Annoying shoe laces

TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
My shoelaces keep coming undone during my runs, no matter how I tie them. I am half-seriously thinking of stapling them together at the knot before I go out for a run!

Has anyone tried these weird looking shoelaces and did you find them helpful?

Have you got any top tips to share?


  • I just double tie mine and find that's ok.

    I know quite a lot of triathletes use elastic laces cos it's quicker to get in and out of their shoes in transitions, this sort of thing

    There is even an article on here about tying shoelaces!

  • double knot and then tuck the ends in under the laces - seems to do the trick for me.image
  • double knot but make sure it is not too tight as to restrict blood around the foot, also this if it is not too tight the running will not loosen the laces.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Some laces are terrible at being knotted as they seem to be coated in teflon. Others are better on account of having more grip. I found that the action of the knot bouncing about while running is what loosened it. I solved this by simply stuffing the loose lace ends under the rest of the tied up laces.
  • It's not just triathletes that use elastic laces! They're great, particularly when your fingers are cold and ordinary laces would be wet. Get some. My 90 year old stepdad uses them for his normal shoes too. image
  • I make a normal bow, but with long 'loops', then knot the loops, and tuck the ends in down the laces.   Never have come undone!!

  • or you could get some of these:

    Lock Laces

  • I have lock laces for my shoes - they're fab!

  • I use xtenex laces. They allow you to vary the tension along the length of the shoe.

    The only problem I had is that they take a lot of effort to fit.

  • I didn't get on with lock laces.  They were too tight on the fleshy out part of the foot and caused pain for me.   Loosening them made the shoe move around too much. 

    Double bow for me works.  Stays done up for months.

  • I use lock laces on all running shoes except my racing flats, luckily my Speedcross 3s have built in speed-lacing system

    Brooks' standard laces were the worst... like teflon coated cheesewire.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    i go extreme...i tie my laces with about 10 knots. they look ridiculous...but never come undone.

    apart from once in a xc race..which was a bit hairy..but i survived

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