far before !!!!! But did 10 miles yesterday and could have done with a pick me up !!!


  • I just have the cheapest lightest version. It holds about a litre and a half. I usually take a litre of fluid with me. On the longer runs that would be a couple of bottles of Lucozade(BOGOF). Cheaper to make your own with powder. Also good for carrying keys and gloves etc but if you want to carry more stuff then get a larger one.
  • I prefer to just use water in the camelbak, and use gels for energy.
    If you use energy stuff in the camelbak you have to keep it a lot cleaner as the bugs will thrive off the sugars.

    You should be good to run a half marathon without any supplements - your body should have enough energy stored to get you through that distance.
    You were probably just tired from the unusual distance ?
  • I use water in mine with gels as we are up to 16 miles now but made a mistake at the weekend as it was so cold that my water froze in the tube. My friend had a sports drink in hers and it was fine.
  • You can get insulated sleeves to go round the feeding tube.

    Either that or add antifreeze ? image
  • I just didn't think about it at the time, that will teach me. Am hoping it wont be that cold again now. LOL
  • cougie  wrote (see)
    You can get insulated sleeves to go round the feeding tube.

    Either that or add antifreeze ? image
    i made my sport drink with boiled water cooled down once , was nice, warm drink and the backpack kept me warm tooimage
  • I nearly drowned myself doing that once. I'd put hot water in for a night time mountain bike ride.

    When I went to get some water - it was exactly the same temperature as my mouth so I didn't realise I was sucking in any water to begin with - so i tried to breathe it. Much spluttering later - and it had cooled a bit so it didn't happen again...
  • oops!image i did think about putting hot water in mine thinking  that by time i needed a drink it would have cooled to luke warm, but thought it may have perished the rubber bits in the bladder/tubes etcimage

    drowning by camelbak-thats a new one!!

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