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Hi, Im quite new to jogging (have been jogging for 4-5 months) and have only been running on my treadmill as i cant afford outdoor clothing at the moment! I have signed up for a 5k and am currently running 5k in 45 mins. I have read that if you only train on a treadmill it hits you hard when you then run outdoors on pavements etc, is this true? its got me really worried!! thanks for any advice! image


  • Hi
    There is a difference but this really only comes to the fore when doing a long run. 5K is definitely manageable on TM training. If there is a reaction it will probably be one or two days after when your calf and thigh muscles may feel wee bit tight. BOL.
  • Yes, there are a couple of differences.

    In reality, you are not propelling yourself forward on a treadmill; you are just bouncing up and down on a moving belt.

    Also, you are running on a level surface, you are not stepping up and down kerbs or dealing with an uneven surface.  It is normally recommended that you set the incline to approx 2% to mimic running outside

    You are not regulating your own speed: the treadmill is doing it for you.  The treadmill may say you are running 5k in 45 mins but you could be running slower or quicker than that depending on how well the treadmill is calibrated.

    I am not trying to put you off.  I have the same concerns too!  I am currently doing Mara training on a treadmill as the cold weather outside seriously affects my asthma.  I know i am in for a couple of tough weeks when I get back outside again

  • I really don't find treadmill different from outside. It's just as hard. I use a 1% gradient for speed sessions.

    Outdoor kit doesn't have to be pricey. Check out aldi or lidl when they have outdoors kit in. I run in shorts all year round so all you need is an extra layer on top. Oh and the more mile kit is very good value. Don't bother with the expensive Nike or Adidas kit.
  • Sports Direct have a good sale on Karrimor gear right now, up to 70% off - just got two tops for £4 and £6.... worth a look. Got a wind proof top for £15 and I know they've got gilets for not much.

    Not employed by them, mind, just like their current prices... image
  • Definitely get outside for some runs, they are just more fun and actually easier than a treadmill for that reason.  That said there is nothing wrong with doing some of your running on a treadmill, it still works your CV systems well, gives your legs a softer surface to run on and is safer than trying to run in the icy conditions at the moment.
  • Thanks for all the great advice i'll definately be visiting Sports Direct, and once i get a bit more confident i will venture outside, scary stuff lol!Not so sure Schmunkee that we are simply 'bouncing up and down on a moving belt', makes it sound easy and it sure aint!! image
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