IM Zurich?

Hey all - thought i'd introduce myself to the forum!

Signed up for my first IM this year (Zurich) but in my excitement, misread the date and have been training for the event on 18th Aug only to last week discover that this is the date for IM Sweden! Now behind my initial training plan by a month, I am now back training for the actual date (July 15th!).

Also signed up for IM 70.3 in Exmoor as a prelim.

Only ever done 3 sprint tri's and a couple of adventure races before so this is gonna be a hell of a step up! If anyone has done IM Zurich and can offer advice, please do!

Wanted to sign up to the forum as I am doing this IM as my 2012 challenge and therefore totally on my own - no training partners and no like-minded friends wanting to train with me image. So I thought i'd come to you all, introduce myself and take on board any of words of wisdom you can offer!

Currently i am a pretty terrible swimmer (did 3.3km in pool last week in 1h 22m - but i have never done an open water swim!!), okay runner (but i have never ran more than a half marathon, which i did last year in 1h 36m) and a pretty good cyclist. Hoping for around 13 hours total for IM Zurich - is this possible for my first one??

If any of you are localish to St Albans and wanna train - let me know!

Anyway, look forward to chatting over the next few months and ALL advice welcome!


  • Sounds more than likely. My first IM was Zurich a few years back and I was struggling with more than a couple of lengths at this time of the year.

    Do make sure to get the OW training in when the season starts and you'll be fine. A lot of peoples first marathon is when they do it in the Ironman.

    And its a nice bike course too - some decent hills to get stuck into.

    Have fun.
  • How did you get time wise Cougie? Hoping to run as a pirate too (i noticed your banner) - how do i go about it?
  • Hiya,

    Welcome to the forum here,

    IM Switzerland is a great race, lovely course.

    If youre not already doing so, get some swimming lessons, then in April/May onwards get some OW practise.  Datchet and/or Heron lakes (near Heathrow) arent to far from you.

    I wouldnt worry to much about the race being earlier than you thought, Ironman is about the long haul, a few weeks less training wont make a massive difference.
  • Switzerland is ace!   Beautiful course  image
  • Thanks for the heads up on the lakes will check them out as its this bit that worries me!
  • Get yourself in a lake as soon as you can, once you get used to the cooler tempretures and the wetsuit you will love it .... I hate the pool now and the winter.... I will be back in the lake ASAP in April - cant beat it - its brilliant.

  • new wetsuit arrived!!  Quintana Roo Hydrofull - now wanna get in the water and try my first OW swim!  Hoping it may improve my time!  Anyone seen the winning World News Sports Photo Pic?  Its of IM start, taken underwater - awesome shot!
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    nice wettie, IS, my orca arrived this week too image

  • OOOh fishes too !
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