10k Training


I have never followed a specific training plan for running, but as I am running my first 10k since 2002 I have been seeking some tips.

However, can anyone clarify the following please;

1. When including 400m reps in my weekly plan, are the 400m run flat out and how long should I leave between reps?

2. When advised to run 5km easy + strides, what is meant by strides

3. Does anyone have any other tips for a 6 week training schedular to get my time from 51 mins to sub 45?



  • The key workout to improve your 10k time is the tempo run, think approximately 20 mins, running continuously at your 10k pace. As it feels a bit easier each week try and speed up a little until you're at or even a bit below your 45min target pace.

    With regard to your questions:

    1: 400m should not be flat out, normally a bit faster than your 5k pace. How long you leave increases the intensity of the workout. start with 2 minute very slow jogs inbetween and then reduce the interval to increase the quality of the workout. Remember you should be able to do all your reps at an identical pace... if your last few are slower you're running too fast.

    2: Strides at the end of a run are a drill, used to get your body used to running faster, they're not a workout. Think short 50-100 sprints and try and concentrate on making your form as perfect as possible.

    3: Actually answered above.

  • 51 to 45mins is going to be rough in 6 weeks, infact..... its got injury written all over it. Set some base endurance and a 10k trial before gunning for pb's.
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