Full body compression suit

Some conversations are going around about one-piece full body compression suits for running.

This was borne out of a generation of compression clothing made up of compression top and tights. I too believe the next generation of compression clothing should be simplified to one piece, similar to the evolution of triathlon suits which used to come in two pieces. It will be more efficient financially and practically! Now triathlon suits are revolutionised to what they call as a one-piece tri-suit.

I recently found Adidas is ahead in this idea. They made a full body suit known as the Adidas Equipment about ten years ago, I believe this was originally used for swimming but was banned by FINA, the swimming regulatory body. The suit then found a new life by competitive runners for training because of its material, established research in the labs, compression quality and hydrodynamic properties that are equally applicable to running/ triathlon.

I noticed of late there has been a revival from some "other" runners who are using full body suits for training (such as the one I found on the internet, photo below!). Ebay is also selling them including other and unknown brands (many from China, Taiwan and South Korea) to make these suits for running. Two years ago Serena Williams used one of these suits for her tennis training too.


I would love to see this technology come to fruition. My current two-piece suit is a pain. The top keeps coming of the tights waistband during run. My only qualm about wearing one-piece compression suit is going to the toilet!

I'm not sure about you, but I think one-piece suits provide a nicer outline of the body! (This more than makes up for the toilet inconvenience I suppose!)

 At the moment I'm struggling to get my hand on one of those Adidas Equipment suit. If there's anyone out there who has one, please PM me. Or if anyone who has a different branded suit similar to the Equipment, please recommend.


  • I'd be worried that people would mistake me for a Power Ranger!
  • That's it's sole selling point, in my opinion.
  • Are they compression or just aero ? I'm not sure that the compression benefits even exist outside of peoples minds. And too much compression kit seems to make you go crazy.

  • for it to have proper compression qualities....it would have to be tight...I imagine that it would make it difficult to get on over the backside....even harder than a wetsuit and that takes ages to get on......

    and yes you would look like a power ranger....I imagine the cheap ones might just be like the morph suits that you could buy cheap last year...usually from fancy dress shops......

    not sure why when running you would need your whole body to be comnpressed
  • i see saucony produces this as a recovery suit. the adidas equipment has very good compression properties because it's made of superior spandex material, similar to those used by 2XU.

    I believe full body compression is the next running revolution as runners realise the benefits from first generation compression technical clothings that minimise fatigue through compressing the muscles. imho, the full body suit should be able to do that more effectively as there is one less opening between the upper and lower torso. eliminating that seam also does more good than harm, for example, pressure marks on the skin from the waist band of the tights.

    ten years ago people laughed at the idea of people (especially men) running in tights, today elite and professional athletes swear by them. I can only see there will be a next revolution of compression clothing rather than it dying off. Athletes, runners all want to better their performance and maybe that's the reason super-performers and heroes like the Power Rangers wear one!;)
  • Is that David Beckham pictured in the addidas suit?

    I'm a recent convert to wearing spandex. A lot of the ultra crowd swear by it. Skins compression shorts seemed to helped me run two back to back 45 mile ultras.

  • null

    I'm not sure but he does have a semblance of him!

    i just found runners in Holland who are already ahead of us!!

  • You just need a hood on it and you've got a gimp suit!

    Surely a onsie would be a nightmare if you needed a quick wee?
  • front zipper that doesn't cause abrasion? but really there shouldn't be any, it'll look odd! i guess that's the only minor drawback in a full body suit. perhaps more suitably used for track competition rather than long distance running huh?image
  • still not sure you would get in and out of it......and I can imagine you could have big problems with overheating.......compression wear was designed to help recovery and worn after exercise although i know that many people use it during now......I'm not convinced yet that tight compression for your whole body for a long period of time would be good for you......
  • it's commonplace long distance runners wear full body compression nowadays. compression clothing material has water wicking and heat sink properties. with regards to toilet inconvenience, i imagine triathletes and ironmen have the answers as the tri-suits are pretty much the same as the one-piece suit i'm talking about here, only that it's cropped and comes with a chamois for cycling.
  • A bit gimpy, I would say. But whatever floats your boat...
  • runningpro..........long distance triathletes pee themselves on the bike so don't need to strip off.....

    trisuits are not compression so are not tight to get on or off and are short sleeved and short armed......so much easier to get in and out of...........
  • "long distance triathletes pee themselves on the bike so don't need to strip off....."

    Ha! Yea right! I do triathlons too, i don't pee on the bike. it's so much harder to do that. perhaps during the swimming event...that is if i'm only in a pair of speedos without a wetsuit that is.

  • Don't you pee in you wetsuit to warm yourself up then? image
  • Haven't seen Mo Farah racing in a full body compression suit so I'll stick with the vest and shorts and not looking like a twat. If you want to be a better runner train for it, there is no magic suit, pill or gel - just do the hard work ffs.
    The only reason these type of suits improved times for swimmers is improved streamlining and less water resistance.
    But it's a free world so if you enjoy the shrink wrapped chicken look knock yourself out.
  • i get enough warmth from racing in the water!;)
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