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Hi looking for bit of advice on my first Tri bike and wonder if this bike is any good?

The Fuji Aloha 1.0 2011 Triathlon Bike features a new frame design with internal cable routing. A-6 alloy aero frame with carbon aero 2 position post, FC-770 aero carbon fork, Shimano Ultegra components and Fuji PGC Aero Wheelset. A no-compromise alloy bike for those looking to step up their racing without the big initial spend.
Frame: A-6 Quaternary phase Aluminium, custom butted and Aero shaped Down Tube, Integrated Head and Seat Tube with Rear wheel recess
Fork: FC-770 Fuji Bonded Aero Carbon with 1 1/8" Alloy Steerer
Front Derailleur: Shimano 105, F-Type, Braze on Mount
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Ultegra, 10 speed
Number of Gears: 20
Shifters: Shimano Dura Ace TT Bar End Type, 20-speed
Chainset: FSA Gossamer MegaExo with Integrated Spindle, 7075 CNC
Chainrings: 39/53 tooth
Bottom Bracket: FSA MegaExo Exterior Bearing System
Cassette: Shimano 105, 1125T 10sp
Chain: KMC DX-10SC, 10sp
Pedals: Not Supplied
Front Brake: Oval RB-500 Forged Alloy, Dual Pivot with Cartridge Pads
Rear Brake: Oval RB-500 Forged Alloy, Dual Pivot with Cartridge Pads
Brake Levers: Oval A-700 Forged Alloy
Handlebars: Profile T2 wing base bar with T1+ extension
Stem: Oval R-700 Forged Alloy, 31.8mm, +/-6 degrees
Headset: V.P. 1 1/8" Integrated Road, with convex hollow Alloy 25mm spacer
Grips: Fuji Custom Foam Wrap
Rims: Oval W-530 Aero Alloy Clincher Wheelset, 30mm rim - 700c
Front Tyre: Vittoria Zaffiro Pro 700x23c, Kevlar Bead-Folding
Rear Tyre: Vittoria Zaffiro Pro 700x23c, Kevlar Bead-Folding
Saddle: Fuji Custom with CrMo rails
Seatpost: Fuji Carbon Aero Multi-Position
Weight: 9.45kg / 20.80lb approx

Or if any one has one?


  • Its very much a tri bike isn't it ? Which is fine for racing on, but I'd rather have a road bike to train on. You'd not be able to ride that in most sportives for example, and you've less hand positions compared to normal bars.

    If you have a road bike already, then yeah - that may be a good option, but if you've just the one bike - get a road bike and stick tribars on it. The road bike is good for 95% of the miles you'll put on it. If you have just a tri bike = then it may only be good for 5% of the miles you're doing on it ?

    (actually does it seem a bit expensive for a mix and match component set ?)
  • Alternatively you can be like me and ride 95% of your miles on a Tri bike, I have a road bike, a very good one and when I ride on a group ride I use it, but as I train a lot of my time on my own or with other triathletes the tri bike gets more use. My logic is I'm going to race on it I might as well train on it. 

    With regard to the Fuji it has a reasonable review, there are other options though, I would test ride several

  • Ok I was wondering about the riding part cause have mixed feed back a lot of people seem to only get there Tri bikes out just for races? Why is that?

    Ok been told about a Tri bike which is a bit more money but supposed to be a lot better. It's a Planet X Stealth? Looks good but is it?
  • I am just in the process of buying a stealth ST - I will be using it for most of my turbo sessions and probably half or my weekend rides. Probably wont get much chance to ride outdoors in the week... so all in all I will be using it quite a bit.

    Does mean that I need to get another set of wheels though for training

  • I think thats the issue ST ... a tri bike is all well and good but you more than likely need another one for training
    Not that I am in any way knowledgeable, they come in pretty colours and are a bit slow, but thats what others seem to say  image
  • I think Dubai may be more conducive to time trial bikes than Britain ? A lot of my routes are very hilly, and potholey too. My road bike is a better ride for these routes than a TT one.

