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I've come across a brilliant running blog called It's fantastic, I'd recommend it to anyone. It's inspired me to write my own blog ( and got me wondering if anyone on here knows of any other really good running blogs?

 I really enjoy reading about other people's experiences of running.


  • What's good is very subjective. But there are loads out there. A few I follow are:

    I like the wide range of abilities and enthusiasm that's out there. And there's something nice about having people be interested in what you're writing.

  • Hey, brilliant, thanks Helen and Davey, i'll check those outimage
  • Me too, on Wordpress:

    I posted a similar thread a wee while back, and found some other ace blogs from that:

    I'm following most (if not all) the blogs from that thread and then some of the folk who follow them - it's great motivation. 

  • Mine can be found at

    I think the profiles should have something that allows us to post a link to our own blogs.

    I use mine as a bit of a running diary but also it's good to look back and see how much things have changed.

  • I agree Wayne - link in the profile would be good.

    I went back and read my blog since I started at the end of October - I'd forgotten half of what'd gone on... image
  • PMPL @ persuedbyangrybees, that is a brilliant name, i love it. image

    Wasn't there a signature thing that you used to be able to use on posts? Or was that on a different site.

  • Hello! I'm new here so I hope it's okay that I reply. I'm a newbie to running. I started out on my blog as a weight-loss venture, so you'll have to forgive the pants blog address / title, but it is slowly and surely becoming a fitness and running blog image

     18 to 8, Journey From Fat to Thin I'll definitely check out the other blogs on here. It'll be good to have others to read for inspiration / motivation and just to know I'm not the only newbie runner out there! 

  • RunningFeet - reckon it's fine to chip in, that's what it's all about - had a read of your blog, and I think you're right, it's about healthy rather than skinny - as a 6' 2" 16st+ 39yr old starter at running, it was more of a last-chance health kick for me. People at work are now asking (after four months) if I've lost weight - I say "not really, but I'm much healthier and a bit thinner" - I've lost around half a stone, but I need a new belt, as my old one is just too big (OK, I could add a new hole to it too I suppose). Weight means nothing, as I'm fitter and thinner than I've been in years, despite my weight being above what it has been when I've dieted and been a lot less healthy.

    Also, I think it's about getting out there and enjoying it - I run when the sun's coming up, I run in places I'd never just visit otherwise, I run when it's crazy windy at the coast, or when it's so cold you'd not think about walking without hundered of layers - I see stuff I would never otherwise see.

    Keep it up - you're doing a grand job. image

  • The thing I like about blogs and video blogs is you can quite often go back to day 1, when they started running, and see how far they've come. To able to see that everyone starts somewhere and slowly but surely they get better and better until they're running long distances. I find that very inspirational personally.
  • Did a search to see if there was a thread about running blogs and found this so- BUMP!

    Inspired by and others, I've just started up my own at image

    It'd be lovely if you'd take a look! And I do have more posts drafted, worry not image

  • I do one for my first attempt at a marathon but it's rubbish

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