    The Stealth is a very nice bike.
  • mine certainly is   image
  • Plum is the Stealth just a luxury bike to wheel out for races? If so maybe I need to wait for that kind of luxury image I want to build my miles up on biking this year so looking at a few sportives so I'm guessing I would be better to by decent road bike? and wait for the Tri bike don't think wife would be happy for me to have a bike that only comes out for races image

    Boardman Road Team Carbon would that suit me better?
  • You will get far more value for money and far more use IMO in a decent road bike than a tri specific bike
  • Yes the Stealth is for racing and as such rarely comes out from under its blanket, I have been out on it  a fair bit though to get used to it as it is a fairly new aquisition and takes some work to be happy on. Would only go out on my own or with maybe one other as it is a pretty unsociable ride and lots of groups will quite rightly not let you ride a Tri set up in groups as you are too far from the brakes to be safe in a bunch.

    Certainly go for a road bike or even a tri frame with a road set up on it if you plan to ride it on a regular basis, it is a lot easier and safer up and down hills as well, also easy to have tri bars on there and not use them that have a tri set up and then want to use it as a road bike.

  • Just been in touch with Planet X today... tonight may be a very expensive night image 

    (Actually it will be about 3 times more expensive than anything I have ever purchased as I own no car nor house! Hence I will be making the most of it and riding it often!)

  • Q: How do you double the value of a triathlete's car?
    A: Put his bike in it!

    You've already got a road bike. Get a TT bike. image

    As I said over on (whispers)TripeTalk, I don't believe you can train on a road bike and then race on a TT bike. Once the sun comes out for the spring I'll be doing all my solo miles on the Stealth. Until then it's the turbo bike.

    I didn't get such a good deal as Plum image, but I am very happy with what I got. Was looking at a new road bike for the Outlaw, then saw the light.

  • I wonder why you didn't get as good a deal a me image
  • if you dont have a road bike yet, then the boardman is a solid bike to get - pretty fast, reliable, etc.  get a set of tri bars and away you go

    then you can get a TT bike if you want in a few years......


     if you already have a road bike, then use that for sportives / group rides, and get a tt bike for training / racing.


  • Plum how did you get / what was your deal? image

    Not ordered mine tonight as I have been out all night... probably tomorrow now... though I cant get oooop north to pick it up for a few weeks and get a fitting unfortunately

  • Dismissive nod at the thread from Cyfac ponce ;O)
  • I had a stealth, nice bike and got me around IM Austria fine, I now have a Exocet which is even faster.

    I'm with cat I don't see how you can train on a road bike and expect to race a TT bike. The position's are so different that it takes hours in the saddle to adjust. Armstrong rode his TT bike at least once a week to remain tuned into it.

    ST if you don't have a road bike and want to ride sportives then a TT bike isn't going to help, if you want to be a out and out triathlete but a TT bike. better still buy both.

    Cougie you are absolutely correct Dubai is essentially flat and potholes what are they?
  • Regarding riding often...

    On the spec I was sent over from PX I have just requested the 60mm carbon clinchers rather than the 100/82mm tubs... just because I will be riding on those most of the time as well as I don't really want to have £400 worth of wheel that are used 4 times per year in racing!!

    If I was racing more often (i.e. if I had a car to be able to get to races) then I would think about going for the deeper tubs and getting some cheaper wheels to train on but it's probably not worth it for now

  • Ok I have a road bike already, so have decided to go for TT bike image now is the Stealth the best out there for £1600 or is there better/same for less?? Or the same price?
  • If you get the Stealth with Rival and 30mm wheels its about £500 cheaper....

    EDIT: GB - any news on those wheels. Bike Science in Brizzle are out, and I really want a pair.

  • I asked to change from the tubs to the clinchers and they said that was fine, but that was the 52mm... will check when i put the order in tonight that 60mm are ok, so I am assuming they have them in stock. That's coming from the showroom at Rotherham

  • Just phoned them. 60mm due in 22nd March imageimage
  • hmmm.... I wasn't going to pick it up until the 5th march anyway... perhaps I could wait a few more weeks... I was going to be near the showroom on the 30th/31st march anyway!
  • Or see about getting the bike now and the wheels delivered when they come in stock... at least that way I would have the bike to start training on at the weekends!
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